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edenergy replied to the thread Driving to Belize from California on the Belize forum on November 25, 2014:
edenergy initially posted:
My wife and I hope to move to Belize within the next 2 years. (We have visited and done our research). We have 2 big labs (100lbs) and were thinking that driving would be the best way to get them to Belize. I saw routes to Belize from Texas described in this forum that were listed as safe. The shortest distance from California is to cross into Mexico at Tuscon, AZ. We are interested in the safest route. Are we better off staying in the US and crossing at Texas or is there a safe recommended route from Arizona? Has anyone taken the Arizona route? Reading the State Department's warnings make Mexico sound like a dangerous drive. Is it? Any suggestions on best way getting big dogs to Belize other than driving would be appreciated? Thanks, Ed
edenergy replied on November 25, 2014 with:
Thanks to all of you for your input. My gut feeling was not to drive from the US to Belize but that is the value of this forum. You can rely on the experiences of others to formulate decisions on facts not feelings.
bobbyveee replied on November 25, 2014 with:
I totally agree, especially if you dont speak Spanish fluently. Its just not worth it . Air freighting the dogs isnt a problem, and a lot better than days in a vehicle.Make sure you have all the correct paperwork from your vet.
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buckiboa replied to the thread Visit Belize on the Belize forum on November 24, 2014:
Delin initially posted:
Hi, I am planning to visit Belize in Dec 2014, to enjoy the Christmas Carnival as well as check out Belize for investment and business opportunities. However, the problem is that ! we don't have embassy in Accra. it is difficult to get a visa for Belize unless you have an invitation letter from a business or friends. Since, I have none I feel my chances of visiting Belize are minimum. I will be travelling with my friend . If someone here feels they can help me get an invitation/ Voucher that can work for the immigration , that would be just great. I have all the other requirements under control. Any kind of advice or comment that is related is welcome. Thanks guys!
buckiboa replied on November 24, 2014 with:
I believe coming from some countries, yes.
Badbob39 replied on November 24, 2014 with:
Did I miss something? Do you need a visa to visit Belize?
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Melissajane replied to the thread Placencia questions on the Belize forum on November 23, 2014:
Olorin initially posted:
I would like to get any thoughts and opinions from anyone regarding Placencia (and the overall peninsula development generally around it). I know Melissajane is from there, but would welcome thoughts from anyone who has experience or an opinion. Specifically, (a) what are thoughts of the cruise ships coming to the general area (is that a general plus or minus for the Placencia area, as far as for operations of businesses like hotels vs. folks that just live there (who might be happier with less traffic, not more!), (b) is the overall infrastructure improving in Placencia (roads, sewer, banks, new stores, etc), (c) how is the internet and cell phone cost and reliability there?, (d) what is the status the development called The Placencia Belize (that has a very impressive web site, but from other posts it seems like there are lots of developments in Belize with impressive web sites and little or nothing else, so I wondered if this was one of those, or if this development is actually happening with the hotel/airport/marina/golf course it claims to have underway). Appreciate any thoughts on any or all the above questions from anyone.
Melissajane replied on November 23, 2014 with:
Norwegian Cruise Line is developing Harvest Cay just south of Placencia. The plan is for tours to go from Malacate, near Mango Creek, on the mainland, not to Placencia, so under current plans there will not be much additional foot traffic in Placencia. The concern is more environmental and logistical - what will they do with trash/sewage/reef collisions/medical emergencies/Mayan ruins sites overrun/cayes over-fished or too many snorkelers damaging the reef etc. Overall infrastructure is improving in Placencia and everywhere in Belize - in the five years I have been here there has been a huge jump in the amount of products available including food and household effects. The Placencia peninsula road is new, and arguably one of the best in the country, there is a sewer system being planned (none in existence at the moment), however the taxes are so low in the country the concern is that there is not enough money for maintenance and upkeep. Electric is expensive and unreliable - we have had numerous power outages this last season - as we are relying on Mexico for our power. Internet and cellphone service have improved, but still expensive. Only two cellphone providers - Digicell and Smart, local and international calls are expensive - (local calls are around US0.20c/minute) most people text as this is the cheapest form of communication, most use Skype/facetime/ or similar for international calls. In Placencia there are three internet providers - BTL, Smart and Southern Cable Network. SCN charges around US$75 for 1mb speed, BTL was the same but are in the process of doubling all speeds for the same price. The Placencia Hotel and Residences - the hotel is complete, some of the residences are complete, some under construction, plenty of lots unstarted. Casino, Golf Course and airport are a long way from being done, and will require a huge injection of money to get started/completed. Here's a photo of the casino from 2012 - no work has been done since this time.
bobbyveee replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Why doesnt your friend answer them openly on the forum so we can all benefit or see if he might be making sense or not.
