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ralphp652 posted Hopkins quetions on the Belize forum on May 05, 2015:
Hi, my wife and i just landed in Hopkins. two questions--Is there a protestant church in Hopkins (in English)? Any other members in Hopkins who would be interested in meeting for coffee or a beer?
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philusta replied to the thread Employment, Recruiters etc... on the Belize forum on May 05, 2015:
philusta initially posted:
Good morning...I'm wondering if anyone has information or knowledge of a/some recruiter (s) that operate in Belize or outside of Belize that could assist with 'tire-kicking' some employment opportunities within the country? I’m interested in seeing what’s out there for a lad such as myself. I've booted around the internet and there isn't much that I've found, I realize that Belize may not possess the scale to justify the existence of recruiters and the like but I thought I'd ask anyways. Thanks for your time and have a great day!
philusta replied on May 05, 2015 with:
ya, I sort of figured that. I thought i would do some leg work nonetheless and see what is out there. I love the country and am too young to 'retire' per se so would love to find some work to be able to survive.
bobbyveee replied on May 05, 2015 with:
As an expat you are probably unemployable as all jobs are protected for locals. You need a work permit to work. and unless you start up a Co. and employ locals you are unlikely to get a permit. Only real chance of working is online businesses . Belize is not a place to come looking for work. Sorry to s disappoint , but this applies to many Caribbean countries where unemployment is over 20%
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bobbyveee replied to the thread Cell Phone on the Belize forum on May 05, 2015:
DNR initially posted:
We will be moving to Belize within the next year. I am needing a new phone. Is it better to try and wait until we move and purchase a phone once we get there, or get one here before we leave the US? Is it possible to keep on of our phone under our US plan to be able to call home, and get one phone under a plan in Belize? What do most of you do? Thanks.
bobbyveee replied on May 05, 2015 with:
I bought an unlocked 3G world phone online for $60 in the US , just google unlocked phones . Amazon sells Blu these have slots for two sim cards so you can have your USA one and local card in with two different #'s . Unlocked are now easy and cheap to get in the USA online
Melissajane replied on May 04, 2015 with:
I agree with Bobbyveee - forget about an international plan - use Skype/facetime/similar for international calls and your local chip for Belize calls. The phone you bring down needs to be able to take a SIM card. If you can bring an unlocked phone, great, otherwise get it unlocked here. Lots of plans in the US offer new phones when you upgrade, so if you have an old phone lying around this is probably an unlocked phone and will be fine down here.
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property in BelizeHouse for sale on Sittee River Road. Across the road from River Front and close to Marina and village of Hopkins. One bedroom open plan includes all items in house.
Melissajane replied to the thread Placencia - Expat / Realtor on the Belize forum on April 30, 2015:
larrypbush initially posted:
We are visiting Placencia for the first time mid July and a beginning our 2nd home / possible retirement search...first time to Belize. We (myself and girlfriend - both 61 yr young) are renting a home for a week in Placencia and would love to meet and or talk to someone about the country and Placencia in / expat or both...First time posting and thank y'all in advance for your help... Larry and Karen
Melissajane replied on April 30, 2015 with:
I've lived in Placencia 6 years. I would be happy to give you names of agents to use and not use. I would also be happy to give you my opinion of certain places or areas once you've been here and looked around. Different areas suit different folk. Feel free to call me. 637 1481.
losee1 replied on April 30, 2015 with:
We live here in Placencia year round and would love to show you around and give you a feel of our area. Email us direct with questions etc look forward to meeting you
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ashridgeestate replied to the thread Real estate help! on the Belize forum:
Kcmitch initially posted:
Hi there We are looking at making a purchase in belize in the next year or so. I have been in love with Belize for many years now. I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers. Perhaps fair market value. Where I can find deals. I am looking for the largest tract of raw jungle land I can buy for $50000'or less. What is fair market value? Any pointers or preferable locations. Distance to the coast is not overly important as long as it's reasonably safe yet secluded Any opinions or pointers? Thanks everyone
ashridgeestate replied on April 30, 2015 with:
If you are looking for property in the Cayo district I would suggest you contact Daphine Vega at Diamond Realty who is very familiar with the area!
