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Everything You Need For The Perfect Christmas In Singapore

By AngryAngMo

Summary: With Christmas fast approaching, blogger AngryAngMo offers last minute advice for where to buy Christmas trees, Stollen, cookie cutters and more.

Living in Singapore - Perfect Christmas

Finally it's "this time" of year and everybody is getting ready for Christmas. Singapore transforms into one big artificial snow dome (minus the snow), and the shopping machinery gets up to full speed.

Some people avoid Orchard road completely during these days, some people avoid Christmas completely these days and some people long for their common home customs, when usually they would go out in the cold, putting lights on the big trees in the snowy garden and having hot chocolate inside, next to the fireplace. (Read: The 5 Best Places To Have A Cold Christmas In Singapore)

Well, I am certainly sorry to say that 90% of what i just mentioned won't be possible here, but there are still things you can get, which will bring you "your" Christmas closer to Singapore then you thought it could be. And since there are only five days left till Christmas eve, hurry up!

Christmas Tree

Certainly the Christmas tree is "the" symbol for the Christmas time, as soon as December arrives they jump out of nowhere and nearly outnumber the palm trees here. But where can I buy one?


  • IKEA
  • Far East Flora / Nurserie shops along Thompson Road
  • Carrefour Suntec City
  • GIANT in IMM
  • Spotlight in Orchard Road
  • Tangs
  • Robinsons
  • Tangs
Turkey / Typical Food

What would a nice Christmas Eve be without a juicy crispy turkey, lots of sweets and stollen? Correct, if you don't want to do without it, here is where you get your delicatessen.


Luckily, turkey is quite famous in Singapore, it's another part of the western culture that got adopted quickly. Therefore its not really difficult to find turkeys of all sizes in Singapore, just check if your freezer is big enough.

  • ColdStorage
  • NTUC/Fair Price
  • Carrefour
  • Swiss Butchery

Once you have the turkey, you also need a big oven and of course all the equipment to prepare your feast, a very good tip is to check out the kitchen stores at Temple Street in Chinatown -- you will find almost everything there you need to prepare the perfect turkey.


The famous German Christmas food, yes you will of course find it in Singapore as well. In fact, Stollen is very famous here and almost all the bakeries offer them around Christmas time.

  • Gourmet Supermarkets, for example "Market Place" at Raffles City
  • Bakery Bread Talk
  • Bakery Cedele
  • Bakery The Patessier
  • Bake It Yourself
  • Phoon Huat
  • Pantry Magic
Decoration / Candles

You will find everything to decorate your home or your tree at the same places you will find your christmas tree, namely the big department stores. However, the insider tip is "Daiso" with their "2$ For 1 Item" concept, you might be able to save a lot of money here, if the items that you are looking for aren't sold out yet.

  • Daiso
  • Spotlight in Orchard Road
  • Tangs
  • Robinsons
  • Tangs
Christmas Cards / Ribbons / Wrappings

It took me ages to find the normal "thin" wrapping ribbon you usually use in Europe to wrap your presents. I found everything and any kind of ribbon sold by the meter... but not these 5m packs you usually buy back "home". Here is where to find them:

  • "Market Place" at Raffles City (next to the Shampoo section)
  • Watsons (only selling it as a pack together with wrapping paper)
  • Christmas Cards - at every mall
  • "Wrapping Paper - again at every mall, but if you want something "different" then my favorites are from "Prints"

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About the Author

AngryAngMo is a german expat, mid twenties, working in finance in Singapore. Enjoying my life abroad and discovering new countries and cultures every month. Check out his blog at angryangmo.com.

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First Published: Dec 21, 2008

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