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john321 posted Annulment/Divorce on the Morocco forum on April 16, 2014:
Hi, Anyone know anything regarding divorce/annulment process in Morocco? Thanks
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kwelbi replied to the thread English speaking solicitor on the Morocco forum:
Philanddee initially posted:
Hello all We are purchasing a property near agadir and trying to engage a lawyer to check procedures but more to assist us in several business matters Would anybody have any contacts ? We have emailed several with little response Hope to hear from you all Thank you Phil and dee
kwelbi replied on April 14, 2014 with:
You absolutely must use a Notaire (Notary)for property purchases.Have all documents translated by an official translator and I would advise you to only buy a property that has title(titre).
LACHIR replied on April 04, 2014 with:
Hello I am a busnises lawyer bAsed in agadir. You can join me in 212666448266 Abdelkader
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tiffiben replied to the thread British would-be expat moving to Morocco -- tips on the Morocco forum on April 10, 2014:
VFOP77 initially posted:
Planning to move to Fez, Morocco for five or so months in September. I'm British but black and I've heard a great deal about racism in the country. I've a degree from Oxford and I'm doing a Masters at UCL. I'm also taking French classes and will soon embark on a formal English teaching qualification. I've been told that having French, having a degree from an internationally recognised uni and having a teaching certificate will aid me during my time in Fez. However I'm reading a lot about educated African American women being spat at and called racist names on the street, black women being raped, black women being unable to rent apartments because of their race. I come from England and have almost never experienced racism of any sort. Is moving to Fez a ridiculous idea because I'm black and female and therefore at risk? Or are these exaggerations? Some of the stories were on news outlets so I'm not sure they're exaggerations. I would love some into this based on actual experiences. Thank you.
tiffiben replied on April 10, 2014 with:
Hi there, I lived in Tangier for 8 years and I have known so many foreign teachers and they are all happy in Tangier and they do not speak any french and no racism, So please do not believe all the stories you hear. I wish you all the very best for future.
FarahL replied on April 09, 2014 with:
Hi There, I agree with Berber; I don't know where you are reading this stuff. In Marrakech, where I live, there are a very significant number of West Africans, both men & women studying at the University - where apparently they enjoy the same free tuition offered to Moroccans. I have never seen any evidence of overt prejudice at all - but I don't see any evidence of the different races mixing as they would in England either. You mention reading about the experiences of African American women - but I have to say, I live in the Marrakech Medina & have hardly ever even seen any African American women around, Indeed Americans per se are not here in significant numbers. This is not a violent culture; it has the lowest crime rate in Africa & generally my experience as a woman living here is that people deal with others politely & with respect. This is not to say that woman generally are necessarily treated as equals; this is a male dominated culture & the bulk of married women do not have jobs outside the home. If you have any lingering doubts, why not just fly in to Casablanca for a long weekend & visit Fez while you are there? A less threatening atmosphere would be hard to find in my experience - good luck.
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ATL posted Hyundai ATOZ for sale on the Morocco forum on April 10, 2014:
Black Hyundai Atoz 2000 for sale. Runs great not mechanical problems. Asking Price 20.000 DHS OBO. 0611341305
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FarahL replied to the thread How much cash I need to bring? on the Morocco forum:
Tindy initially posted:
I'm planning to go visit my friend in Moroco, and I don't know how much money I need to bring so I can buy gifts and food over there. Also I need to know what kind of souvenirs I need to bring for my friend in Moroco. Help please. Thank you.
FarahL replied on April 10, 2014 with:
Hi There There are ATM'S all over Morocco, so there is really no need to bring cash into the country with you. Normally the maximum withdrawal rate is 2000 dhms a day, but if you go inside the bank you can get more. It is certainly true to say that it is a cash economy here & only the largest shops & hypermarkets accept credit cards, so once here, you will need to carry cash. As far as gifts to bring in, it is a good idea to bring things that can be shared & enjoyed by the whole family - like chocolates!
elliso replied on April 01, 2014 with:
Hi Tindy, How are you doing? by the way where are you from? regarding your question it s depend how long U Will stay and where ? You better get 1000USD and Your credit card in case you needed more :-) Kind of Souvenirs U Could bring :-) 1- an iphone 2- watch 3- something unfound in morocco 4- a gun :-) 5- roses 6- Whatever what matter is the gift itself that is it
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farahhnuff replied to the thread wanted: Writers in and about Morocco on the Morocco forum:
elkadori initially posted:
Hi all, We are currently looking for members to join our online project The website will be launched soon and we are looking for Expats' contributions. Share your stories and impressions on our website and build yourself and audience. for more information on how to join inbox me at:
farahhnuff replied on April 09, 2014 with:
Hi! My name is Farah, I'm a Moroccan American who just moved to Rabat... I stumbled across the expat exchange and not only am I a write but I've been writing about my whole experience! Let me know if you'd like to use it!
