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glynisr posted Cost of vets on the Morocco forum on October 14, 2014:
Could anyone advise me what a consultation at a vet could cost me. Thanking you
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AustinTX replied to the thread Moving to Morroco what car cal I easily sell there on the Morocco forum:
AustinTX initially posted:
Hi can someone advice on what car I can buy in USA and take to Morroco, and be able to sell at the end of 3year contract.
AustinTX replied on October 12, 2014 with:
Thank you, your response has been very helpful. My plan was to buy a new 4x4 SUV. I have not decided on what to buy, but I was considering a Toyota 4Runner (landcruiser Prado), but I am not sure yet. I currently own an Toyota RAV4 2012, that I might be able to sell before heading to Morroco. Thank you for your help, and appreciate any further advice that you can give me.
FarahL replied on September 30, 2014 with:
Hi There, Are you planning to buy a brand new vehicle? If so, I would ensure first that, whatever warranty comes with the vehicle, will be recognised in Morocco. Most cars in Morocco are European or Far East brands. There are, in essence 2 big markets here; small family saloons & 4x4's which are currently growing in popularity but again are either Asian (eg Nissan Juke; Hyundai) or European (Renault, Range Rover) I have seen very few US brands or models in Morocco - and of course, people would be concerned when buying a second hand car, as to the ease of getting the car repaired & the availability of spare parts.So, I would strongly recommend that you do not buy a US only brand. More positive news is that , because of the prohibitive import duties and strict import criteria, cars really seem to hold their value and are not subject to the same level of rapid depreciation that is seen in Europe, for example, so if you are able to buy your car at a tax free rate, you should do really well for yourself at the end of your contract. If, however, you are planning to buy a second hand car & ship it over, you need to be aware that only cars under 5 years old are permitted to be imported. This is a very strongly policed rule & you will not be able to get around it.
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lahcen12 replied to the thread taking money out of morocco on the Morocco forum:
sidimilo initially posted:
does any one know how much money in euros I can take out of morocco at any one time, or where I can get official currency exchange details. I have bank statements with money coming into the country.
lahcen12 replied on October 09, 2014 with:
yeah you can if need to come here to morocco i will bring withif u need to get good hotel and it will coust much if you get apartmanet not expansive it will couset you for day 45 eoure for day 24 houres if need to get much u will be find apartmant 35 eoure for day if you get 10 days or 8 you can ansawr me in my email
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Freebird69 replied to the thread marriage on the Morocco forum:
julieabd initially posted:
Hi I am a British women who wants to marry her Moroccan boyfriend of 2 years. Some people say do the fiancée visa route but he thinks its better I go there marry him and get him here on a spousal visa. If anyone could give me info to help I would greatly appreciate. I am newly back to the Uk and buying a house and don't have any friends yet to ask. And I read so much conflicting info I don't know which is the best way to do this. So if anyone who has done this could get back to me with some info. I would appreciate it. Thanks Julie
Freebird69 replied on October 07, 2014 with:
Waiting for this visa is so frustrating... I could just scream!!!! Is anyone else waiting and waiting and waiting?????
Freebird69 replied on September 08, 2014 with:
Hello everyone! I am recently married and I am anxiously awaiting the visa for my husband. It has been 3 weeks so far and i still have not heard anything. How much longer will it take? Thanks!
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Aminegn replied to the thread Getting pregnant in Morocco on the Morocco forum:
slmarlow initially posted:
I am an English woman planning to move to Taghazout, near Agadir, for a while to see how things work out with my new Moroccan boyfriend. If things go well we want to have a baby quite quickly and get married, and yes I want to get pregnant as soon as poosible. Does anyone know how this affects getting married? Do you think it would make it easier getting married there or more difficult?! Does anyone know about pre-natal care over there? Any knowledge about being pregnant there, tips about getting married there or being a mixed-race couple would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Sara
Aminegn replied most recently with:
Nothing for , it's my pleasure :) then u should be married here before u move to the UK right ? contact me for more informations .. Facebook :
slmarlow replied most recently with:
Thanks for the tips Aminegn. We may indeed come back to the UK if I manage to get pregnant. And your English is great! : )
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property in MoroccoFully furnished beautiful and modern apartment in the best area of casablanca
I would like to have contact with other English speaking people
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hamidou71 replied to the thread Moved to Tanger for work on the Morocco forum:
MaxiTanger initially posted:
I just moved to Tanger 2 months ago. I haven't been out a lot and working most of the time, because I don't really know where to go. :) Somebody looking for coffee in the sun let me know. I'm 33 and like to walk, talk, read and enjoy the good life!
hamidou71 replied most recently with:
Hi,it's always good to have feed back from Americans living in morocco as to living in tangier is an exceptional experience ,I'm originally from morocco ,born in casablanca and lived in tangier during my entire high school grades .if you have any questions concerning the city feel free to contact me via e-mail
wellwisher replied most recently with:
Hello Mrs Maxi; after I have scrumbled with your announcement I see that you are living in Tangiers and you fancy a possibilty to have tea meeting so as to know more places in Tangier ; this is what I used to do with many expats either in Chefchaouen or Tangiers; by the way I am from Chefchaouen and I am working as a teacher of French for kids in a prived small school there ; and I do live closed to the Airport area if you wish to meet me you may contact me on my phone number 0634571241 or email
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glynisr posted Puppies on the Morocco forum:
Hi anyone. I am looking for a puppy for my son (preferably a little dog). I have been quoted astronomical numbers and am limited with negotiation. Jack Russel is preferred Thanks Glynis
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Peter2014 posted LONG WINTER STAY on the Morocco forum:
I would like to spend the winter months somewhere on the coast in Morocco. Ideally in or close to a beach city, so that there is at least some social activity in the evening. Would Essaouria be a good choice? I would welcome any other coastal cities. My budget is a little limited. It was always fine for the hotels I went to in turkey, but I wonder if Morocco is more expensive? It doesn't have to be a private apartment. A Riadh would be fine.
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