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srod71tt replied to the thread Medical Care on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
titcheaton initially posted:
Hi. We have been offered an option of moving to Trinedad with my husbands work. My 6 yr old sun was diagnosed with cancer Jan 2013. He has had treatment and is now in remission. He still has 3 monthly scans and I think that we would negotiate to come back to the US for these. However I want to no how reliable you feel the pediatricians and medical facilities are in general as I would like to think they are knowledgable enough to be on the ball with his recent condition. I would be very grateful for anyones opinion. Thanks
srod71tt replied on November 16, 2014 with:
I agree with FlyboyWV. I would really think long and hard about the decision at this time, especially with a sick child. I am myself a healthcare professional and was born and raised there but living abroad. I have found that even persons born there and wishing to return to assist in moving the healthcare system into the 21st century are met with disdain because of our foreign training and 1st world experience, it is very overt. I have had first hand experience with the medical care there and it is less than adequate so beware and be careful if you do decide to go and take your sick child
titcheaton replied on October 31, 2014 with:
Thank you flyboyWV I'm sorry too that politics has gotten in the way of people such as yourself helping. I appreciate your mail though and hope that one day they will see sense.
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srod71tt replied to the thread Nursing student , with 1yr baby moving 2 TNT on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Klee216 initially posted:
Hi hello. Iam an American born, with trinidadan roots. It's always been my deem to move to Trinidad . I'm currently working on getting my nursing degree , I was wondering if Trinidad hires USA nurses in theist country. I was also wondering how applying for citizenship there would work. Need some advice please and thanks.
srod71tt replied on November 16, 2014 with:
not a good idea, wait till you retire and have time on your hands to turn a blind eye to what you'll face because you've already made your money and accomplished a lot, then maybe you can go there to teach nursing or something clinical but at your age it's just not a good idea. Take it from someone born and raised there, a healthcare professional who trained and worked in the US for some years and wanted to work in my own country, little did I know that they would not be receptive to the idea of a Trini with world class credentials and first world experience would be treated like I was never born there.
FlyboyWV replied on November 08, 2014 with:
Nurses in TT don't have the same training or privileges as you are expecting in Canada or the US. For example, nurses don't start I.V's or give injections in TT. New legislation is in the works to allow foreign-trained nurses to do what they are trained to do in their home country, but until that law is changed... nurses on TT will be on the same level as what you would consider a nurses aid. Salaries are dismal. Expect something around $18,000 USD per year. Keep watching TT. The Minister of Health is trying to bring TT pit of the 1970's, but he meets resistance at every turn.
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Msturge replied to the thread OBGYN on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on November 14, 2014:
Nnh2107 initially posted:
Is anyone aware of competent OBGYN's in the private sector?
Msturge replied on November 14, 2014 with:
It said my reply didn't go through so I did it again but it actually was there, sorry!
Msturge replied on November 14, 2014 with:
Dr. William Kissoon is the best and my OB/GYN. There are others who people like but I low he is the best for high risk...he is very busy though and has long waits.
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Msturge replied to the thread Moving to Tobago on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Kerrmar initially posted:
Hi, my partner has been offered a job opportunity in Tobago, can anyone tell us what's it's like? I have read lots about Trinidad but not much on Tobago. Look forward to receiving any information Thanks
Msturge replied most recently with:
Tobago is very small and there is not much there compared to other Caribbean islands, which is what a lot of us like about it- much less commercialized and quite the slow, island vibe for sure. Great scuba diving on the north coast. Kitesurfing on the southwest side (the tourist area) and the south side. Do you know where you would live on the island? I have an American friend who moved there last year so maybe she could help you out if you decide to move.
lenhoj replied most recently with:
Tobago is more of a tourist island with beautiful beaches, scenery, and people. There is a lot to explore there and it is relatively safe. For more varied cultural experiences you may go to Trinidad only 15 mins by air and about 2-3 hours by ferry. There is the jazz festival in April and other public events over the year. Many expats and Europeans have made the island their home so get to know people. Enjoy.
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ttfuture replied to the thread Homeschooling on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Caroer initially posted:
I was wondering if there is a homeschool expat group in Trinidad or Tobago. I plan to homeschool when we move to the area the next few months. Also, does anyone know of any tutors for high school?
ttfuture replied most recently with:
Maybe you could start here > also go to the trinimoms facebook page & post a query there. Good luck
janelle0514 replied most recently with:
Hello, I am hoping you are still active in the forum. My family and I are moving to Trinidad and I too am interested in homeschooling our 9 year son. Do you happen to have any resources you can share or referrals to good tutors? Take care
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lenhoj posted Desire to Volunteer in T&T on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
I am a recently retired Trini after spending many, many years in the US. I am going home for about 4 months to help care for a relative and wonder about doing volunteer work. Is there a volunteer organization? I
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Hello, I am a 24 year old Canadian female (of Trinidadian descent) considering relocating to Trinidad. I have a BA in Sociology and Human Geography. I also recently graduated with a diploma in Fundraising Management (non-profit sector). I have family in Trinidad, and am also a citizen of T&T. Does anyone know what the job prospects are like in Trinidad for someone with my educational background? And where can I find available jobs in the non-profit sector? I would love to work for a charity in a fundraising capacity, but am open to anything. Any other advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Goughy replied to the thread What is missing in Trinidad? on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
olip initially posted:
HI have you ever thought Trinidad really needs a new product or service that is missing here? PM ideas and I'll see about bring something new to Trinidad!
Goughy replied most recently with:
Absolutely, a Marks and Spencer's would be fantastic.
Chibs replied most recently with:
Hi end watch and jewellery shop and a Trinidad version of marks and Spencer's food halls.
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Goughy replied to the thread Expat sports on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Goughy initially posted:
Hi all. I am moving to Port of Spain in six months. I am aware of the issues regarding safety and crime etc. I have been living overseas for the past 13 years in 5 different counties so I am comfortable with knowing what I need to make a place happy and successful. So, how easy is it for expats to play sport in Trinidad? Specifically football, cricket or rugby. I know sport is big in Trinidad but I am interested in playing myself in or outside the expat community. Also, are there places where I can have a quiet few beers in a pub/bar on a Friday night without without issue. If I can find a couple of sports clubs and a local to drink at then I will be happy. Thanks for any responses.
Goughy replied most recently with:
Well i have been here 1 1/2 months and things seem to be going well. Keeping busy sports wise and trying to find the right bars.
bagpus replied most recently with:
Hi Lots of sports available for expats here. My husband used to play rugby sevens? Is that what you call it, sorry I am a girl. Lots of bars here too for you to safely sit and have a beer. PM me to let me know when you land or if you want any more info and I will put you in touch with my other half who I'm sure will be happy to show you around.
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FlyboyWV replied to the thread customs and clearing persona effects on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
ferguson initially posted:
i recently relocated to trinidad and to my dismay have been waiting forever for my things to be cleared from the ports. this is costing me way too much money. the authorities are so complacent about everything. why is this? what can i do to move to the top of the list?
FlyboyWV replied most recently with:
I got my 4 pallets of household goods within three days after it arrived at POS. It cost me $100 USD via a local shipping expediter that I was introduced to in downtown POS. They are businessmen. IF they make a profit, they will move quickly. This isn't the US or London. The rules are different, and they change depending upon if they like you or not.
Msturge replied most recently with:
There are agencies who do expedite, however it still took ages so not really sure if they helped or not with the timing side of it. Not sure what the name was of the company but maybe google it and see if anything comes up?
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