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Giving Birth in Brazil

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5/25/2012 17:27 EST

Hello Guys,

2 years ago we subscribed to an online newsletter looking for sustainable community. And that brought us here in Chile.
I am a Filipina living in Santiago, Chile for 6 months now. It's been a tough journey to be here in Chile since i hold a Philippine passport. As a Filipina I am obliged to obtain visa to visit countries that belongs to 1st world countries like EU and USA and some countries in South America and it is not easy to obtain. I need to secure alot of papers for proof since it is very rare for Filipino to travel.
Fortunately I can go to Brazil for 90 days without Visa.

Chile is a good country to live and have a family, very safe, almost no crime but very expensive. I would like to have dual citizenship and I can get it here in CHile in 5 years.

We are thinking of having a baby and would like to have dual citizenship so I wont have problems anymore travelling. Last month we received a newsletter from the same guy looking for sustainable community and advise to go to Brazil to give birth. The baby will automatically become brazilian and parents can obtain citizenship after 1 year. How true is this?

We are planning of visiting Brazil this comming August 2012 in the middle of the winter here in Chile. We are interested in Florianopolis and would like to know more about it and we are on IT business like developing software applications and eCommerce.

This are my questions and hope somebody can answer:

1. I would like to know if anyone who have the same experience of giving birth in Brazil both parents are expats.

2. And am I allowed to travel to Brazil as tourist and give birth?

3. Does anyone in this forum experienced living Chile and Brazil? And any difference like attitude in terms of work, people...
Living here for 6 months we know the country pretty much and doesnt like much how the do business and work... For 8 hours work, 4 hours work and 4 hours coffee, smoking and talking/relaxingtime...

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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5/29/2012 14:40 EST

Ysabel, I strong recommend you to do some research about it. Don't believe in what others said Brazil is really hard to get citizenship, besides none of you or your husband are Brazilian.

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5/29/2012 19:09 EST

hi ysabel,

im brazilian and i have just been through the visa the process with my boyfriend for him to get his residency here, i is all good now. ive heard tho, that if both parents are foreigners, but have a kid here, then they become eligible to apply for a visa. you can find the information you need on the Federal Police website, who you will be dealing with to apply for the visa.
it might be difficult, but it is worthwhile.
good luck and welcome here!

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8/4/2012 18:10 EST

If you have a baby in Brazil you can get permanent visa status and papers through the fact you have a baby.

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