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Urgent help to rehome dogs

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3/14/2017 00:50 EST

Hi, my mother has lived in Sri Lanka for over 10 years.
Last week suffered a horrific accident which as a result now has a broken spine, ribs, head injury and so on.
She won't be active for a long time now. My main concern after her are her three dogs.
Two of which I would say are 100% deomesticated, friendly and loving.
They need to stay together. Charlie and Bindu
The other is a recent rescue and at the moment isn't 100% domesticated. But is well on the way. Henry.

I cannot stress how important it is I find homes for the dogs. She is one of the biggest animal lovers I've ever known and would be devistared if I cannot find homes for them.
As she has been sedated for over a week, still cannot talk or move, it has fallen to me, her son to sort it.
I only have a 30 day visa and as well as sorting her hospital care, need help with this too.

All dogs are immunised and have vetinery records. The two are healthy just like UK dogs. Henry had been on medication to get his coat back as when she took him in he was in a bad way.

As of yet I don't have photos but would be willing to speak to anyone on the phone about any of them.

I have a few contacts out here but thought this would be a good avenue to try.

Please if anyone knows anyone or would be willing to help me, I would be so grateful I cannot explain :-)

Please call me on 07960314184 that's a UK number or you can call 0094723370535 who is my contact over here.

Please don't hesitate to call me. Even if you can't help directly, we may be able to come up with something together.


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