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susu8 posted I miss Casablanca post travel depression on the Morocco forum on August 23, 2015:
I miss Casablanca so much i was just there and im going back in November. I would love to move there but the pay isn't the same as in the U.S i am obsessed with morocco! :(
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RoyalRiad replied to the thread selling used furniture s on the Morocco forum on August 20, 2015:
soni16 initially posted:
2 cot with mattresse with side tables, Italian made sofa/couch..dining table with 4 chairs. 3 box drawer. 3 door stand solid wood.. 1 fridge 1 washing machine,4 burner stove,
RoyalRiad replied on August 20, 2015 with:
Hi , pls email me pics , where are you located? Incl prices thanks
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The apartment is on the 9th floor with 4 rooms’ and a terrace around the entire apartment of 40m2, facing south, with a mountain views.
mw1961 posted Selling Furniture in Marrakech on the Morocco forum:
Hi Everyone, We are now moving back to the UK and are selling all our furniture. We have used our Riad to host students over the summer and so have the following. Bunk Beds x 16 Mattreses x 32 2 Portable Air Conditioning Units (Bought in June 2015 from Marjane) A Fridge (Bought in June 2015 from Marjane) 2 More Fridges x 2 A Washing Machine (Bought in June 2015 from Marjane) 5 Sofa Bases 5 Sofa Beds with removal covers Desk Coffee Table x 2 3 Unit Lockers x 6 Portable Hob with 3 rings 4 Foam mattreses 10 Stalls and Matching Bar Table Portable Oven (Bought in June 2015 from Marjane) Kettle x 2 If you are interested please call me on +447803412033 or All the best, Miles
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Good morning everyone, We are renting our apartment in Tangier, Morocco. You can call us at work at 09576591. Best,
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ngbridge posted English Premier League in Rabat on the Morocco forum:
Hello hoping to watch EPL including Comm Shield this weekend in Rabat. Any advice on where I can for sure watch the game?
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tiffiben replied to the thread Accessing my dead husband's bank account on the Morocco forum:
Littlefairy initially posted:
My husband ( English, as I am ) died in April this year,leaving money in a Foriegner's Bank Account,in Meknes. He did not leave a Will and I do not have Power of Attorney over his financial affairs. I do not know how to gain access to his bank account to withdraw money. Have you or anyone you know been in this situation ?Can anyone help or advise me? I have been in touch with the British Consul in Rabat who cannot help other than to email me a list of Solicitors . I have contacted one of the solicitors on the list - an English speaking solicitor in Tanger. However, her English is not very good ( not good enough I feel to discuss important legal matters ) and, so far, she has not been very helpful. I sent her a list of questions one month ago and have not , as yet,received a reply even though I have sent her reminders that I am still waiting to hear from her and have, indeed, spoken to her on the telephone to remind her !I have also tried emailing other 'English speaking' solicitors in Tanger to ask for their help and have not received a reply. I am frustrated and anxious. Can anyone help me ? Malutka Whiski
tiffiben replied most recently with:
I'm so happy for you that Leyton could help, he's the best in Tangier where all the legal matters are concerned. Please do come over for a drink , I do live in Tangier. Leyton will give you my Phone number. All the very best and good luck. Tiff.
Littlefairy replied most recently with:
Dear tiffiben, Thank you so much for sending me Leyton Williams' telephone number. I spoke to him on the phone, yesterday, and at last I feel that I've made contact with someone who can offer me the help and the information that I need- and that's all thanks to you !!You're a star. I'm hoping to meet up with Leyton as soon as possible after my arrival in Tager on 29th September. Do you also live inTanger ? I'm assuming that you do.Maybe we could all meet up for a coffee and a chat? All the very best, Little Fairy all the very best
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Morocca posted Casablanca on the Morocco forum:
Anyone living in Mohamedia, casa? I will be traveling there and really ned some info Thanks!
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