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Flat mate needed for plush apartment in Colombo 7

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1/17/2017 01:16 EST

Hi guys!

I have found a fantastic, fully furnished apartment at Kynsey Place in Colombo 7. Kynsey Place is an exclusive building with only eleven apartments in it. I encourage you to look it up on Google. The apartment in question has three large furnished rooms with attached bathrooms.

Since, I am an expat here and live alone, I don't need more than 2 bedrooms. I am looking for someone to take up one of the rooms (other than the master bedroom, of course) and pay one-third of the rent. The living area and the kitchen would, of course, be common and shared. The rent for my co-tenant would only be LKR 50,000, which is less than what one might expect to pay for a one room apartment even on the peripheries of Colombo.

I would welcome people who would stay for at least 6 months. The entire rent is payable in advance along with a two month refundable security deposit. These are exactly the terms that I have to abide by, too.

Please note that I am not the landlord and am only looking to rent this apartment.


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