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1/28/2013 12:08 EST

Greetings Expats!

My husband might have an opportunity very quickly to move to Prague by the summer. I have many questions, please bare with me:

Which district is best for families? Prague 2 or 6?

International schools vs. local schools? Is there a good expat community?

What is the average pay?

Renting a house or apartment... are there better districts than others?

I do not know where to start! Any information will be helpful. I have never been to Prague, and I am excited for this adventure. Thank you for your help!

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1/28/2013 12:44 EST

Take a look

Are you from an EU country or ?

Ages of children?

Advice - try to live fairly close to the school you choose!

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1/29/2013 04:04 EST

Thanks for your response! I checked out the page, it was exactly what I needed, Thank you. :)
My family is from America/Hungary, but we are currently living in Switzerland. We have been here for 4 years, and integrated into the community. (we are not 'company expats', where the job pays for everything-we live on our wits like everyone else)
My husband now has a better opportunity to grow with another company in Prague, and we may take the chance and move there. Although I have been content with living in CH, it is very expensive for every day items, such as food and household products. We also like a good challenge!
I have been doing some research on where to live in Prague, and I think I would like my girls to go to an International school, since the company may pay for it. My eldest daughter will be in 1st class next year, and I would hate to have her go through trying to 'integrate' again into another language (we already speak 3 languages!), especially if we do not know how long we will stay.
The cost of renting a house vs. renting a flat seem to be about the same, depending on what part of the city we want to live in. I found a few homes that are in a good price range and close to the International school. Does anyone live close to Prague 6?
We will find out in a month if we will move, I am just looking ahead of time to see if this is a good move. Thank you for all your help!

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1/29/2013 07:24 EST

: )) In 2003/4 I worked for the British Embassy in Prague to help incoming diplomats & their families settle in / find their feat. "Daughter in the first class" - how old will she be? There are several international schools here - all are expensive! Another article >
Plenty of expats here in several districts. The web site has lots of useful information / articles. Good luck!

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1/29/2013 18:44 EST

"to help incoming diplomats & their families settle in / find their feat" < FEET!!!

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1/30/2013 07:34 EST

:) Thanks for the page also! I need to fish around this website, I am new to this page, there seems to be great info here! Thanks!

My daughters are 4 and 6 years old. Their birthdays are in the fall, so we have had to wait an extra year for both. My 4 yr old will be attending her first year of Kindergarten this August. My 6 yr old will be going into the 1st grade.

I realize that the International school are expensive, just as they are here! I would like to know what the Czech schooling has to offer, like language/integrating courses and after school activities. I am open to suggestions or any advice.

Thanks again!

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1/30/2013 10:57 EST

Prague 6 for me everytime, especially with kids, lived there for 8 years.

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2/22/2013 08:04 EST

I am an American expat who has been living in Prague 6 for the past 13 years. I have four children who have grown up here and attended both private and Czech schools (Czech Mother). I can say unequivocally that Prague 6 is much better than Prague 2 for family life...especially an American expat family. I personally love Riverside School, but I am very fond of the director there so I am probably not unbiased. My children attended there for many years. Presently the two youngest are in Czech school and one attends English College in Prague....which is probably one of the best of it kind anywhere. They must be 13 years old to start there. Riverside starts them from 3 years. If there is anything you would like to know specifically just write and I will try to help.

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5/23/2013 04:19 EST

Hi, I have alreay helped couple of expats coming, settling down in Prague as my job si Personal Concierge. I would recommend the same, Prgaue 2 for younger, single people and Prague 6 for families. In case you need any help when coming, for example with authorities, finding apartement, etc...just contact me. My email is

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1/22/2014 06:25 EST

Dear JCB,

nice that you are moving to Prague. It is such a lovely city. I can recommend you a lot of nice places to see, as I am living there for a few years already.
About the accommodaiton, I can really advice you to start searching here: They offer fully furnished cosy apartments right in the centre of Prague. In Prague 2.
But if you are searching for family house or something, I would better recommend to move to Prague 6. It is not quite in the centre so it is much more quiet place for childern.

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