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bobbyveee replied to the thread So many questions on the Belize forum on July 04, 2015:
Mytimenow initially posted:
Good morning all. Beautiful rainy 4th of July in upstate NY. I will be visiting for the first time next year and attempting to do research now. I would like to potentially move to the Corozol area as an expat in late 2017. I will be coming with a decent nest egg that would allow me to live decently for the first 12 months. I am a single woman who will be 45 at that time. I'm curious about the reality of obtaining work after the first year. I have ten years of managerial experience in a medical setting, but would be willing to do most any work available to live in such a gorgeous setting. Just looking to reach out and hear from anyone with honest input! Thanks.
bobbyveee replied 1 minute ago with:
If you've never visited Belize, you should come visit and see first hand what the country is like. Its very different from the glossy ads on US TV or some of the stuff written in travel mags.
bobbyveee replied 4 minutes ago with:
If you take QRP you have to show income of $24k /annum and show it every yr. And once your in QRP you cant work whatever happens
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4canna replied to the thread Driving from Texas to Belize via Mexico on the Belize forum on July 04, 2015:
Laoniu initially posted:
A Belizean diplomat bought his car while he was US. He planned to drive his car back to Belize in October. I thought of tagging along with him to Belize. My question and his concern: how safe is it driving through Mexico? Any recent traveller done that? What will be the import duty for his vehicle cost (2006 Toyota tacoma) in Belize? Will it safe to drive a nice truck through Mexico? What are the paperwork needed to drive a US registered vehicle back to Belize? Any advices are much appreciated.
4canna replied 5 hours ago with:
This Belizean Diplomat doesn't live in Green Valley does he? I will be driving alone down to Belize August the 1st .
FredAr replied on July 03, 2015 with:
Peter & Margaret: Have you ever driven the 'eastern' (via Victoria City, etc) route to Belize? I wonder how you would compare it to the 'western' route (via Hermosillo, etc) you described.
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jball1244 replied to the thread Bagels and Soft Pretzels on the Belize forum on July 04, 2015:
jball1244 initially posted:
Is anyone selling bagels or soft pretzel in Belize?
jball1244 replied 17 hours ago with:
That's great! Thank you. I also would love to find a good soft pretzel. I'm a Philly boy? Guess I'll have to get them shipped in!
Melissajane replied on July 03, 2015 with:
The Maya Beach Bistro (Placencia peninsula) makes awesome bagels! There are a couple other places here that make them as well.
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johndeverteuil replied to the thread Where to live on the Belize forum on July 04, 2015:
msrmg7 initially posted:
I plan on visiting Belize in the near future and I need input from you all. I will be retiring at the end of 2016. I have a friend from Belize and she suggested that check out Orange Walk, Ladyville and Belmopan. I am a single female and I want to move someplace that has security or a least a safe neighborhood. I don't have to live near the beach.
johndeverteuil replied 12 hours ago with:
I am in a similar boat as yourself except retire this year. My plan is a little simpler, where NOT to live is my goal. Belize has a lot of great locations to settle and only a one or two that I will not even consider. Belize City and Ladyville due to petty crime and I do not like cities. With that being said, I simplified my search. Step 1 Mainland vs Islands. I like the islands because of the location (beach) and I love to fish and scuba dive. The mainland on the other hand provides ease of access to everything and is a lower cost of living. I decided on which one I thought was better for me and have now picked a few locations to live in for 6-12mths each and then I will decide on a final decision, which may of course change once I get there. I may even decide that Belize is not for me, but in my initial research and the fact I have lived there before and travel there continuously I think it will be my choose. I have two other criteria, something to keep me occupied and of course the people but those are not physical more emotional and can be almost anywhere.
bobbyveee replied on July 03, 2015 with:
Agree with Fred, accept Belmopan was created to be the home of all the embassies and the Belizean Gov. Its a pretty boring place
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Melissajane replied to the thread Roll-a-way Beds on the Belize forum on July 03, 2015:
deserrtlover11 initially posted:
I doubt it, but is there any place in Placencia Village you can rent a roll-a-way bed ?
Melissajane replied on July 03, 2015 with:
email me with when/how long and I"ll see if I can find one for you.
