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gingerbaby replied to the thread Adults w/ Disabilities on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on April 15, 2014:
dhughes11 initially posted:
Hello, I have built my own business here in Canada that works with adults with disabilities - - however, my wife is from Trinidad and would like to move back. For those of you that are living in Trinidad, is there a need for programming for individuasl with disabilities? Would it make more sense to set it up in the POS community rather than on the outskirts of the city? Any help would be great as it will probably be within the year before we would move down and i would like to get as much of the paper work done as possible.
gingerbaby replied on April 15, 2014 with:
As FlyboyWV mentioned, you have to start early. There is a lot of red tape that you have to deal with in T&T. Then there is the immigration paper problem. They seem to be stuck with all the old English laws. I think that it is much easier to start a business here in Canada.
gingerbaby replied on April 15, 2014 with:
I hope that you get a response from someone who is living in Trinidad, I am not in the country presently but I am a Trinidadian. I am sure that there is a need for your type of service in Trinidad because they seem not be focusing so much in areas like these, at least not the type of program that you offer. Somewhere in the outskirts and I mean the POS suburbs or along the east corridor might be the best place. People are pretty mobile in Trinidad now and it depends on where your clientele are coming from. My only thought here is who would need the help that you offer, the rich or the poor, in other words who are the people with the most disabilities who will need your service and willing to pay. Government funding seems to be hard to get for some of the organizations. I will leave this for someone in Trinidad who is more knowledgeable of this situation to answer your questions.
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FlyboyWV posted Medical Providers in TT on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
I am being recruited to move to TT from the US to practice medicine there. I have decided that it would be an opportunity to do something that will really make a difference for a lot of people. However, they seem to be seriously dragging their feet with months of delays processing my paperwork to secure credentials to practice there. I am told that the governent is heavily recruiting doctors and other providers from around the globe, so I hope that means things are still on track. Some of my expat friends have reassured me that this is not uncommon in the Caribbean, but it still rings a sour note with me that there may be problems there that I don't foresee. Can anybody else cast shed some light on what to expect?
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TechRep replied to the thread Tax and crime in Trinidad on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Chibs initially posted:
I have applied for a job in Trinidad working for a British company carrying out a contract for the trindad government. If I get the job I will be moving with my wife 6 month old son and English bulldog . What I want to know is what level of tax will I have to pay? Also I have heard horror stories about the crime but am unsure if this is true or scare mongering? The direct gov website says use the same vigilance as you would in the UK so surely it's no worse than the worst parts of London, Manchester or Liverpool? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
TechRep replied most recently with:
Being from the UK you will probably find most people welcoming. There is a fair amount from the your part of the world living here. That will be a big advantage when you first arrive. I have not experienced any real crime issues here. It just like someone else said, if you have just a little bit of common sense, there isn't much to worry about. The Trinidadian population on the other hand is quite paranoid. They will tell you crime is everywhere, all the time. I find the selection of food very limiting in the grocery stores. I have figured out that I need to go to about 3 different groceries to complete my shopping with what I want. Yes, Trinidad is very race and class divided culture. Very different than what I am accustom to. Probably the main reason I will be leaving here soon. As a working class, single, white man from the US there isn't a class of people that fits.
islandgirl75 replied most recently with:
We find that compared to the standard of living in the UK - it's allot better .- no council tax, gas bills etc ... Petrol is really cheap . Food shopping is pretty much the same as a monthly shop in the UK .. Clothing there is over priced - It really depends on your salary - but since they are providing accommodating and a car - that's a major saving . I am guessing they will probably locate you near POS ( westmoorings), which has a large expat community , but don't be sucked into the bubble of a gated community as you have to venture out at some point . We are living in south Trinidad - not as fast paced as pos but after getting out of the rat race of London that's exactly what we are looking for . Yes we found that there is a major divide between the - Indians, whites and Afro caribbean, also a divide between rich and poor. Regarding your wife - Trinidad are currently having a major recruitment drive in the medical profession . Check out the Trinidad & Tobago British High Commision website for more info . Hope this helps
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cpdowler replied to the thread Moving from Toronto to Trinidad on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
cpdowler initially posted:
Finally after much deliveration I ave decided to make the move to TT, likely in August of 2014. I am fairly familiar with the country but am looking to get unbiased (ie. non-family) opinion on the everyday life issues. Would love guidance on sourcing employment, cost of livng and where to rent an apartment. As a single yet established 40+ woman, most feedback has been lukewarm at best. I have a trini passport so no 'horrors' there. Thanks
cpdowler replied most recently with:
thanks for the feedback jerremy. I have accelerated my move and will now be leaving in May 2014. good luck in your job search!
jerremy replied most recently with:
I moved there in 1997 and I did not regret the move. Having to change my thought process in relation to time was very hard. With regards to your concern it all has to do with preference. Trinidad and Tobago is the most industrialized country in the Caribbean. so you will have your normal rush hour problem so I suggest you start there. Hope this helps P.S I have moved back to Canada with intention to return in a couple years am now job seeking . Good luck on your venture
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Tcradockwatson replied to the thread any russians? on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
levensone initially posted:
Hey, I am searching for Russians or Russian-speaking persons, who live in T&T.
