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finding work and the right place to live

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4/22/2003 12:16 EST

my husband and myself are going over to the north island in november to look for work, and try and decide the best place to get work because my husband is a plumber/ gas fitter by trade. is their enough work out their for him as a plumber?if he gets a job offer then we can come home to start the paper work to migrate. also i have one child age 5 and one age 14. can any one recomend a good place for them to make frinds quickley.i would like to be near good school and shops. also does any one out their know of some expats called the watkins. they migrated i think about a year ago they came from wales, and they wher in a video called the migration experience their first names are kevin and debbie watkins. look forward to any replys.

6/22/2003 16:59 EST

Hi Slackie, I may be too late, but will pass this on never-the-less. I am a kiwi marry to a Leicester lass and living here (til we go back to NZ). If you are moving to the North Island and work is of vital importance then there really are only 2 easy options. Auckland or Wellington and their surrounding suburbs. Unemployment is quite high in NZ however these two cities are large and do have employment to offer. Plumbers in NZ are still very much required and are paid well, particularly if you work for a well known company. The wages and subsequently the cost of living is high in Auckland. Wellington not so much, although still higher than the South Island. Wellington is very hilly and tight knit, auckland varies from flat to hilly but is very sprawling. Auckland is big city living but at a NZ pace. There are obviously many other places to live in the North Island, but for example, if you moved to Napier, a very art-deco city on the east coast, unbelievable weather, you would be pushed to find work. Moving around NZ is very easy, the roads are quiet compared to here (with the exception of Auckland's motorways in rush hour). Rellocation is not as expensive as people seem to think and it is not uncommon for people to move somewhere to "try it out", then move somewhere else if its not all its cracked up to be. I am sure you have looked into many things already and may even have tried this one....check out the situations vacant section at www.nzherald.co.nz Auckland's biggest newspaper, you may find more out there...or email me if you have anymore questions...
good luck

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