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Work permit and minor convictions? Will my application be refused??

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8/5/2017 04:38 EST

Hello guys,

I'm wondering if someone can help me.

After many months of searching and visiting Bermuda I have been offered a job and I'm very pleased. I hold a valid U.K. Passport and my new employer has sent work permit documents to complete. In order to get a bermudian work permit I need to provide a police certificate... this shouldn't be problem as I believe myself to be a person of good character, law abiding etc... but unfortunately last year I didnt choose my company wisely one night and long story short, I'm paying the price with a unspent conviction for possession of a class c(prescribed and not illegal) drug.

What I would like to know is if this will affect being granted a work permit. I've searched everywhere for work permit eligibility details and just keep finding info that says you need to supply a police certificate... but nothing that says whether a conviction, whether spent, unspent would cause your work permit application to be declined. I was a fool. I know! But I'm not a bad person.. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me if I'm application would be refused on that basis. All other work permit requirements are absolutely fine, just this one I am unsure of.


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8/5/2017 14:24 EST

I wonder if there are others here who are wondering how possession of a 'prescribed and not illegal' drug got you into any trouble at all. Unless it was prescribed for someone else, of course.

But that, of course, is your business.

I think that you'll probably have to wait and see how this is looked on by Bermuda immigration. Hopefully for you, they will exercise thoughtful discretion.

Good luck.

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8/31/2017 07:30 EST

You application will probably be refused. Bermuda's work permit guidelines imply that any criminal record is grounds for refusal. The Minister of Immigration has discretion to allow people with criminal records to obtain work permits but unless your potential boss is particularly well-connected, don't count on it.

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8/31/2017 12:25 EST

If you even cough without covering your mouth, you can be thrown off the island.

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