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Advice what to know before moving to JA

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1/6/2014 00:06 EST

Good Evening,

I am planning on moving to JA in April and would like some advice regarding a few areas;
1) Can anyone share with me what is required if I do not have a job at this time but will probably be hired fairly quickly upon my arrival - Work permit. I have a TRN number. is there anything else I should be consider doing or preparing before I leave?
2) if I am shipping belongings to JA from T.O Canada can anyone recommend a shipping company?
3) I and my boyfriend are going to be living either in MOBay or Kingston area based on my work opportunity and we are looking for a safe community such as a gated community can anyone recommend an affordable gated communities in either area?
4) we will also be shopping for a vehicle... any advice?

Thank you

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1/14/2014 21:52 EST

I am so excited for you!
You will need to apply for jobs that no other "Jamaican" can do.
I have duel citizenship, so I can stay as long as I want. Find out how long they will let you stay, while going to the Consulate, (or the one in Canada would be better, trust me) so you can apply for" residency." (Google and read the requirements for residency and a work permit, unless you have it already) Just thinking ahead..... :-

Located in the parking lot of El Greco (a hotel in Mobay), are two different condo units. One is back from the sea, and they are tiny. But, parking is free and they are pretty affordable.
The other place is Mobay Beach Condos, with their entrance being in the same El Greco parking lot. You walk across a cool bridge and there are a lot of floor, plus a great store in the building (with elevators) that is also a cambio. The back way out, brings you to Doctor Cove beach right on the strip. Knowing that, you will have "night noise", but if you buy some cheap waxy earplugs, you can end that problem. There is a a Jamaican guy who lives in NY who rents a one bedroom condo there. Pool, private balcony, small but good kitchen (well equiped) and it is very safe! I am not a fan of MoBay as the people are in a rush, and it is noisy. I rented from him off of flipkey.com. I left other sites for long term renters, below, for you and hubby.

A friend of mine lives in Beverly Hills, Kingston, and even the rich are not immune. Some guys stuck a hose in their house window, and gassed them, and their dog. They robbed them, and they also dropped their cell phone in their driveway, so they got caught. If you are thinking of Kingston, look in "New Kingston". I know of homes for rent across the street from the MAYFAIR HOTEL, which is around the corner from the Canadian Embassy. The street is quiet and residential....and just around the corner, is the city. Alos, check those long term renter links below for Kingston too. You may find a diamond in the rough. just make sure it is a "gated rough".

I am not sure about shipping, but I can ask my friend who her mom used when she moved down (retired) from NY.

About buying a car.....
This is important. I have heard from many, that when you buy a car from a private ower, "some", not all, make a copy of the key, follow you home, and then steal the car back. I am not trying to frighten you....please know this. I want you to be "street smart" on buying ANYTHING. I do not want you to get ripped off is all.
If you go to vrbo, flipkey,com homeaway.com tripadvisor.com, you can rent LONG TERM from private owners .We use it all the time...and it is so much cheaper, more room, privacy and you get the Jamaican vibe. No HOA fees, because you rent, and long term people get the best deals, because they know you are going to pay and not trash the place. "Win-win"...for all.
We rented a 2 bed, 2 bath (both had their own PRIVATE balcony and bathroom) huge closets, POOL, overlooking a million dollar view of Discover Bay, Trewlawny, for $500.00/US a month (wish I could show a o It was spacious and what a breeze and a fantastic kitchen. We lived on the balcony, fell asleep there many nights. Just registed and "save" the ones that interest you. Type in # of bedrooms, baths, price range, area, and see what pops up! GOOD FOR BOTH OF YOU. If you have any other questions, you may feel free to private message me.
One love.....RootsPrincess/Kristine

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1/15/2014 10:17 EST

I would suggest...before/instead of shipping down all your things, get situated first. Otherwise if you don't like where you start, you have to move all your stuff as well as yourselves.

Also, caution against rushing to commit to everything at one time like housing, and a car. (My understanding only not experience) the job could take some time to start because of the work permit, which the employer is involved in the application.

"Safe" is what everyone wants but it comes down to making careful selection of location, choice of 'friends' that you make, where you hang out, how much you talk about your personal business, how you conduct yourself and above-all, being pro-active and responsible for your own safety. Even in a 'gated' community.

RootsPrincess, that is clever info about the private sale car key...

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1/15/2014 13:19 EST

Great advice given by Lori and Roots Princess. Just be cautious and good luck on your move.

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1/15/2014 15:32 EST

I agree on not commiting, but she could start out a month at a time, and then if they do not like it, they can find other spots through ads or referrals. "Greasing" ones palm is very common in Jamaica...the easy way to get things done, seems to always be about money.

I rented a studio in Negril decades ago, for $300.00 a month. Safest yard ever...always someone home, set back from the road, and they had a bunch of dogs.

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1/20/2014 15:58 EST

RootsPrincess & LoriB I want to sincerely take this opportunity to thank you both for your information. Is there anyway we can connect to talk? I would love to speak to you if that is possible.. Please let me know.

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