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Retire in Khor Fakkan Guide

If Khor Fakkan is on your retirement radar, our detailed Retire in Khor Fakkan Guide is your go-to resource. Delve into the crucial aspects of life here, including living costs, climate, housing options, healthcare services, and residency procedures. We also explore the city's social dynamics, volunteering scenes, transportation, and how walkable its neighborhoods are.

Khor Fakkan, a picturesque city nestled between the Hajar Mountains and the Indian Ocean in the United Arab Emirates, is a hidden gem for international retirees. Its tranquil beaches, warm climate, and friendly locals make it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retirement. However, like any foreign country, it presents its own unique set of challenges, from language barriers to understanding the local customs and traditions.

Cost of Living in Khor Fakkan

One of the major attractions for retirees in Khor Fakkan is the relatively low cost of living. While it’s not as cheap as some Southeast Asian countries, it’s significantly more affordable than many Western countries. Housing, in particular, is quite reasonable, with a variety of options available from apartments in the city to villas by the beach. Groceries and dining out are also reasonably priced, making it easy to enjoy the local cuisine.


Khor Fakkan boasts a warm desert climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The city enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it perfect for outdoor activities. However, the summer months can be quite hot, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C. Therefore, it’s important for retirees to take necessary precautions to stay hydrated and avoid sunburn.


The UAE is known for its high-quality healthcare system, and Khor Fakkan is no exception. The city is home to several well-equipped hospitals and clinics, staffed by highly trained medical professionals. Many doctors and nurses in the UAE are fluent in English, which can be a relief for international retirees.

Public Healthcare System

While the UAE does have a public healthcare system, it’s primarily designed for Emirati citizens. However, international retirees can easily access private healthcare services, which are of a high standard. It’s recommended that retirees have comprehensive health insurance to cover any medical expenses.

Residency Options for Retirees

The UAE offers several options for retirees wishing to obtain residency. One of the most popular is the property visa, which allows retirees to live in the UAE if they own property in the country. There’s also the option of a retirement visa, which is available to those over the age of 55.

Parks and Recreational Activities

Khor Fakkan is home to several beautiful parks, including the Khor Fakkan Public Park, which offers stunning views of the city and the ocean. The city is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, snorkeling, and bird watching. The Khor Fakkan Beach is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.


From traditional Emirati cuisine to international fare, Khor Fakkan has a variety of dining options. Some popular local restaurants include Al Bahr Restaurant, known for its fresh seafood, and Al Meshwar Restaurant, which serves a variety of Middle Eastern dishes.

Learning the Language

While Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is widely spoken in Khor Fakkan. However, learning a few basic Arabic phrases can be helpful and appreciated by the locals. There are several language schools in the city, such as the Berlitz Language Center, which offer Arabic courses.

Local Culture

The locals in Khor Fakkan are known for their hospitality and friendliness. The city has a relaxed, laid-back vibe, which can be a refreshing change for retirees from bustling cities. However, it’s important to respect the local customs and traditions, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

Meeting People and Volunteering

Meeting new people in Khor Fakkan can be as simple as striking up a conversation at a local café or joining a local club or organization. Volunteering is another great way to meet people and give back to the community. Organizations such as the Khor Fakkan Environmental and Wildlife Society often have opportunities for volunteers.

Housing Options

Retirees in Khor Fakkan have a variety of housing options to choose from. Many opt for apartments in the city center, while others prefer the tranquility of beachfront villas. The city is quite walkable, and public transportation is readily available, making it easy to get around without a car.

Retiring in Khor Fakkan offers a unique blend of tranquility, cultural immersion, and affordability. With its warm climate, friendly locals, and high standard of living, it’s no wonder that more and more international retirees are choosing to call this city home.

Betsy Burlingame Betsy Burlingame is the Founder and President of Expat Exchange and is one of the Founders of Digital Nomad Exchange. She launched Expat Exchange in 1997 as her Master's thesis project at NYU. Prior to Expat Exchange, Betsy worked at AT&T in International and Mass Market Marketing. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a BA in International Business and German.

Some of Betsy's articles include 12 Best Places to Live in Portugal, 7 Best Places to Live in Panama and 12 Things to Know Before Moving to the Dominican Republic. Betsy loves to travel and spend time with her family. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn.

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