FredAr replied on July 03, 2015 with:
desert: we needed two/bought two but didn't stumble on any for rent during our recent search. We got ours for about $300US. There is a cool funky furniture place in Dandriga (just pass the bridge, on the left) where the lady tends to have them all sorts of things. The Belize Classifieds also always list a lot of things, may get lucky.
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tintedrose replied to the thread Teaching jobs in San Ignacio on the Belize forum on July 03, 2015:
tintedrose initially posted:
Hi, My husband and I currently live in Central America, and we are thinking of relocating to Belize to settle down long term. We have visited the country several times and really love it. One concern however is work. I currently work as an English teacher in a bilingual school and haven't been able to find any similar jobs in San Ignacio/Cayo. Can anyone on the ground or who has experience give me some help or tips? Thanks! :)
tintedrose replied on July 02, 2015 with:
Thanks for the advice Kenubelizeit! I'll have a look.
Kenubelizeit replied on July 01, 2015 with:
A good place to start is by looking at the Amandala newspaper classified also every now and then Peace cops requires a teacher in Spanish. Know that teaching jobs are normally reserved for Belizeans and then given to foreigners after the posts have not been filled. You might try a private institution like QCS close toi Belmopan or maybe setting up your own tutoring especially in ESL.
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FredAr replied to the thread Employment, Recruiters etc... on the Belize forum:
philusta initially posted:
Good morning...I'm wondering if anyone has information or knowledge of a/some recruiter (s) that operate in Belize or outside of Belize that could assist with 'tire-kicking' some employment opportunities within the country? I’m interested in seeing what’s out there for a lad such as myself. I've booted around the internet and there isn't much that I've found, I realize that Belize may not possess the scale to justify the existence of recruiters and the like but I thought I'd ask anyways. Thanks for your time and have a great day!
FredAr replied on June 30, 2015 with:
Excellent advice above. Just wanted to add, Belize is a 'developing' country, meaning is not a 'mature' economy, namely not everything is even being done yet or economic needs yet addressed, and if they are is by a few, and if so usually not by people that understand our (western) expectations or 'standards'. The suggestion is, that bringing fresh ideas to Belize and executing them is a winning combination. in a developing country. That is the reason why there are indeed economic opportunities in a developing country, like Belize. Being a self-starter is definitely helpful.
Conmurphy replied on June 30, 2015 with:
If you have a revelant profession or qualification there are employment opportunities in Belize. Working for a Foreign company you might be able to secure a "Western " Wage, but if you are hired by a local company, unless you are a highly qualified consultant, you'll get local pay scales. These can be paid a liveable wage, but if you could generate your own income, online or through entrepenuership you would probably be better off. FYI: There are plenty ex pats who work for Government (CEO of the Ministry of Health is from England), NGO's , and International companies, even local high end resorts as managers. Con
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FredAr replied to the thread planning to spend a year in Belize on the Belize forum:
whpaul initially posted:
After much research, I want to leave the snow behind, pack up my life in Canada and go to Belize. Goal is to become a citizen. I don't qualify for QRP and must work. I know you cannot until you are in Belize for one year. Work exchange for volunteering suites me well. I have registered with a few work exchange programs, and have contacted a private social service agency who I would like to volunteer with them. How do you arrange to get the temporary work permit to do so? Do you do this once you get to Belize, armed with a letter from the organization? Can you set it up before you arrive? Do you need to contact the Belize Consulate in Canada to find out? What was your experience in what to do and what not to do? I want to hear from you! Wendy
FredAr replied on June 30, 2015 with:
The above posts have very good information. Especially being self employed; i.e. working on your own property or business. Also on the subject of having someone 'handle' your paperwork needs or employing a 'facilitator'. Anything in Belize is possible, especially when one approaches anything you want do get done with ingenuity. If I have learned anything in Belize is that nothing is exactly black and white.
