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10/16/2020 11:21 EST

Welcome to the Turkey forum. If you're new or have been using the forum a long time, please take a few minutes to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself and your life abroad. If you're a newcomer and have questions about living in Turkey, post your introduction here and your questions and comments in a new topic.

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10/16/2020 12:42 EST

Hello, I am 71 and my wife and I are moving to Turkey. We will be leaving the US at about the end of the month. I have many questions and will post them in the forum.

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3/26/2021 14:26 EST

Hello! We will be traveling to Turkey in October and I am curious about buying a small apartment there to spend time - maybe with the intention of selling our home in the U.S. and making the move permanent. The reasons are many and we are so excited to get there and spend a couple of weeks exploring with a few days looking at real estate. We will be in the Antalya/Side area. Does anyone have any tips for first timers and any advice you can give about purchasing tax information etc is greatly appreciated!

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7/11/2021 17:14 EST

I'm looking to buy in and relocate to Turkey next year when I retire. My partner and I had places in Altinkum for 12 years before they died in 2016. I don't want to return to the same area, too many memories, but am looking for ideas and suggestions where is best for a mid 60s woman, to relocate to alone. Thanks

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