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bringing our pets into Columbo

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4/10/2016 08:56 EST

When we come to Sri Lanka, we shall be bringing out 2 pet cats. IF you have all the correct papers and documentation confirming inoculations are up to date, are the pets put into quarenteen?
Thank you

4/19/2016 02:17 EST

indeed I can help you in this regard.
I work for a shipping company.
I will in-box you the details.


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7/12/2016 10:50 EST


I'm about to move to Colombo and would like to bring my dog with me. I read your post from last year and was hoping you could advise me on the admin side of things as well as practical : how did you help your pets regarding the heat? How did they manage it? I am worried I am being very selfish by wanting to take her with me? Any info or help would be sooo lovely....



7/12/2016 21:19 EST

We were moving from Dubai so heat change not such a consideration, but animals are put into AC'd room on arrival in any case so we had no concerns.

For the Colombo end of the process we used:
Pet Travels Lanka
16/G/4, Greenwood Gardens, Kahanthota Rd
Malabe, Sri Lanka.
Mobile: +94-779-457621 / +94-752-011990

Website: http://pettravels-srilanka.com
Blogsite: http://pettravels-srilanka.blogspot.com
Skype: pettravels.srilanka

They were excellent and got the required permits and handle clearance of our 2 cats and delivery to us.


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