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Nursing student , with 1yr baby moving 2 TNT

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10/19/2014 10:04 EST

Hi hello. Iam an American born, with trinidadan roots. It's always been my deem to move to Trinidad . I'm currently working on getting my nursing degree , I was wondering if Trinidad hires USA nurses in theist country. I was also wondering how applying for citizenship there would work. Need some advice please and thanks.

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10/31/2014 17:06 EST

TnT always needs people in the medical professions. Be aware though that if you work in the public hospitals you would be frustrated and the lack of what you would consider basic supplies here in the US. By all means try it, but don't burn your bridges.

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11/8/2014 08:17 EST

Nurses in TT don't have the same training or privileges as you are expecting in Canada or the US. For example, nurses don't start I.V's or give injections in TT. New legislation is in the works to allow foreign-trained nurses to do what they are trained to do in their home country, but until that law is changed...
nurses on TT will be on the same level as what you would consider a nurses aid. Salaries are dismal. Expect something around $18,000 USD per year. Keep watching TT. The Minister of Health is trying to bring TT pit of the 1970's, but he meets resistance at every turn.

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11/16/2014 16:40 EST

not a good idea, wait till you retire and have time on your hands to turn a blind eye to what you'll face because you've already made your money and accomplished a lot, then maybe you can go there to teach nursing or something clinical but at your age it's just not a good idea. Take it from someone born and raised there, a healthcare professional who trained and worked in the US for some years and wanted to work in my own country, little did I know that they would not be receptive to the idea of a Trini with world class credentials and first world experience would be treated like I was never born there.

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2/8/2018 00:09 EST

With the new NMC-UK requirement, now it's easy for Trinidad And Tobago nurses to work in the UK. Better pay scale and working conditions, the UK has been the dream for nurses from around the globe.

With new rule, Trinidad and Tobago fall under the category;

Registration and practice of at least one year in a country where English is the first and native language and an English language assessment was required for registration.

So Nurses from Trinidad and Tobago has very good opportunity to work in the UK.

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