Tcradockwatson replied most recently with:
My name is Tatiana. My husband and I plan to be in T&T (Port of Spain) from 22 until 29 of March 2014.He has been invited for a job interview. I will be happy to meet somebody who speaks Russian. I am Ukrainian my husband is British. Tatiana
TechRep replied most recently with:
None that i know of. I ran into a couple of Romanians once, but i think they were just here for an oil company.
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Nnh2107 replied to the thread Car on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Nnh2107 initially posted:
Can anyone recommend good resources for purchasing an affordable (36,000TT) car?
Nnh2107 replied most recently with:
Thanks for the advise! We asked around and found a family friend who sold us her Honda (2004) for 50,000. It's working well.
glogodschild replied most recently with:
Tech? You are so right also. But my goodness a small truck for that price in TT dollars is what a house was costing in Tobago 10 years ago. The Roll on Roll off cars are so expensive that the sellers have to sale a car for more than 36,000tt most of the time. It is crazy...but it is real scary in Tobago not to have a car and put your life in the taxi drivers hand...who speeds because he has to pick up a lot of people to eat. So the faster he drops off a few, the more he can take. The foolish thinking ends In death or accident and this is not a win deal at all. May God Bless the efforts. Ask God to provide you with a good car and honest sale...He will do it. I am a witness!!
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angiebaby20 replied to the thread Housing Prices on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Nnh2107 initially posted:
I am moving to Trinidad next month and have been surprised by the high price of housing. My husband (who is a Trini) insists that expats are charged three times the price as locals to live in safe areas. Does anyone have personal experience with this? How does one go about getting the "local" price for decent housing?
angiebaby20 replied most recently with:
The bottom line, you pay for the type of house you live in and the area where you live. If you live with the expats down in Westmoorings and in certain parts in the West, you will be caught in the spider's web. There are many nice areas in Trinidad where you can live and pay a reasonable rent. If your husband is a Trini and he has friends and relatives there, maybe they should be the persons for you to go with when renting a place. They should also be able to give you some information. If you rent with an agent while abroad, you are going to be hit with high rentals.
limadelta replied most recently with:
If your husband is a Trini why is high housing prices a problem for you?
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ttfuture replied to the thread Where to rent a yacht? on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
levensone initially posted:
I looking for cutter (6-10 m) or yacht (8-14 m) for rent without dealers or rent agents. May be if You do not rent, You can suggest some owners of yachts/cutters, that I could contact? I believe, that You will suggest me something. :)
ttfuture replied most recently with:
Hi there, send your query to >> >> note: outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868 somewhere there shoudl be able to help or direct you to an organization that can good luck!
TechRep replied most recently with:
Not sure where you would do that.
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ttfuture replied to the thread Working at UWI, St Augustine on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
kolerabaNY initially posted:
Hello. I was offered a post at the UWI at St. Augustine. Salary is about I was wondering if anyone has any experience with working there, as well as with accommodation in the area and transportation on the island (i don't drive). Also, the salary is aboutt 18,000 TTD /month. How's that in relation to the cost of living? Any information will be really helpful. Thanks so much.
ttfuture replied most recently with:
law student share apt for about 3000. TT, they walk travel together. you can do that w/ roomate. people get by, get familiar and informed. there are taxi and soem are reliable - you can use those all the time for you needs if you decide. i know of one who stoppe dme at Hilo supermarket in st. Aug. He's VERY safe.
ttfuture replied most recently with:
@ 18, 000. if alone no more than 2500. food, 3000. rent (up o hill) round off to 7000. bal - clothing, liming, taxis from st john to santa margarita ... or east west corridor ... ? might be doable
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gingerbaby replied to the thread Setting up business in POS on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Hussainsi initially posted:
Hi, I am from a Commonwealth country that does not require a visa for visit/employment/business. I should like to hear from those EU/CW citizens, who also do not require visas, if they have faced difficulties with airport immigration staff. I am planning to move to T&T and setup a small business there. Would I require special permits from the local authorities? Any info in this regard will also be highly appreciated. Thanks.
gingerbaby replied most recently with:
If you are from a country that you does not require a visa T&T gives you 3 months to stay in the country but your passport will be stamped that you cannot work. You will have to apply for an extension for your vacation after that. For anything else, you will have to apply to the government and do lots of paperwork, etc. to get permits, e.g., work permit, school, business, etc. I don't think it is as easy as you have written. T&T government has a lot of bureaucracy and it is not easy. You just don't walk in and set up a business. You can check the T&T government site for information. You may have done this already but I am still responding.
Hussainsi replied most recently with:
The list issued by immigration department does not restrict entry for 30 days. Restricting entry to 30 days would mean they grant visa on arrival for 30 day, which is not the same thing as 'NO VISA REQUIRED' When visa is not required it implies there is no restriction on movement in and out of the country. If the Govt. of T&T commits something, and does something else, then I cannot say. Hopefully, someone will elaborate on this. Thanks!
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