Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina

Expat Guide to Living in Argentina

Whether you're already living in Argentina or preparing to move to Argentina, our Expat Guide to Living in Argentina offers articles and reports submitted by expats about expat life in Argentina. For answers to specific questions, visit our Argentina Forum to talk with expats in Argentina.

Expats Talk About The Biggest Challenges They Face Living in Latin America

Expats talk about some of the biggest challenges they've faced living in Latin America. Whether you're moving to Panama City or Punta del Este, this article is a must read to help you prepare (hint: you'll be much happier if you learn the language) and adjust your expectations (realities: the roads are rough, the pace of life is slower and bureaucracy is unavoidable). Despite all of the challenges, the list of what expats like about life in Latin America far exceeds the challenges.

Will President Macri Make Argentina Attractive to Foreign Property Buyers Again?

Expats in Argentina discuss the real estate market in Argentina. Will Macri help it turn around? Will Argentina become an attractive place for foreign investors again?

Expats Living in Argentina Urge Caution Before Moving to Argentina

Argentina's inflation rate is one of the highest in the world at an estimated 25%. With the election of President Mauricio Macri there is hope that the economy will turn around, but expats in Argentina urge caution for people considering moving to Argentina. Expats discuss the high cost of living in Argentina and how it has impacted their lifestyles.

10 Tips for Living in Argentina

Expats in Argentina share tips for living in Argentina - from advice about inflation, employment contracts, finding a home and more.

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Mendoza

An expat in Mendoza, Argentina has had very good experiences with local doctors and Clinica de Cuyo downtown. She warns that some prescription medicines may not be available since the government severely restricts imports. For example, she knows a cancer patient who had to go to numerous pharmacies and wait weeks for a medication.

Culture Shock in Mendoza, Argentina

A heavily experienced expat gives her take on settling into expat life in Mendoza, Argentina. Can you imagine living in 30 places over the course of 30 years? She can... she's done it!

Culture Shock in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina

An expat in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina appreciates the relaxed attitude to eating meals, the excellent food and the friendliness of many of the people.

Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

An expat in Buenos Aires, Argentina talks about what it's like living in this bustling city in a time when its hard for expats and locals to get by financially. Many expats work remotely and at odd hours, which contributes to a lot of late-night diners at the city's many restaurants.

Dream vs Reality of Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

An expat who had dreamed of living in Europe found everything she was looking with a much lower cost of living in Buenos Aires. Day-to-day details, like paying bills and dealing with cambio, can be frustrating. Despite those little frustrations, she loves living Buenos Aires - the restaurants, gardens, markets, art museums and more.

More Culture Shock Reports for Argentina

Culture shock is part of the settling in process. Knowing the different phases of culture shock and how other expats in Argentina handle it can be very comforting. Below are some of the responses from expats in Argentina:
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More Living in Argentina Reports

What are people's priorities in Argentina - work? family? What are the best ways to meet other expats? Are people accepting of racial, cultural and religious differences? Below are some of the responses from expats in Argentina:
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Moving Overseas Report

What should you take with you when you move to Argentina? What should you leave behind? What type of housing and neighborhoods are typical for expats in Argentina? Help others moving to Argentina by filling out our Moving Overseas Report.

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Reviews of Schools in Argentina

Reviews and school profiles from expat parents and even a few school administrators in Argentina. Great place to find insight into school facilities, teachers and curriculum. Below are some of the reviews from expats in Argentina:
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Dream vs. Reality of Living in Argentina Reports

Most expats have have "dreams" (and fears) about the expatriate experience before they moved to Argentina. If you are already living in Argentina, share how those "dreams" have been fulfilled, and how they have not. Below are some of the reports from expats in Argentina:
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Overseas Retirement Report

Retiring abroad can be a great option for retirees seeking their dream lifestyle at an affordable price. Help other retirees, who are thinking about retiring in Argentina by taking our Overseas Retirement report.

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Having a Baby in Argentina Reports

How did expats choose their doctors, midwives, hospitals? What is childbirth like in Argentina? Below are some of the reports from expats in Argentina:
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Working Abroad Report

What's it like to find a job in Argentina? How difficult was it to obtain a work permit? What types are jobs are typical for expats in Argentina? Help others following in your footsteps by filling out our Working Abroad Report.

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Charles Barrett offers some helpful tips to ensure that you minimize risk associated with a lost or stolen passport.

Property in Argentina Starting at $72,000 - Colonial Salta: Big City Comforts, Small Town Appeal

Salta, Argentina offers city living starting at $72,000. Colonial Salta has the facilities and amenities of a large city with the comfort, safety and hominess of a small town.

Gourmet Dining in Bariloche, Argentina

The northern gateway city of Bariloche is a true tangible example of paradise. Great food. Great wine. Great views. Expat Shanie Matthews reveals five of her favorite restaurants.

Fake Kidnappings: The Last call you want to receive

Gavin Anstey sheds some light on a fake kidnapping scam that has been happening in Argentina. He shares important tips on how to avoid being a victim.

What Surprises you the most about the Argentines?

What can you expect from Argentines if you move to Argentina? Here is a great multi-perspective article on what you'll encounter in an incredible, multi-cultural country.

10 Tips for Living in Argentina

Here is some great advice for expatriates living in Argentina!

Ten Things You Should Know Before You Move To Central or South America

Lee offers ten tips for people contemplating a move to Central or South America.

Mendoza, Argentina: The Napa Valley of South America

Why go to California when you can fly to Mendoza, drink more exotic and affordable wines, and go horseback riding across the magnificent Andes Mountains?

Mendoza, Argentina
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Living in Argentina GuideLiving in Argentina Guide

Expats in Argentina share tips for living in Argentina - from advice about inflation, employment contracts, finding a home and more.

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