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Best Bookstores and Libraries in Utrecht

What are the best bookstores and libraries in Utrecht? In this article we highlight the best bookstores and libraries in Utrecht.
|-Best Bookstores and Libraries in Utrecht

Broese Boekverkopers

Broese Boekverkopers is a well-established bookstore in Utrecht with a wide selection of books in various languages, including English. They also host literary events and have a cozy café.

Website: www.broeseboekverkopers.nl
Address: Stadhuisbrug 5, 3511 KP Utrecht

Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is a unique independent bookstore with a focus on literature, gender studies, and LGBTQ+ topics. They also offer a variety of cultural events and readings.

Website: www.savannahbay.nl
Address: Telingstraat 13, 3512 GV Utrecht

Boekhandel Bijleveld

Boekhandel Bijleveld is a historic bookstore in Utrecht, known for its knowledgeable staff and extensive collection of academic books, literature, and philosophy.

Website: www.bijleveldbooks.nl
Address: Janskerkhof 7, 3512 BK Utrecht

De Utrechtse Kinderboekwinkel

De Utrechtse Kinderboekwinkel specializes in children’s books and offers a wide range of titles for young readers, as well as workshops and storytelling events.

Website: www.kinderboekwinkelutrecht.nl
Address: Ganzenmarkt 10, 3512 GD Utrecht

Boekhandel Steven Sterk

Boekhandel Steven Sterk is a bookstore with a diverse selection of books, including a large number of remaindered books at discounted prices.

Address: Servetstraat 3, 3512 JG Utrecht

Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

The Utrecht University Library is a modern library with extensive collections for research and study, offering a variety of workspaces and facilities for students and researchers.

Website: www.uu.nl/universiteitsbibliotheek
Address: Heidelberglaan 3, 3584 CS Utrecht

Bibliotheek Utrecht

Bibliotheek Utrecht is the main public library in Utrecht, featuring a vast collection of books, multimedia, and a busy calendar of community events and workshops.

Website: www.bibliotheekutrecht.nl
Address: Neude 11, 3512 AE Utrecht

Bibliotheek Hoograven

Bibliotheek Hoograven is a branch of the Utrecht public library system, offering a local community space with access to books, internet, and reading activities.

Website: www.bibliotheekutrecht.nl/hoograven
Address: Smaragdplein 100, 3523 ED Utrecht

Bibliotheek Overvecht

Bibliotheek Overvecht provides a welcoming environment for reading and learning, with a collection that caters to the diverse Overvecht community.

Website: www.bibliotheekutrecht.nl/overvecht
Address: Gloriantdreef 1, 3562 KW Utrecht

Bibliotheek Zuilen

Bibliotheek Zuilen is another branch of the Utrecht public library, offering a range of services including book lending, reading areas, and cultural activities.

Website: www.bibliotheekutrecht.nl/zuilen
Address: Zwanenvechtlaan 4, 3554 GL Utrecht

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