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awilliamson replied to the thread Moving to trinidad on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
awilliamson initially posted:
Hi moving to Trinidad next year with my 13 year old son , my husband is moving out there this November. Feeling very anxious as do not know what to expect but have heard crime is very high . I have also got 2 dogs I need to bring as will be out there for several years. Can anyone give me some advise
awilliamson replied on September 21, 2014 with:
I am not moving without my 2 dogs just worried about walking them early in the morning and early morning runs as I am a long distance runner . I need a safe place to live if I can't live in gated community
Stones replied on September 11, 2014 with:
I'm in the same boat. We found out today that my husband has been offered a job in Trinidad so he will be moving over in October and me my 2 girls and four dogs will be moving over January time..... I am now really worried about the dogs :(
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Chibs posted Mobile phone service on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on September 17, 2014:
I'm currently living in POS Trinidad and got myself a local number on digicel. Problem I have is one minute it works fine then the next I can't send text messages or make calls! I've been to the shop and they just tell me to go away and monitor it. My questions are these has anyone had a similar issue with digicel? Is bmobile better? Would I be better with a global sim as although I'm based in Trinidad I contact the uk a lot and fly around the Caribbean a lot as well as returning to the uk? All suggestions and comments welcome.
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USSapper replied to the thread JOB! on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on September 15, 2014:
USSapper initially posted:
Hello I am a 8 year US Army veteran living in TT, I have plenty experience in the Security field ,2 Year Combat experience in Iraq and 1 year United Nations Securtiy Peace Keeper in Kosovo and Albania. Please some one respond if you have any leads I am also a BodyGuard to my fellow countrymen living/working here in Trinidad.
USSapper replied on September 15, 2014 with:
Thanks for the information.
FlyboyWV replied on September 10, 2014 with:
Have you checked in at the U.S. consulate in POS? They will likely have suggestions for someone with your...skillset. By the way...Thank YOU for your service.
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Ledapq replied to the thread Cost of transporting dogs from U.K. to Trinidad on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on September 12, 2014:
Stones initially posted:
Has anyone recently transported a springer spaniel from Uk to Trinidad? If so how much did it cost please as I am hoping to bring 4 dogs :/
Ledapq replied on September 12, 2014 with:
I brought my dog from Costa Rica and my fiance will bring his from the US and in both cases the airlines had fixed prices. In our case, the dogs traveled unaccompanied because we are already in Trinidad so they traveled as cargo. I'm not sure if prices vary depending on if they fly unaccompanied-cargo or with you-excess baggage. Just contact the airline, they will need the weight of the dog and the size/weight of the kennel to give you an estimate. I read that in some countries airlines won't transport pets during very hot or very cold seasons, so include the expected month of travel when you email/contact them. From CR we paid around US$380 and from the US I think it will be similar. Additionally: if the dogs arrive before 4pm you don't have to pay the vet's fee at customs/ between 4pm and 10pm pay around US$100/ holidays, weekends, etc ~US$150. Also consider that most airlines only allow pets to travel from Monday-Thurs in case some paper/whatever is missing, the animal won't have to stay at the airport over the weekend. You will also have to pay: handling to the cargo company, my dog+kennel weighed 55kilos so I paid aroundUS$45. And some import tax, this will depend on the dog's breed, mine was rescued from the street so he had no "economic" value however, you HAVE to pay something and they assigned him the cheapest price and that was ~$65. For these 3 payments you have to bring cash! No cards accepted or ATMs nearby
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dashawnab replied to the thread New Friends on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
dashawnab initially posted:
Hi, i'm not new to Trinidad as lived there with my trini husband for a year. I am from Chicago and I went home to give birth last year and will return to Trinidad next month. Are there any ladies from the states looking to make a friend? It would be great if you have kids as my daughter will be 1 next month.
dashawnab replied most recently with:
We are partially in San Fernando and I spoke with him as well. Contact me with the info, we don't mind the drive.
Msturge replied most recently with:
Oh you're not in POS? The group is in POS. However there is one English family who recently moved to San Fernando with little ones and they were looking for other expats there to meet. Talked to them on this site actually. Are you in SF?
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olip posted New to Glencoe area on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Hi, I have recently moved from the UK with my wife to the Glencoe area. I am 35 M, would be good to meet people in the area to grab a beer or get a group together to play some poker. Any recommendations for restaurants or nice places to have a drink nearby also appreciated. Please just PM me. Thanks, Oli
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Boardcore posted To Relocate or Not!! on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Hi, We are an Irish family with 3 kids (7, 3 & 4mths) that have been offered jobs in trinidad. Accomodation is provided within gated communities and we need to make a decision over the next few days. I'd appreciate all support and info you can give me, but specifically: 1. What is the situation with nannies etc., for baby and 3 yr old - where do i look, are they reliable, trustworthy etc., & how does it work? 2. What is the best school for my daughter, she is going into 2nd class (Irish system) this year, so what year is that? 3. My son, who is 4 in nov., would be attending a pre-school year here in ireland - what age do they start there? 4. What is quality of life - is it safe to go to beaches at weekends or is it all gated communities? 5. Is there areas to avoid? I guess bottom line, is this an opportunity not to be turned down. Appreciate all the help you can offer me, Many thanks
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Msturge replied to the thread Looking for cars to buy on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
beachlover initially posted:
Hello, we are new to POS and need 2 cars, preferably 4x4, used. Thanks!!
Msturge replied most recently with:
It is actually called Trinidad Expat For Sale Page, sorry.
TheCulturalNorm replied most recently with:
I couldn't find a Facebook group called Trini Expat For Sale. Could you post a link, Msturge? Thanks.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
We were limited to what the realitor wanted to show us, mainly West Morings. My husband talked to people at work (other expats and locals) and they told us about different areas. We insisted in viewing the other areas we knew of. (Like the US, realitors are looking at their best interest; not yours. They want to show you where they have rental properties, need I say more...)

Secondly, Drive to work and back during your work hours once you find the area you like. Adjust the hours or the location depending on your choice. Everyone complains about traffic, but Houston's traffic is the same if not worse with 6 lanes on every road. (Continue)

Markiza replied most recently with:
thanks for details, but what about safety, kids kidnapping and murder issues (second country in the word) appreciate your support
A reader replied recently with:
moving soon from Houston we are looking to live near the school are there any other neighboorhood options you suggest?
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Skp29 replied to the thread Bayside towers on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Chibs initially posted:
So I have arrived in Trinidad, spent the first 3 days house hunting and after looking at about 20 different places with some over budget, some not safe for a toddler, some tatty and some although amazing houses to far out of the way, I have decided on bayside towers in cocorite. However I haven't signed the lease yet so if anyone know why me my wife and 10 month old son would not be happy there please let me know. Or if you think it's a good choice I'd also like to know.
Skp29 replied most recently with:
I lived there for a year. Overall it's very safe and convenient. I left because the ventilation is terrible so i smell the neighbors cooking as if it were mine, the ac units are terribly loud and the water in the tap was dirty. If you are on the side with the road then im certain the apartment would be dusty. The pool and green area however is lovely and great for kids.
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