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9/26/2008 12:12 EST

At this time of year, many new expats are living in temporary housing and actively looking for a house or apartment. Choosing the right town or city neighborhood is a big decision. Families, retirees and single expats often look for much different things! To help newcomers in your area narrow down the possibilities, we invite you to post a reply to this thread telling about your town, rural area or city neighborhood. Please begin your post by putting the name of your area/town/neighborhood in capital letters.

Here are a some suggestions for topics that you may want to cover when describing your area:

-- nearby schools? international schols?
-- do many expats live in the area?
-- activities for families or single expats?
-- proximity to city or areas where most expats work?
-- typical housing (sizes, costs, yards/no yards, etc.)
-- parks and recreation areas?
-- nightlife and restaurants?
-- safety and crime issues?
-- do you need a car?
-- basic amenities?

Thanks for helping new expats in your area!

Betsy Burlingame

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