Conmurphy replied on June 30, 2015 with:
To get a volunteer work permit you can apply while abroad, but it would be much easier in person. To get a tempriary work permit you would need someone to handle the process for you locally before you came or apply yourself when you get down here. You dont have to wait for 1 year to get a work permit, you can apply anytime, but its not guaranteed you will get one quickly or at all if you have no means or little in the way of qualifications. If you have a means of making money paid in US$, Can $ or any hard currency you will find it alot easier than trying to make a living off a local wage. If you interested in trying to make a living, apply for your work permit as soon as possible upon arriving, Con
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Conmurphy replied to the thread medical healthcare insurnace on the Belize forum:
guyhildebrand initially posted:
What options do we have if: 1--63yr male & 55yr female 2--male is on medicare and she is on BlueSheild California (ObamaCare) 3--we are looking to get QRP visa. Does this provide any medicals benefits? 4--what location is best medical coverage with full-service hospital? Thank you GH
Conmurphy replied on June 30, 2015 with:
Hi, Im not sure if you can get any medicade benefits here in Belize. An international or local health insurance policy might suit your needs. RF&G Life, do medical insurance in Belize, as do Sagicor Belize. QRP doesnt provide any medical benefits, except being allowed to bring down any medical equipment/mobility devices you have with you, The best private hospitals are in Belize City; Belize Healthcare Partners and Belize Medical Associates. If major surgery many people choose to go to Merida, in Mexico, Guatamala City, or back to the US, I hope this helps, Con
bobbyveee replied on June 30, 2015 with:
Only locally bought Med ins. is any good. If your in good health I wouldn't bother. If say you break arm arm you can set it set etc for less than $200bz. The best Med ins . is a plane ticket.
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Conmurphy replied to the thread Cayo district off grid advice? on the Belize forum:
Adrian93 initially posted:
Hi! Im 30 and want to move to the cayo district in belize. I want to live off the grid, and im willing to build my own structures. I have experience in off grid living. Anyone done this? Advice? Anecdotes, etc would be awesome!
Conmurphy replied on June 30, 2015 with:
Social Media is so easily abused, and there are a lot of people talking about Carmelita Gardens who either don’t have the facts, or are intentionally obfuscating them. While being a friend of the Developer I have never worked for Carmelita Gardens. Here are the facts as I know them. The Developer has never built any houses in Carmelita Gardens. He founded a company which built four very high quality homes in Carmelita Gardens and hired managers to run it. Some of these homes had issues with cost and timeline over-runs, but he sucked it up and made it right out of his own pocket, but never was quality of the finished product an issue. Three other houses have been built in Carmelita Gardens, in which the Developer used independent contractors. One by Gutierrez and Associates, owned by the Founding President of the Architects Association of Belize, who did a sterling job until the homeowner requested that the cabinet maker take over. Due to unethical business practices and significant time over-runs that cabinet maker / “builder” is now banned from Carmelita Gardens. One o f the houses completed was built to impeccable standards by Cayo Custom Homes, a company that the Developer founded, vetted the foremen and workers, and then handed over to the current owners, so he would not have a conflict of interest that being involved in both building and developing brought. The owners and crew of Cayo Custom Homes deserve much credit for the well managed cottage they completed. The 3rd / other house completed in Carmelita Gardens was built by Maya Vista Partners. This was the Caims house, which had some issues in its construction. Some of the issue was that the Caims went onto the job site most days and countermanded the directions that had been given by the contractor, changed details without consulting an engineer and then blamed someone else when something went wrong. For example, they paid for B grade panelling inside and out of the house as they were going to paint the entire house, then ordered it varnished inside and complained when the wood filler putty on the B grade lumber showed. Regarding the Crew that is building the Caims new house in Santa Familia. The best of the Developers Crew were retained by Cayo Custom Homes and continue to build in Carmelita Gardens; and the rest went to Linda Hunters New Hope/Artisan Woodworks who is now building for the Caims. To illustrate how cantankerous the Caims are; when it became obvious that they were never going to be satisfied, and were only interested in complaining, the developer arranged for the house to be bought from them in “AS IS” condition, for the money they had into it at the time. They refused, only to sell the cottage to someone else months later for nearly US$20,000 LESS than they had been previously offered, they seem to epitomize biting off their nose to spite their own face. So, when the Developer had sorted out the construction issues in Carmelita Gardens, and arranged for the malcontents to be bought out a 2nd time, to ensure smooth running in the future, the developer brought in 2 great contractors, Cayo Custom Homes, as mentioned earlier, and Better Homes – Belize, which is owned by a builder with experience on 2 continents and he is also the Treasurer of the Rotary Club in San Ignacio. These are facts as I know them, and the only vested interest I have is in telling the truth, when so many people seem to want to spread unfounded gossip. My email address is if anyone wants to speak to me about this or any other matter, Con Murphy
hannakenney replied on June 18, 2015 with:
The good ones never stay and the bad ones are stuck and never leave
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