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pistachio posted Rentista Carnet and The Right To Work on the Peru forum on September 01, 2014:
Greetings........ I have been here in Peru two years and have the Carnet as a Rentista. On the Carnet is says does not have the right to work. Does anyone know how I can officially get ' the right to work ' Or.. is it even possible to obtain the right to work with a Rentista Carnet .......... thanks pistachio
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pistachio replied to the thread Peru rental in February March on the Peru forum on September 01, 2014:
panamajames initially posted:
There are 2 expat retired couples looking for accommodation for a month or so, March or April. If you have an apartment rental, or a 2 bedroom house in a nice area, let us know. You can e-mail me at
pistachio replied 8 hours ago with:
?what? is the website for ' Living In Peru' thanks......... pistachio
Alpineprince replied 10 hours ago with:
You could always subscribe to expat peru or read living in peru the two most popular websites.
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HerroyaM posted Looking for an apartment on the Peru forum on August 30, 2014:
I am going to be relocating to Lima within the year. I would like to get an idea of nice, safe, family friendly areas to live. Is it possible to find a 1-2 bedroom apartment/ house to rent for$300? If so, what area's should I be looking in? What is the best way to find affordable rentals? I have a BA in business and would like to teach English, is this hard to do without speaking Spanish? I've just started my search please help!
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Murdena replied to the thread Advice for solo expat on the Peru forum:
Murdena initially posted:
Hi, I live alone in Canada, and cannot stay another winter. I am 57, and am on a fixed income. I really want to explore and live,learn cultures and perhaps never see snow again!! lol So this is a new adventure for me, I have not really traveled that much before and never for about 5 months which is what I plan. Dec./Jan to mid/end of April. I was told a bit by email of a friend who spent time in Guatamala in the 90's. Sounds very interesting, so I did a bunch of research on the area. Thought I may be interested in places around the lake as opposed to Panajachel?! Santa Cruz, San Pedro, j...can't think of the name right now. Anyway, it all sounds very interesting and intriguing, however I really am a beach, salt water person but not fond of humidity. My top priorities are safety, affordable, coastal..ish, and culture.That being said, I have been looking @ Panama, Belize, Nicaragua(?), and Guatamala, Atitalan area, which is not I'm just researching these and am not sure of affordability at this time. Sooo I am opened to advice, suggestions, and any information I can gather. Peru has also been suggested and also is very appealing. I have not researched it as of yet, been busy with the other possibilities. And to be very honest, I am a tad overwhelmed, to say the least!! I would be very interested to hear about anyones experiences, locations, thoughts, interpretations, and advice. I will leave this with you, and hope to hear from you at your convenience. Thanks, Murdena
Murdena replied on August 18, 2014 with:
Thanks again Pistachio, you are a wealth of information and so very kind to share!!! It was suggested to me to go to you tube and plug in the area you are interested in, so that is what I shall do. Cheers, Murdena
pistachio replied on August 16, 2014 with:
Greetings Murda.... I live in Trujillo which is about 600 km north of Lima - about 9 hours by bus and 1 hour by air.... Remember - here below the equator the seasons reverse so Dec 21 to Mar 21 it is Summer..... Both Lima and Trujillo are on the coast ..... the coast here is desert but in populated urban areas it is green... but out of town it gets desert pretty fast.... Up in the Andes it is a totally different climate and world,,, Cusco was the Washington DC of the Inca empire - Trujillo was the HQ for the Moche and the Chimu and the Mochica..... so there was mountain people and coastal people... not to mention the Amazon,, the Jungle, the Rainforest,,,, call it what you want,, but it is Tropical... ok,, here on the coast,, it is odd because it is desert but also humid... but it never rains... to even see drops of rain is very unusual. In Summer here and I think everywhere it is hot... the winters are always mild - never a freeze,,,,cooler in the morning and in the day usually the Sun makes it comfortable... Lima is Gray in the winter but the more north you go,, winter gets sunnier...... Although many things are progressing rapidly here,, generally much of the style here is like the States... in the sixties... Peru is pretty beat up when you get out of the urban areas,, so,, to even represent at all what you are used to in Auuuu Cannnnnnadaaa..... or the States you gotta stay in or near the cities..... There is a good and I mean very good place here near Trujillo and it is Huanchaco...... you would probably think it good also... I think your travel adventure should include Lima,,,, Cusco and Macchu Picchu..... Juarez,, Trujillo and Huanchaco..... of course - this is simply my opinion..... Tours here are good and you could get guides who speak English...... and learn a lot..... Travel by bus is typical but to get from Lima to Cusco,, you have to fly..... I think too there is a railroad trip out of Lima towards Puno.... with a city stop on the way,,,, not sure,, this is something I have not yet done.... You can save the Amazon excursion for another trip.. I do not think you would live there anyway so that would be just to have you know more about the diversity here in Peru..... well..... if you befriend a Peruvian somehow and tag along with someone on your trip it would be beneficial - getting away from the touristy stuff to more native things as it would be if you lived here...... Peruvians like Gringo and Gringa so you will find folks friendly and helpful...... alrighTy thennnnnnnn...... good to talk with you once again... pistachio
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pistachio replied to the thread Po Box for VA pension on the Peru forum:
avillamarcav1 initially posted:
Hi i am a retired veteran living in peru. In other countries i needed a po box in miami to be able to receive my aVa mail and switch my pension to a local bank. Is it the same for Peru? If so , does anyone know what pobox should i use. Av
pistachio replied most recently with:
avila..... I live in Trujillo, Peru and until I obtained the Carnet de Extranjeria it was impossible to bank here. The Carnet is granted and establishes Residency here in Peru. Residency or the Carnet is a available readily but the process is very bureaucratic and confusing - taking about 3 months. ok,,,,, now regarding your VA pension......... I have experience only with SS but I imagine the process will be similar. The US Embassy in Lima near Polo st. in I think the Surco District has a relationship with INTERBANK. When you are able with the Carnet to open an Account,, I know that SS monthly checks can be transferred directly to the bank, automatically month after month. A visit to the Embassy will help but good to know is that you cannot just show up at the embassy. You need to go online and make an appointment to gain entrance. My experience with these automatic transfers is that it works flawlessly...... pistachio
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Lee offers ten tips for people contemplating a move to Central or South America. (Continue)
biscaynebay replied most recently with:
excellent advice,!
musicman1955 replied recently with:
Thanks, this is great information and it is what other expats have told me as well. Live with the locals! Jim Sault Vermonter
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pistachio replied to the thread Fishing village close to International Airport on the Peru forum:
dwade initially posted:
Fishing village close to International Airport Hi all, I’m looking to semi-retire and would like to to find a place close to a fishing village and reasonably close to an international airport. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks, David
pistachio replied most recently with:
Huanchaco, Peru.......... just outside of Trujillo........ pistachio
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I am interested in volunteering in Peru with the Peace Corps. Has anyone been involved with Peace Corps in Peru? How about Macedonia?
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thebackdoctor posted Chiropractic in Peru? on the Peru forum:
I am a semi- retured chiropractor living in Costa Rica I have been considering a change and recently heard a little about Peru. At this time I am trying to get a feel for how accepted chiropractic is in Peru. Does anyone have any info on this? Is chiro legal there? How many chiros are there? Any contact info for chiros currently living there? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dr. Gary
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