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Themariner posted Banking for non residents on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on January 21, 2015:
I have a question: Someone not resident in Trinidad, can he open bank account? I read yes for personal. Can he still receive his salary in it or savings for retirement purpose?
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kapersaud posted Suzuki SX4 for Sale on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Midnight Blue Suzuki SX4. PCF Series. Lady driven. Primarily dealer maintained. 86,000km. In very good condition. Only selling to replace with newer model Sx4.
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Msturge replied to the thread tennis on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
andi2001 initially posted:
Hello, I play on a ladies doubles tennis league in Houston, anything similar in POS. Moving close to the Int. School next week.
Msturge replied most recently with:
Her name is Jean.
andi2001 replied most recently with:
Thank you for the info... I Take my son to school at @ I will try showing up at 8:00 do you know the instructor's name...also do I need to belong to the country club? Thanks so much!!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Trinidad & Tobago love the family-focused Trinis, the laid-back island culture and the beautiful beaches. That being said, many expats find dealing with bureaucracy a challenge, the pace of life frustrating and the cost of housing, food and cars much higher than expected. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Hello All, I am new to commenting here, but I have a couple things I would like to add. I'm not an expat, but living here married to a Trini. I'm applying for residency, and applying for my wife's Visa, so we can travel together when we choose, and have the least restrictions (and headaches) as possible. I'll agree with comments posted about the traffic, higher prices for items such as food, furniture, etc. And yes, although dealing with the Bureaucracy here can be very frustrating, it's not much different than in the US. When was the last time you've been to the DMV? When people criticize crime rates and areas, you're going to get that anywhere in the world. You can be safe 24/7 by using what we all have, but it seems 50% or more people refuse to: COMMON SENSE! I lived in a very racist Brooklyn, NY neighborhood! (BTW, I'm white, not black) I was called everything but a white man, but if I were to defend myself I WAS THE RACIST ONE! I filed a racist profiling case against me with the NYPD and the Attorney General's Office in Oct '13. It was never resolved or followed up by either office! (A security guard confronted me after leaving a grocery store (FOODTOWN in BED-STUY) saying he wanted to search me because I was seen stealing something. My friend wasn't asked to be searched: She's black and was carrying a handbag big enough to hold a watermelon and chicken.) When you want to talk crime, watch the crime reports in Brooklyn, NY. Particularly, Bed-Stuy. Guns, killings, drugs etc. Enjoy TT and use your common sense about things.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Trinidad & Tobago have shared their experiences at several of the more popular schools in Trinidad & Tobago. (Continue)
Msturge replied to the thread Childcare on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
Nnh2107 initially posted:
We are seeking home-bases childcare or a nanny n Trinidad. Any tips for locating one would be helpful.
Msturge replied most recently with:
Look up the Facebook group Housekeepers and Drivers in Trinidad (I think it is called) and make a post there as to what you are looking for specifically.
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OhChuts replied to the thread Cost of living -San Fernando, Trinidad on the Trinidad & Tobago forum:
rajbiotech initially posted:
Hello, I have got a job offer for private hospital in tobago at a monthly salary of TT$ 16k. Can someone guide me how much would be the expected expenditures on accommodation for 1 BHK apartment, grocery, food,transportation,utilities,marketing, etc per month? How much I would be able to save per month after monthly expenses? I would be moving over there along with my wife, I am currently living in India. With regards, Raj
OhChuts replied most recently with:
Hi Raj, are you sure you know where (in which city) your job offer is? The topic heading mentions San Fernando, then your message says Tobago and over in Trip Advisor you say the job is in Diego Martin. These are three different places.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
I would say definitely start early. Trinidad is a laid back place and they are not in a rush to get anything done here. Check out place well in advance and send emails to the schools every week for your kids. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Hello, can you give us a list of private schools in st augustine? My 2 girls will be going to preschool and one in grade 9. We have emailed a lot of schools but no one has replied. many thanks
A reader replied recently with:
This is very helpful information. We may be moving to St. Augustine and are just in the process of checking things out. Thanks very much for this information.
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