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FarahL replied to the thread car/truck on the Morocco forum:
ahausman initially posted:
want to drive a vehicle down from france that will be a good surf car that mechanics fix easily and with plentiful parts - any ideas?
FarahL replied most recently with:
Hi There, Ok Just to confirm NO-ONE , foreigner or Moroccan resident is permitted to import permanently a car more than 5 years old. (The only exceptions are Moroccans coming home to retire). Very few Moroccans pay any income tax and so import duties are an important way for the Government to raise revenue. What this means, as far as cars are concerned, is that you can expect to pay up to 100% of the car's current value as import duty (so you will need good paperwork which proves what you paid for the car, together with all of its original registration documents). The effect of such a huge charge also means that cars in Morocco are very expensive items - ones that you & I would think were heading for the scrapheap - with dents & scratches & dating back to before 2000, can still command a price of say 4000 Euros. Take a look at the Moroccan equivalent of Ebay; Bikhir , to see what I mean. Morocco has, however, recently begun assembling some "Duster" marque cars, which presumably will not be subject to import duty; but this is only n option if you can afford a brand new car... A couple of other things: no European car insurance policy is likely to cover you to drive into Morocco (in small print North Africa is almost always excluded). The result is that at Tangier port, you will see small booths which will sell you a short term policy just to get you started. You will certainly need this right away, as there are routinely police checks outside major towns & you must carry with you all of the car's legal papers, your driving license, car insurance & passport. Border police in Tangier port will also expect to examine your car & its contents - and you may need to pay import duty on the contents too, if things appear to be new. The car will ultimately need to be re-registered in Morocco. I have also read that if you live permanently in Morocco for more than a year, you are obliged to take a Moroccan driving test -but I have no direct experience of this! If you decide to bring in a car more than 5 years old, you can only keep it in Morocco for 6 months out of every calendar year. Each time you leave the country during this 6 months, you must either leave in the car or surrender the car, its keys & its papers to customs officials at the airport, until you return. The fact that you have entered the country in a car will be on your passport record, so officials will know & stop you leaving by air if your car has not been surrendered - I missed a flight on these grounds before I discovered this rule. (NB there is an option on the Moroccan Customs website to choose either a french or english version- but when you choose the english version, nothing happens & you just get the french version anyway! You will also absolutely not be able to sell, or even give, such a car to a Moroccan as they are subject to the same rules as you. You would not even be able to scrap the car as this requires paperwork too! The only exception on the import duty front are Moroccans who work permanently abroad. They may, once every five years, import a brand new car without paying duty - which, of course, gives them a nice windfall when they sell it. I think this answer covers most things you need to know. Good Luck!
ahausman replied most recently with:
Hey, thanks for reply FarahL: I am coming permanently(or for at least a couple years). I had not heard that bit about importing a car more than five years, but was expecting an import duty for sure. There's more?
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Teacher22 replied to the thread need house on the Morocco forum:
ahausman initially posted:
need place top stay June, July and August in Essaouira
Teacher22 replied most recently with:
Hi, well it depends on whether you have a car, whether you need a furnished place or not, whether you want to be in Essaouira itself, or whether you prefer somewhere further away, have transport and don't need furnishing the place:)
ahausman replied most recently with:
I think that is what I want. Any ideas? (I'm a teacher too.)
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ahausman replied to the thread dudes on the Morocco forum:
ahausman initially posted:
where is best surf in june?
ahausman replied most recently with:
hey thanks, how about the best surf shop in Casablanca (best board selection)?
berber replied most recently with:
Hi, Sidi kaouki is the best place for surf during summer
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Umayouy posted Dinning Room for sale on the Morocco forum:
I'm selling brand new dinning room, it has oval table, 8 chairs, buffet and mirror If you are interested , email me so I can send you the pictures. Thanks
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