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property in BelizeBelize large 2000 square foot home on a spacious lot in a quiet and private neighborhood. This property is 1.66 acres and is located just off the Bullet Tree Road in the San Jose Area which is 2.5 miles northwest from San Ignacio Town. The property is on a hillside with wonderful views to the north of beautiful green palm trees and fruit trees. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with an extra room that can be converted to a 4th bedroom also having a separate entrance.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: If you're thinking about moving to Belize, we have 5 great places to recommend based upon the experiences of expats living in Belize. (Continue)
belizediver replied on February 26, 2015 07:02 with:
Article needs MAJOR update, every location described above has changes since 1997, this article reads as if it was written in 1997. Please research current trends for yourself before taking this article as current. Opps..The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator.
A reader replied on March 10, 2014 18:03 with:
I have read that the crime is terrible all over Belize. How can you stand to live in a place where you can't walk even during the day without being afraid of being robbed or worse. Also, I think the prices are really high! The prices are cheaper in Halifax, Nova Scotia where there is a 15 percent tax! Maybe you all came from places in California, like San Francisco. From the books I've read in the library, it is so primitive there? No large discount food stores. Where do you get your prescriptions? Are the doctors really that good? Does anyone live there over 70 years old? I don't think it would be good for retires. Halifax newbie,guest
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property in Belize
JohnPBelize replied to the thread Belize Feb 14 - Feb 21 on the Belize forum:
Cooper2508 initially posted:
My husband and I are considering moving to Belize and will be there 2/14 - 2/21 for a fact finding trip. We have already set up an appointment to meet with a realtor to see what is available. We are hoping to be able to meet with some folks who have made the move so we can learn about your experiences and the best way to handle the move with a few large dogs. We have been looking into the Cayo district and will be staying in San Ignacio during our stay. Just let me know. Thanks!
JohnPBelize replied most recently with:
We live in the Hopkins / Sittee River Area. Well will be around until April 4th. I would tell you you need to check this area and Placencia out also. Drop me a note on We would be happy to show you around. And we have a very large Golden Retriever that comes down with us every year
HappyMoon replied most recently with:
We have lived in Cayo for 16 years and absolutely love it! We home school our children and they have exams coming up so we are sorry we wouldn't be able to meet with you, but by all means ask us any questions and we'd be happy to answer. We have large dogs here and had friends in the past who visited us bringing their dog from USA (they drove down). They used to visit every year and bring their dog so I imagine it must be pretty easy to do so. You need to contact BAHA for more information
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Muzzaluna replied to the thread Shipping a car to Belize on the Belize forum:
Muzzaluna initially posted:
I have a 93 jeep YJ and keep hearing different things on what it will cost me in taxes. Does anyone know how they determine the duty tax so I can prepare when it arrives in the container
Muzzaluna replied most recently with:
Yeah the link helped me out too. So I have an idea what to expect. Thanks!
jhendric replied most recently with:
I've been wondering much the same about my 05 Dodge P/U (75k milage) Really found the link provided by happyMoon to be very informative. Tks.
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buckiboa replied to the thread Everyday of living in Belize on the Belize forum:
DragonsAngel initially posted:
Through my continuing research on life in Belize I wonder about the experiences that those of you who have made the move have encountered. Any thing that I can learn to make the culture shock less shocking is appreciated! A couple items in particular. Say I set the location as such... Acreage near Hopkins and/or beach front in Placencia. How are the pests really? I know that Mosquitos and sand flies are area and weather/seasonal dependant but what about the scorpions, giant spiders and occurances of bot fly larva? Do you see scorpions and rest around like we in the north see daddy long legs? And, because I am not a fan of most chemicals, is thinking that these and other pests can be controlled with natural remedies unrealistic? I would much rather use lavender, Rosemary and peppermint on myself and plant them all around my house as a deterrent than use chemical powders or sprays! Which leads me to my next thought... Gardening...I read in another post here that gardening may not be as carefree as one may assume due to all the critters that enjoy the 'harvest' before it can be harvested. Assuming we have good soil, good seed and co-operating weather conditions :) is it unrealistic to think that we can have an outdoor garden? Or would it have to be in a greenhouse of sorts to protect the food from being eaten? How often have you encountered snakes, particularly the many poisonous ones? Or the poisonous frogs? Any negative experiences with any particular birds? Monkeys? Crocodiles? Thanks, ~A
buckiboa replied most recently with:
He used one of his large shoes! After it was dead he flushed it down the toliet.
ralphp652 replied most recently with:
Thanks, Did he step on it, hit it with a bat, shoot it or what?
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bobbyveee replied to the thread Gasoline on the Belize forum:
ralphp652 initially posted:
Gas prices in the states have plummeted to 41.76 in San Antonio. Hav e they dropped in Belize, too? What are current prices?
bobbyveee replied most recently with:
It truly doesn't matter much what the price is. You have no options but to buy , something out of every bodies control. Just like people in USA buying gas guzzlers again, there's a warning from Davros today that in a year or two price could well be 200usd / barrel as nobody will still be in shale and OPEC will have oil prices the way they want !!!
DeeDeeC5591 replied most recently with:
In Corozal 3 days ago I bought gas at $7.68 Belize / gal.
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Unique opportunity in April/2015. 2 year old home with private lower level1 bedroom unit furnished including dishes/cookware, appliances, linens, laundry and $105 or $52.50 U.S. internet and cable included at $425.00 U.S. VERY FEW duties for approx. 6 months of the year.
redrocket replied to the thread cash vs credit card on the Belize forum:
redrocket initially posted:
We will be arriving in Belize Feb 1 and using public transportation for the 2 weeks we will be traveling. Your thoughts on using cash vs credit cards. Does the bus system accept credit cards? Also the water taxis? Thank you
redrocket replied most recently with:
Thank you for all of your replies. Very helpful. We will be there in 2 weeks!
Melissajane replied most recently with:
Cash is accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted at hotels, most restaurants and supermarkets and some gift shops, but not all. You will need cash for buses, taxis, fruit and vegetables, fish, lobster. The concept of buses or taxis taking credit cards is at least 10 years away here. Most public transport buses are old Bluebird school buses, and taxis are just regular cars with (maybe) a taxi sign stuck to the window.
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Tim964 replied to the thread Rental car Insurance on the Belize forum:
Badbob39 initially posted:
We will be flying into Cancun in early May, renting a car, and driving to Corozal. We have arraigned for all the insurance at the Cancun airport. Do we need additional insurance in Belize? If so, where do you get it? Thank you Bob
Tim964 replied most recently with:
Yes, the insurance is cheap. Crossing the border is a bit confusing as there are no signs or directions, but people will tell you if you are in the wrong spot - also, there is a lot of new construction, so hopefully things will get better.
Mommy2all6 replied most recently with:
We are currently in Belize with rental car from Cancun. Paid 14.50 us for the week of insurance, actually nine days. We crossed the border with no problems.
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