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Best Bookstores and Libraries in Puglia

What are the best bookstores and libraries in Puglia? In this article we highlight the best bookstores and libraries in Puglia.
|-Best Bookstores and Libraries in Puglia

Libreria Laterza

Libreria Laterza is a well-established bookstore in Bari, known for its wide selection of books on humanities and social sciences, reflecting the intellectual tradition of the Laterza publishing house.

Website: www.librerialaterzabari.it
Address: Via Giuseppe Petroni, 45/F, 70121 Bari BA, Italy

Libreria Idrusa

Located in Lecce, Libreria Idrusa offers a cozy atmosphere for book lovers, with a carefully curated selection of titles and a focus on local culture and literature.

Website: www.libreriaidrusa.it
Address: Via Giuseppe Libertini, 52, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy

Libreria Palmieri

Libreria Palmieri is a historic bookstore in Lecce, known for its beautiful interior and a wide range of books, including a section dedicated to the art and history of Puglia.

Website: www.libreriapalmieri.com
Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 39, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy

Libreria Feltrinelli

Feltrinelli is a major Italian bookstore chain with a branch in Bari, offering a vast selection of national and international titles across all genres, as well as music and multimedia products.

Website: www.lafeltrinelli.it
Address: Via Melo da Bari, 119, 70121 Bari BA, Italy

Mondadori Bookstore

Mondadori Bookstore is part of a well-known Italian chain, providing a broad range of books, including bestsellers, children’s books, and stationery, with several locations throughout Puglia.

Website: www.mondadoristore.it/negozi
Address: Various locations in Puglia

Biblioteca Provinciale di Bari “Sagarriga Visconti Volpi”

The Provincial Library of Bari is a significant cultural institution in Puglia, housing an extensive collection of books and manuscripts, with a focus on local history and culture.

Address: Strada Lamberti, 4, 70121 Bari BA, Italy

Biblioteca Comunale di Lecce

The Municipal Library of Lecce is a public library offering a wide range of services to the community, including book lending, reading rooms, and cultural events.

Address: Piazzetta Giosuè Carducci, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy

Biblioteca Nazionale Sagarriga Visconti Volpi di Bari

This National Library in Bari is one of the main libraries in Puglia, featuring a rich collection of books, periodicals, and rare documents, with a mission to preserve the region’s literary heritage.

Address: Piazza Aldo Moro, 70121 Bari BA, Italy

Biblioteca Provinciale “Santa Teresa dei Maschi” di Bari

The Provincial Library “Santa Teresa dei Maschi” in Bari is known for its historical significance and houses a valuable collection of books, including ancient texts and modern works.

Address: Via Scipione Crisanzio, 3, 70122 Bari BA, Italy

Biblioteca Comunale di Taranto

The Municipal Library of Taranto provides a welcoming environment for readers and researchers, with a diverse collection of books and multimedia resources, as well as regular cultural activities.

Address: Via Regina Elena, 142, 74121 Taranto TA, Italy

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