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Expats Panajachel
Expats' Guide to Panajachel

Expats, digital nomads & retirees talk about what it's like living in Panajachel.

Expats Panajachel
Living In Panajachel, Guatemala

If you're moving to Panajachel, be prepared to live a different life style. Life is affordable, help is affordable. Slower pace.

Reports from Members about Having a Baby in Panajachel, Guatemala

Expats Talk about the Moving to Panajachel Expats Talk about Moving to Panajachel

Expats in Panajachel offer advice about Moving to Panajachel.

Expats Panajachel
Moving to Panajachel, Guatemala

A French expat who went to Panajachel, Guatemala on vacation loved the climate and locals so much he ended up staying. He advises other newcomers to rent first, pack lightly, use a lawyer and translator when signing contracts and leave your prejudices behind.

Expats Talk about the Retiring to Panajachel Retiring in Panajachel

Retirees in Panajachel talk about life in Panajachel.

Expats Talk about the Real Estate in Panajachel Expats Talk about Real Estate in Panajachel

Expats offer advice about Buying & Renting Homes in Panajachel.

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