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property in MoroccoFor long term rental a fully furnished apartment, of 108 m² of surface, 2 bedrooms, 1 guest room, a large living room tastefully decorated, a bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen.
tiffiben replied to the thread pet supplies on the Morocco forum:
jehardin initially posted:
I am moving to Casablanca to work at GWA at the end of July, and am wondering about availability of pet supplies. I have a small dog that will be coming with me. She needs puppy pads, bones, chew toys, and I will need to purchase a crate for her once I get there in order to avoid having to bring mine over. Where can I buy these things in Casablanca?
tiffiben replied most recently with:
In a supper market !
tiffiben replied most recently with:
In a supper market !
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FarahL replied to the thread Opening a bar in Marrakech on the Morocco forum:
Tcblu initially posted:
Hello, We are two English women looking to open a bar in 2016 in Marrakech. Does anyone know here to start? Have any advice or tips? We have both lived here for the last 3 months, and have fallen in love! Does anyone know how to go about this? Thanks!!
FarahL replied most recently with:
Hi There, If you have lived in Marrakech for 3 months, then I hope you already are aware that, strictly speaking, the Medina is an alcohol free zone, with just a few restaurants & hotels serving alcohol, so you will have to look at Gueliz or The Palmerie for your venture- and that will be expensive. The most important thing for you to do as early as possible is to find either a Moroccan business partner or a Moroccan 'fixer' in whom you can place your trust. There is absolutely no way two foreign women are going to achieve anything at all without one. 'Contacts' and awareness of how things really get done are essential here. You will also need legal advice right from the start. Also, do either of you speak fluent French or Arabic? You will get nowhere without at least one of these two- and preferably both as most legal documents are normally in arabic & commercial matters are carried out in french. I am , however, wondering as to your motivation for wanting to undertake such a project in Morocco. In a country which holds its muslim values very dear, I can only believe that the amount of bureaucracy involved in achieving your objective will be fearsome & may take some years - not to mention very considerable costs. Also, do either of you already have permanent rights of residency? Criteria for obtaining these are very limited and do not include starting up a business. Finally Marrakech may appear to be a 'free & easy' city - but this is only superficially true. If anything, it is far more conservative than either Rabat or Casablanca.
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elliso replied to the thread transfère money on the Morocco forum:
sahila initially posted:
I amwith IBMC bank in Morocco and they say it is impossible totransfer money from a moroccan bank accountnumber to a foreign bank account number,I find that very strange, does any one have any tips how I can transfère money. please send me a pm
elliso replied most recently with:
How much would you send? maybe i can have you as i have FRENCH Bank account with EURO Currency. email me in private or give me direct call to discuss it best regardes ciao
sahila replied most recently with:
hi, thank you for y
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elliso posted Job Offer on the Morocco forum:
i am looking for guys that speaks very well german and also very talented at advertising through Social media, if you speaks german and have afew facebook profile and twitter and others account which can drive traffic from germany, welcome to do star the work, i pay monthly as it s depend on your performance i will test you one day if you make it good, i will hire you if not good luck am willing to teach someone who worth this job. my ad is clair, if you are not really good at advertising, please do not contact me as i wouldn t waste my time with U.
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FarahL replied to the thread apartment hunting Rabat on the Morocco forum:
RubyCalle initially posted:
any expats in Rabat that would share insights into finding affordable and safe housing for single, mature woman who is coming to teach English? many thanks !!!
FarahL replied most recently with:
Hi Kwelbi, Thank you for this & sorry if I misled anybody - but I have a house in Marrakech & have never been asked to pay a property tax! I only recently had full title confirmed: should I now begin worrying about this please? Re sales tax, I have never seen this identified anywhere on bills, receipts etc: so are all advertised prices tax included?
kwelbi replied most recently with:
Hi Farah,just like to point out that there are property and sales taxes in Morocco.Property taxes are levied by each municipality and can vary somewhat.25% of rental value for a primary propery,10% for a secondary property, with properties outside the urban area around 6%.Sales tax is called TVA and levied at 7%,14% or 20% with some basic items zero rated.Hope this info is useful to you ,regards.
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fouadcouchsurfer replied to the thread English speakers living in Marrakech . on the Morocco forum:
fouadcouchsurfer initially posted:
Hello everyone , Iam a local novice English Teacher from Marrakech , I would like to meet with new friends ``English native speakers `` or ``non natives`` living in my city Marrakech . Thank you .
fouadcouchsurfer replied most recently with:
The area that you stay in depends on what you prefer and nowadays there are no bad areas Marrakech all Marrakech is safe. some people like to stay in the medina so that they are in amongst all of the action they can walk from their home to the must-see places in Marrakech. Other people prefer to stay in Gueliz where they can escape from the noise of medina other people prefer to live in or near rural areas or countrysides , the prices of housing in old medina are less tham Gueliz. you really just have to decide what is best for you.
berber replied most recently with:
Hi, Marrakech is very nice and peaceful city, I would suggest to avoid the busy a areas like, bab doukala,massira, daoudiate, try to search in private residence it 's more secure, try casablanca route or targa area close to to gueliz. If you need more information or help, contact me via my private email or send me message via berber. Good luck
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moroccanmanonline replied to the thread removal sheffield to Tanger on the Morocco forum:
ecosalin initially posted:
I am moving to Morocco in early April from Sheffield, What is the most cheapest efficient and reliable way to transport a van load of household goods and furniture?
moroccanmanonline replied most recently with:
Whatever you do, do not use HUNTS INTERNATIONAL. Have not a clue about Moroccan Customs procedures. Cost me 12,000dh to clear my household goods Did not know that customs requires everything in FRENCH.
kwelbi replied most recently with:
Hi,if you have a van then you can drive it down yourself.Could be a problem with customs depending on how much stuff you have.If you have a big amount of valuable stuff better to get it shipped using a transport company with a manifest for the customs.There are a lot of Moroccan minibuses and vans going back and forth to Morocco with passengers and goods who operate in the "grey' zone.If you make some enquiries with the Moroccan community in Sheffield somebody should be able to point you in the right direction.Caveat emptor.Good luck and be super careful who you deal with.
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Bought two apartments at Residence Porte d'Afrique in November 2014. If you are considering Residence Porte d'Afrique and need any information I am very willing to part with my experience to help. PM me here and I will reply.
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