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How will a new Constitution shape up?

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5/22/2021 17:51 EST

Hi, I just submitted my "introduce yourself" post.

Briefly, I have spent some time in Chile during two visits over the last 15 years. Chile has been on my favorite countries list since that first trip, because it seemed like a place I could make friends, learn Spanish in safety, and perhaps build a second home/citizenship.

I thought about Chile, for some reason, a few days ago and -- to my shock -- discovered then breaking news that the Constitution would be rewritten from scratch.

I am interested in particular in informed opinions if the new government and constitution would actually be communist/extreme or whether it would be more mainstream/center than that? I consider it a hopeful sign that the issue of major change was settled with a clean election and even apparent acceptance by the powers that currently control the country.

Any "boots on the ground" opinion of just how dramatically different the new government and legal changes might be?

In particular, I am STILL thinking of going down there and applying for residency. I suppose if I do that and I don't like the "new" Chile I can always leave -- so that is probably part of what is attracting me at this point... a relatively safe way to have a real adventure during a period of pretty major upheaval in a culture/country I still regard as fundamentally safe?

I would appreciate any thoughts or advice or suggestions on what to watch for early warning signs on how and where, and how tumultuously Chile is likely to change? Is it still a good place to explore a 2nd residency?

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5/22/2021 18:44 EST

I certainly hope that the new constitution is left wing. Chile was awful under Pinochet.

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5/22/2021 21:09 EST

I hear you. We have been living in Chile for the last three years and feel very safe. We will return to the US for five months and are already worrying about returning to Houston when we hear the news about crime, road rage, idiots that refuse to get vaccinated, wear masks or keep their distance, uneducated people who believe in conspiracy theories, even our governor and senator who are doing everything to supress votes and prolong the virus,
Here there was total respect for the regulations to protect the citizenship, we got vaccinated early, have to get permits for shopping for 2 hours twice a week, everyone wears masks, get temperatures taken and get gel to enter every store. There are strict gun laws and we definitely feel safe. Our home has no bars on the windows and there were never any shortages, except for building materials as people are moving into this area because of the quality of life. There are enough people from Venezuela, haiti, cuba and other places that can attest that the communist regimes do not work so I thing a communist party in Chile will not have much appeal.
For most Chilenos Pinochet was a quick and drastic solution to the previous socialist regime. The situation in Argentina on the other hand is different and quite hopeless.

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5/23/2021 01:19 EST

This is "ugly American" talk.

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7/27/2021 09:54 EST

I am hoping they set up a very nice fully Democratic Constitution that enables them to have the government they want and deserve. You should read the book, Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein to get a feel for why they are rewriting their Constitution, especially since you are thinking of visiting of moving here.

I do not have a issue with them doing this and have thought of moving to Chile myself when I retire.

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