belizediver replied on April 28, 2015 with:
Hello Kcmitch, I have been living in Northen Belize for 10yrs and have got to know the locals and agents. The agents are in it for the MONEY$$$, most the locals just want a fare price. I am offering a new service to fill in that gap. You can take a look here
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bobbyveee replied to the thread Retired Military on the Belize forum on April 29, 2015:
Takiteasy42 initially posted:
I'm 42 single dad retired military with a 13 year old son. Looking to make a fresh start for us both in Belize. Is living off military pension alone possible (2k a month)? What areas would you recommend? Schools? We would like to be near the water for fishing swimming etc. Any and all information recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
bobbyveee replied on April 29, 2015 with:
Hi, I agree, I think you would enjoy SP and theresva great sailing club for kids. It is more expensive but offers just about everything you want. Contact Coleen at info@bleasemanagement .com and see the largest number of long term rentals on the island. Coleen is very knowledgeable about the island and can answer many questions for you. We have used her exclusively for renting out our beach bungalow. PS I'm ex military to
Mommy2all6 replied on April 28, 2015 with:
Check out San Pedro, on Ambergris .caye, there are decent places you can find for under 2k. Great fishing, snorkeling, beaches, shops and restaurants. A few schools in town and lots of organizations to get involved with. On mainland near San Ignacio, you will not be near the ocean and in more of inland town with farms. If your looking for beach life with extra amenities, San Pedro .. Caye Caulker is more laid back with less shops and population, prices are cheaper....just depends on what type you want. There are three schools on San Pedro.....ACES elementary school, Catholic School downtown, and Oceans Academy...which seems pretty expensive. From what I've seen, it could be a great experience for your son, the schools, the culture and people are very nice. Good luck on your search,
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ezeebe replied to the thread Corozal on the Belize forum on April 28, 2015:
davidjana initially posted:
My initial impression is very favorable but to me this is not "it" - it's kind of a "suburban" feel to me but too sterile. No animals here really and the shallow Chetumal Bay is kind of need like the only pelican I've seen hangs on out the town dock for fish scraps after the market. I'm heading for Caulker for a month in May then onto Dangriga and tentatively to Hopkins or Maya Beach after that but I'm already on Belize Time so anything could happen. I ain't goin back to the states unless someone or something bigger and stronger than I am makes me!
ezeebe replied on April 28, 2015 with:
I disagree with you sir, i don't see it that way i look at what the previous commander did and i we all are looking at the result, and for what????
bobbyveee replied on April 28, 2015 with:
Absolutely Bucki. Politics are the bane of most countries. Some more than others.
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davidjana replied to the thread House Sitter Available on the Belize forum on April 28, 2015:
davidjana initially posted:
In Corozal heading for Caulker for a month in May and have an 8 day house sitting in Dangriga early June but on Belize time and willing to make new plans if necessary at a moments notice LOL in the true Belizean spirit. Have to cover the June 7th through 15th but teamed up with a good friend until middle of July when he heads back so we could split up to cover that and something else if necessary. Boring old guy not into drugs or booze have owned homes all my life and dogs. I am one of those guys who can cook and clean with the best of them and do basic maintenance if necessary, responsible, resourceful, resilient with good judgment. Looking for a place on the water short or long term. David B Sky 651 4898 (Belize number)
davidjana replied on April 28, 2015 with:
I'll take that as a challenge ... No kids or cats, I should add
bobbyveee replied on April 28, 2015 with:
Oh geez, you won't fit in here. LOL Good luck, you could also advertise as a nanny !!!
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property in BelizeThe property is on a hillside with wonderful views to the north of beautiful green palm trees and fruit trees. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with an extra room that can be converted to a 4th bedroom also having a separate entrance.

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