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Lyon, France

Top 10 Parks in Lyon France

By Aga Marchewka


Summary: Expats in Lyon, France have a large number of parks to explore and enjoy. Aga Marchewka provides a concise list of the top 10 parks in Lyon and all that they have to offer.

For many people summer is the ideal time to spend free time in the parks of Lyon. They are great places to take a walk, socialize with friends, buy an ice cream or tire your kids out on the playground. Summers are also the perfect time in the park to eat a yummy lunch on a nice warm day, read a book, and even to sun bathe... so many things to do! However, parks are also amazing in other seasons of the year. In autumn, you will be amazed by the warm, red & ginger colors of the foliage; in the winter you can go for a refreshing walk and play in the snow; and in the spring, the parks come to life as trees blossom and nature shines. So expats should enjoy the park any time of the year!

When i saw the Lyonnais Parc de la Tete d'Or I was speechless and so happy! It's a park that has it all, and I am so lucky to live in Lyon and have the opportunity to visit it any time I wish. And I do! But I also like to explore the city and find as many Lyonnais parks as possible. Along the way, I created a list of parks for you to use... so enjoy the parks as a place to spend the afternoon with a friend, your family or on your own!

Parc de la Tete d'Or

Parc de la Tete d'Or is the largest French park located in the 6th arrondissement, as it covers 117 hectares that offers you a lot of activities and experiences. You can admire a beautiful lake, take a boat ride, and visit the FREE Zoo that has so many interesting animals. You can admire beautiful flowers in the botanical garden and in the rose-garden. It's a great place for kids as it offers an assortment of playgrounds, a small fairpark, a kids theater, and other attractions, such as pony rides and a tour in an old-fashioned train. Address: Place General Leclerc, 69006 Lyon, Tel. 04 72 10 30 30.

Parc de Gerland

Parc de Gerland is smaller than Parc de la Tetebut, far less crowded and far more modern! It is situated in the 7th arrondissement, at the end of the Rhone banks promenade and it covers an area of 80 hectares. It has been designed by Michel Corajoud and build from 1997 - 2002. The park has many different parts and many smaller gardens inside. There is the Skate Park de Lyon; owned by the Skates Club. The "Megaphorbiaie" gardens contains 18,000 plants, including the "Jardin Chromatique" (Colour Garden). It offers the lighting of the vegetation until 10 p.m.! There is a Bird Garden spread on the area that has 3000 square meters. Another interesting place to visit in the park is the Maison des Fleurs (The House of Flowers), a 400 square meter villa that educates visitors about gardening. Address: Allee Pierre de Coubertin, 69007 Lyon, Phone: 04 72 73 68 00.

Le Parc Sergent Blandan

It is the 3rd largest Lyonnais park located in the at 7th arrondissement. It covers an area of 17 hectares and has many different areas to discover. You will find here a wooded area with benches, the skate park, the picnic and games area. There are secret passages and a large esplanade for visitors to follow and an interesting play area where you can try to climb a wall... don't miss it! Address: L 37 Rue du Repos, 69007 Lyon; Phone: 04 72 77 69 69.

Le Parc du Vallon

A newer park in Lyon (opened just in the 2014) that is also quite large. Located in the at 9th arrondissement, it has 11 hectares and is a lovely green park situated on the hill of La Duchere. It offers amazing views and is a great place to rest and relax. Address: 227 Avenue du Plateau, 69009 Lyon; Phone: 04 37 49 73 9.

Le Jardin des Curiosites

This is a smaller Lyonnais park covering only 0.6 hectares - but it is such a lovely one! It is situated in the 5th arrondissement and is a bit tricky to find because it is hidden behind a metallic door. It is also called 'jardin de Montreal' because of the fact that it was a gift from Montreal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of cooperation with Lyon. It was designed by Canadian artists and there are sealed chairs created by the French-Canadian sculptor Michel Goulet. The park offers a great panorama of the Saone river and the Mont Blanc in the background. Address: 9 Place de l'Abbe Larue, 69005 Lyon.

Le Parc de la Cerisaie

It is another little Lyonnais green gem that covers only 4.5 hectares. You can find it in 4th arrondissement in the famous Croix-Rousse. Beautifully named the Park of the Cherry Orchard, it is a city park that offers a super green area in which to spend time. It's many playgrounds delight children and the abundant lawns and benches are ideal for resting and picnics. But what I like the most about it are the walking paths and the the sculpture trail with the works from Cesar Baldaccini, Gerald Martinand, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Genevieve Dumont, Gerard Michel, Markus Raetz, Bernard Pages, Alain Lovato, Takis and Ulrich Rueckriem. Address: 25 rue Chaziere, 69004 Lyon; 04 72 69 47 60.

Le Parc des Hauteurs

The beautiful park of Fourviere. Situated between the Montee de l'Ang, metal tower of Fourviere and the Loyasse cemetery in the at 5th arrondissement of Lyon. Parc des Hauteurs offers a panoramic view of all Lyon and a lovely path with views of the Monts d'Or and Beaujolais. The park offers an amazing amount of peace and tranquility. The park is a bit divided and is in parts throughout Fourviere. Follow the "Tramway des Macchabees" route and the 600 meter "Quatre Vents" (Four Winds) footbridge on the Viaduct path to get an amazing panoramic experience and admire the Saone and Croix-Rousse sections of Lyon. And a bonus for rose lovers: it includes the Jardin du Rosaire, located just under the Basilica. Address: Esplanade de Fourviere, 69005 Lyon; Phone: 04 72 77 69 69.

Garden of the Musee des Beaux Arts

You can easily find it in the center of Lyon city, next to the Place de Terreaux. It is situated inside the Museum of the Fine Arts. It is from the end of the 19th century. It is a small, classical and beautiful garden of only 1200 square meters. It's ideal to sit down on one of the banks next to the central fountain of the park near the Rodin sculptures and a small statue of Apollo. Address: 20 place des Terreaux 69001 Lyon

Confluence Museum Park

Another new park as it belongs to the recently opened Museum of Confluence. It is quite big as it covers the area of 2.4 hectares and offers unique views of the south of Lyon where the Soane and Rhone rivers merge together. Address: 86 quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon - France; Telephone: 04 28 38 11 90.

Rosa Mir Garden

Another Lyonnais gem, another park of Croix-Rousse. It has been created by the Senis Mir and was made in 1983 out of stone and seashells. It's unique in that it was influenced by many Spanish sites where Jules Senis worked, and also by the many artisans with whom he worked. The park received the status of of the "20th Century Heritage." Address: 87 Grande rue de la Croix-Rousse, 69004 Lyon

It is very difficult to choose the Top 10 Parks of Lyon as there are many more. I have actually discovered 23 Parks in Lyon, and you can explore them on my shopaholicfromhome.com blog.

About the Author

Aga is a Pole who lived in London, UK for over 6 years. More then traveling, she loves exploring different cultures and differences & similarities between different nations. She has been traveling a bit and loves to be in the international environment. She has been gaining many observations about the French lifestyle, places to visit in France and wanted to share them with others while starting to learn this beautiful yet so difficult language while slowly settling in in France. Your Home is Where Your Heart Is... that is why J'adore Lyon has been created. Because Aga, on top of the fact that she fell in love with Lyon and the French... she also and mostly loves shopping, especially savvy shopping!




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beautiful city.

Lyon, France

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