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Advice on living and working in Jamaica?

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10/26/2010 17:07 EST

Hi all,
I am brand new here... and need some advice on living, working, and particularly on the safety in Mo bay & Jamaica..?
I work in the gaming industry (Casino's) and I have been offered a job as GM for an electronic casino based in Mo bay..
The casino will not be in some kind of complex catering purely to the tourists… the idea with the business is to attract local people… and will therefore be less protected to the type of clients you may possibly want to attract..
I have been informed by the company that all security problems are in Kingston and I should not be so concerned about Mo bay.. But I am concerned firstly because of the nature of our business and the type of clientele the casino will attract… and secondly, the general safety in living in Mo bay and Jamaica…
I have a family with a baby girl which is a big concern for me..
Can someone please give some comments/advice..
Many thanks

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From: Jamaica
10/26/2010 20:59 EST


There is an really cool retired American guy by the name of John Casey who writes for He lives in Mobay.

Do a search for him, and email him. He is extremely helpful and lives and will share what he knows.He will be honest with you.Contact him ASAP. You should be okay in Mobay, but you will need to learn what is culturally appropriate to work and be happy in Jamaica.
You will need to learn the people and culture and this could take some time.
Not sure where you moved from but Good luck.
Your wife will also need a support system okay.


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10/27/2010 16:16 EST

hi trini,
Thanks for the info... i wrote to John Casey so hopefully he will reply to me soon...
All the best

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