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buckiboa replied to the thread Expat community gatherings in Panama City on the Belize forum on November 22, 2014:
gyorgyi777 initially posted:
If anybody can help with information on expats gatherings in Panama city...I am in P.C. and would like to communicate with some of you who live here. Arrived unexpectedly and would like to see the country. Lady travelling by herself. Would like to go to Bocas, Boquette, Coronado. Any advise would help. Staying close to the Malecon on 47th St near Meridian hotel at a friend's place. Reply to gyorgyi777at Thanks, M
buckiboa replied on November 22, 2014 with:
I think you need to go to the Panama forum for this info. Not Belize.
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bobbyveee replied to the thread scaredy cat on the Belize forum on November 22, 2014:
joyinthemorning initially posted:
Hello from the states. I have been drawn to Belize for several reasons....cost of living, english speaking, unspoiled land. My concerns are about the (undisclosed) crime and whatever else might go along with a 'third world' govt. ...Not that the U.S. has a better govt....ha! ...but to make a permanent move on a retirement income is more than a little adventure. Would absolutely love conversation regarding this topic and perhaps others of like situation. Appreciate your time and experience! Joyfull
bobbyveee replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Hi. My wife is a dive master and has insurance thro DAN Divers alert network, it covers other than a direct dive related accident, it doesnt cover med . expenses , but gets you home . Thats all we cared about. We are a lot happier in St Lucia with there med. facilities. Its pretty reasonable to, you both ought to check it out. Its certainly better than nothing !!!
buckiboa replied on November 22, 2014 with:
I agree Bobbyveee. Is your car insurance through a company in the states? I checked into that kind of insurance here and they wanted an arm and a leg. That has been a concern for us. We have an Anerican friend that was in a car accident and needed surgery. The only hospital he could afford (no insurance) was that state hospital in Belize City. OMG! It was one of those places you have nightmares about! I would never, ever go there even if I had to max out every credit card I owned at one of the private hospitals in Belize City. Then I would fly back to the states. I never imagined that a hospital, even in Belize, could be that bad. They don't talk about things like that in International Living!
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property in BelizeApprox. 1/2 acre of old jungle land with big trees in the area , 1,800 s.f. (700 1st floor, 300 bedroom/loft, 800 deck/porch/veranda), 1 or 2 bedroom loft.
buckiboa replied to the thread When is the best time to move? on the Belize forum on November 21, 2014:
kec1958 initially posted:
I am planning to move to Belize, never made trip there, but Ive moved halfway across America to new place without ever seeing it before. Living in regular US housing now, but lived very rustic (no plumbing, limited electricity, wood heat/cooking) until this month (nov. 2014) familiar with living on land. When is the best time to move? Im hoping a trip in april i can find housing in the 42 day limit. My retirement check is all i got so im saving up. Any advice would help. I know a prelim trip may be necessary, but id rather not.
buckiboa replied on November 21, 2014 with:
YVW. You can send me a PM if you want to tell me which Ned you are looking for.
sheilaca replied on November 21, 2014 with:
Thanks very much, buckiboa, for the meds answers!!
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sheilaca replied to the thread Building loan from Belize Bank on the Belize forum:
phill333 initially posted:
Has anyone used this bank or know about typical loans to build a home from banks within Belize? ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL BANK LTD. BELIZE CITY, BELIZE C.A. A/C NO. 1901-7600-05 SWIFT: AIBLBZBZ We are curious to know if a 7 year loan is typical with a balloon payment due at the end of the loan. The bank officer told us that typically the bank will refinance the balloon payment due for another 3 to 4 years after the 7 years, w/out a problem if payments are consistently paid on time. Also, the rate is not locked on the loan...we would like input as from individuals who have borrowed from a Belize bank for a building loan before we proceed with our plans. Thanks.
sheilaca replied on November 20, 2014 with:
We have a loan with Atlantic Bank International at 9.75% for 5 years. No balloon payment. Took around 8 weeks and huge amount of paperwork before being approved. Our bank in the states would not accept collateral in Belize.
bobbyveee replied on November 16, 2014 with:
So the moral of this story/thread is If you need a loan, see Melissajane !!!!
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buckiboa replied to the thread Moving Anyone? on the Belize forum on November 18, 2014:
dalan520 initially posted:
interested in communicating with some one who moved to Belize from U.S. or someone who will be getting ready to!
buckiboa replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Plenty of people will respond if you ask specific questions. We are from the states. What do you want to know?
bobbyveee replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Its more usual to ask questions on the forum than asking people to contact you. Im sure people will respond if you ask relevant ???'s
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property in BelizeHill Top Paradise with Main home and guest house with lots of fruit trees.

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