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How about motor scooters or motor bikes?

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8/9/2013 22:31 EST

In India we ride our motor scooters everywhere, to town and on errands and to eat. How about in Nicaragua? I have seen little mention of this mode of transport. And since I can drive in India, I think I will be ok anywhere. How about Nicaragua?

Out of town we use a taxI (hired car and driver). We have made a point of finding a reliable driver and use him for almost all that kind of driving.

Thanks for the good answers you have given so far, we really appreciate it!

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8/10/2013 08:14 EST

Nicaragua is overun with motor bikes and scooters. Taxis are cheap and so are buses.

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8/10/2013 15:17 EST

Motor scooters are very popular within Granada but not on the roads. Motorcycles are extremely popular everywhere and I also have one. Main reason is that gas is over $5 a gallon.



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