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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Poland

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Poland.

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Our new Expat Healthcare Guide is designed to collect and share information about expat healthcare and expat health insurance from expats in Poland. If you are already living in Poland, please take a few minutes to answer several questions in our Expat Healthcare Report.

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Having a Baby in Poznan, Poland

I had my baby in Polna hospital Poznan - this is a maternity hospital. I am Irish living in Poznan and I spent all my pregnancy in Poznan and delivered in this hospital. My gynacologist spoke english and was from a practice called Nereida - my doctors name was Krzysztof Hadas - As recommended by my doctor I paid to have my own midwife areound 80euro I was able to meet with her before the birth, look at the ward e.t.c and she was there for labour. Polna is a university hospital with many english students so language was not an issue with the staff, my midwife did not speak english. I found the facilities excellent modern intimate single labour rooms with toilet and shower, after the birth I was in a room with one other women, the food was basic but wholesome and the care was excellent. I was in hospital 3 days after the birth. I would advise for first babies some prenatal classes for breast feeding prep e.t.c with an english speaker, its available if you look. I felt very secure and was really made feel at ease and very well cared for. A very positive experience. Epidural is not widely used in this hospital but can be ordered in advance. I found the pain medication on offer very adequate.

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