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FarahL replied to the thread rent in Rabat on low salary on the Morocco forum on December 18, 2014:
RubyCalle initially posted:
I am trying to research if there is such a thing as a one bedroom or studio apartment for rent in a safe area of Rabat. I have been offered 27,000MAD which doesn't seem to be enough to rent a safe and decent apartment. Can any Moroccan give me info on actual rental prices long term (1 year) in Rabat?? many thanks !!
FarahL replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Hi Ruby, Just to give you some context, the annual average salary in Morocco is £1500 A YEAR... Accommodation quality varies dramatically in Morocco - really, unless you have someone you trust who can check it out for you, I would strongly advise that you do not agree to a long term contract/payment regime until you have PERSONALLY viewed the apartment and the area in which it is situated. The other thing that is important to note is that Rabat is a city built on 2 sides of a river - and getting across the river is a nightmare in terms of traffic - so try to ensure that your workplace & living accommodation are both on the same side! Finally, Rabat has some lovely Art Deco areas which are very characterful & where apartment size can be more generous - but sometimes at the expense of up to date plumbing... Good Luck!
kwelbi replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Was that 27,000 MAD for a year?If you were told that figure for a month you really need to wise up quickly.You can look in any estate agent and see the prices quoted to give you an idea where to start.Maybe you could try the expat community where you will not be regarded as an ATM machine apart from a few bad apples.Good luck with your search.
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fouadcouchsurfer posted English speakers living in Marrakech . on the Morocco forum on December 16, 2014:
Hello everyone , Iam a local novice English Teacher from Marrakech , I would like to meet with new friends ``English native speakers `` or ``non natives`` living in my city Marrakech . Thank you .
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MaxiTanger replied to the thread English speaking people living in Tangier on the Morocco forum:
Sideburn35 initially posted:
I would like to have contact with other English speaking people
MaxiTanger replied on December 05, 2014 with:
Hi Sahila, That sounds like a nice idea. maybe sunday afternoon? Where are you from in the Netherlands? :) Cheers, Maxine
sahila replied on December 05, 2014 with:
HI I just moved from the Netherlands and I also am in search of people to hang out with that speak English If you want we can have a drink this weekend cheers Sahila
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sahila replied to the thread Moved to Tanger for work on the Morocco forum:
MaxiTanger initially posted:
I just moved to Tanger 2 months ago. I haven't been out a lot and working most of the time, because I don't really know where to go. :) Somebody looking for coffee in the sun let me know. I'm 33 and like to walk, talk, read and enjoy the good life!
sahila replied on December 05, 2014 with:
HI I also moved to Tangier a month ago and I speak English Im a woman, 37 years old and If you care for a drink, I sure do after a month of only working, feel free to contact me cheers Sahila
hamidou71 replied on September 30, 2014 with:
Hi,it's always good to have feed back from Americans living in morocco as to living in tangier is an exceptional experience ,I'm originally from morocco ,born in casablanca and lived in tangier during my entire high school grades .if you have any questions concerning the city feel free to contact me via e-mail
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AustinTX replied to the thread Moving to Morroco what car cal I easily sell there on the Morocco forum:
AustinTX initially posted:
Hi can someone advice on what car I can buy in USA and take to Morroco, and be able to sell at the end of 3year contract.
AustinTX replied most recently with:
Is the Subaru forrester a popular in Morroco? How about the Honda CR-V? Or the Toyota RAV4? Which one is more popular?
AustinTX replied most recently with:
Thank you, your response has been very helpful. My plan was to buy a new 4x4 SUV. I have not decided on what to buy, but I was considering a Toyota 4Runner (landcruiser Prado), but I am not sure yet. I currently own an Toyota RAV4 2012, that I might be able to sell before heading to Morroco. Thank you for your help, and appreciate any further advice that you can give me.
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natalienew posted Smartphone on the Morocco forum:
Hey, I'm looking for online shop because buy smartphone. what do u recommend?
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kwelbi replied to the thread Buying a second hand motorcycle in Morocco on the Morocco forum:
Sibow initially posted:
Hi I am thinking about flying to Marakesh, buying a motorcycle to ride back to the UK. I'm looking for a little adventure! Could anyone point me in the right direction. I have found lots of scooters for sale but I really want something with a bit more that 50cc. Any help very much appreciated. Plan B would be to ride my current bike to Marakesh and then ship it back home. I haven't got the time to do a return trip. Any contacts in the export business that could handle a motorcycle would be great. Thanks in advance. Si
kwelbi replied most recently with:
Hi,if you were to buy a Moroccan registered motorcycle over 50cc. you would need a residents card to complete the paperwork and you would then need to obtain a Moroccan driving licence.So forget about it.You can bring in your own bike for 6 months per year and use it on your foreign licence.There is a ferry from Sete in the south of France to Nador or Tangier which you could transport your bike down on saving riding across Spain.If you bring your bike don't forget the registration document and appropiate insurance otherwise you will have to buy insurance at the port of entry.
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Karim21 replied to the thread taking money out of morocco on the Morocco forum:
sidimilo initially posted:
does any one know how much money in euros I can take out of morocco at any one time, or where I can get official currency exchange details. I have bank statements with money coming into the country.
Karim21 replied most recently with:
Whatever you do dont exchange money at the airport. Their currency rate is horrible. Compare different rates with different banks.
lahcen12 replied most recently with:
yeah you can if need to come here to morocco i will bring withif u need to get good hotel and it will coust much if you get apartmanet not expansive it will couset you for day 45 eoure for day 24 houres if need to get much u will be find apartmant 35 eoure for day if you get 10 days or 8 you can ansawr me in my email
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glynisr posted Cost of vets on the Morocco forum:
Could anyone advise me what a consultation at a vet could cost me. Thanking you
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Freebird69 replied to the thread marriage on the Morocco forum:
julieabd initially posted:
Hi I am a British women who wants to marry her Moroccan boyfriend of 2 years. Some people say do the fiancée visa route but he thinks its better I go there marry him and get him here on a spousal visa. If anyone could give me info to help I would greatly appreciate. I am newly back to the Uk and buying a house and don't have any friends yet to ask. And I read so much conflicting info I don't know which is the best way to do this. So if anyone who has done this could get back to me with some info. I would appreciate it. Thanks Julie
Freebird69 replied most recently with:
Waiting for this visa is so frustrating... I could just scream!!!! Is anyone else waiting and waiting and waiting?????
Freebird69 replied most recently with:
Hello everyone! I am recently married and I am anxiously awaiting the visa for my husband. It has been 3 weeks so far and i still have not heard anything. How much longer will it take? Thanks!
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