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pistachio replied to the thread import tax on the Peru forum:
scraggyjim initially posted:
I'm planning on moving to peru to start work in the jungle. i have a decent job to walk into but the the thing is i want to import a flying inflatable boat to get me around the place...the value of the boat is around £17,000 english pounds. I've been reading a lot of horror story's about peruvian customs...all of them conflicting! i was wondering if anyone knows what will happen if i import this boat and how much paperwork and import tax, if any, that i will be expected to pay? any help on this would be much appreciated...thanks in advance.
pistachio replied on August 29, 2015 with:
ok,, so you shipped your boat and it is going to be at Callao / really the port of Lima where shipped items go through the Customs Process. I do not know what you declared the value of your boat. There will be an inspection of the vehicle. They will place a value on your boat and on that value you will pay a duty. I heard it is about 15% of the final value amount. You can disagree and fight it out with customs always with the option to send it back to origin and pay nothing. If you dispute the amount there is a process the details of which I do not know. If you leave it in Customs too long there are fees. At some point if you just leave it then it is claimed by the government after a lengthy process of notification at the address you gave in Peru. I do not think you on your own could battle with Customs. You can hire an advocate who will intervene and make arguments for you to customs. This is no guarantee of an outcome that makes you happy. It could also be that there is a difference in the intention. It may be considered quite differently where the boat is for commercial purposes as opposed for purely personal purposes. You need to be careful because you do not have the Right To Work. I think if at first attempt you get static that you hire and advocate. OR Get and advocate right outta the gate.
scraggyjim replied on August 29, 2015 with:
Hi, I am having an inflatable flying boat arrive in Lima early next month, I don't have a ruc number or know anything about a carnet...I'm an English citizen who was offered an amazing opportunity to work in this amazing country however I needed to prove my idea to do Amazon sky safaris would work before being offered a job... What are my options for getting his not through customs? Any help is much it arrives in approx 2 weeks.. Muchos gracias!
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pistachio replied to the thread US Ramps Up Military Presence in Latin America on the Peru forum on August 28, 2015:
nickspm initially posted:
US Ramps Up Military Presence in Latin America Demonstrators protested the government’s decision to allow the US to send 3,200 soldiers armed with weapons, ships, and planes to Peru, whose arrival is expected September 1, Prensa Latina news agency reported. Read more: Read more:
pistachio replied on August 28, 2015 with:
Yes, and I heard there were Significant Protests. I fail to understand why such protest. What is the explanation? pistachio
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Georg replied to the thread Supplements, Vitamins, etc. on the Peru forum:
Georg initially posted:
I caught a posting in Ecuador forum that Customs was going to send back an immigrant's supplements because they weighed more than 4 kilos. Has anyone found a similar problem with either initially bringing supplements in to Peru or ordering, say from Swanson or Puritan's Pride while there. I had called both companies and they reported that they both ship to Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Columbia, etc., so expats have been receiving this. Perhaps governments are just tightening controls on what is brought in initially?
Georg replied on August 20, 2015 with:
i vaguely recall a place called, I think, FASA, a pharmacy, that seemed to have GNC stuff on the shelf, and it was about 40% above US prices.
pistachio replied on August 20, 2015 with:
That is a tough one,, you lost your shipping and probably had to pay shipping for the return... and it is not inexpensive. I can't say what the hangup with Vitamins & Supplements is. On a trip to Peru Twice I got the Red light at entry so they open your luggage. Seeing my Vitamins the told me that this was now allowed. I told them that they were for Personal Use and I got through. I think possibly they do not want to pass items through that could be for Resale - but I am not sure about this.
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laelhitz replied to the thread Boat Jobs in Peru? on the Peru forum:
krubistuben initially posted:
My boyfriend and I have recently been talking about moving to Peru for a year. I could teach English, but he's currently in the USCG and was hoping to get a job down there working on boats, since it's what he's been doing for the last few years. We've done some research, but we're having a hard time finding anything. What would be the chances of him being able to get a job on a boat or at a dock in Peru (preferably with some people who speak English)? I know Lima is near a pretty big port, but do you think there would be a company down there that would hire an American? Anything pointing us in the right direction would be helpful. Thank you!
laelhitz replied most recently with:
Just to concur with the previous reply; I have looked for charter fishing boats / deep sea fishing tours and haven't found much at all. It seems like that would be really popular if you could set one up, but I know nothing of what permits and such would be needed. I was especially looking at southern Peru Arequipa/Camana area. There are whale watching boats up north by Mancora, and the port of Paita is growing and active also, just FYI.
pistachio replied most recently with:
To work in Peru or to be hired for a formal position here you have to either be sponsored by an employer or you have to have - the right to work. If you come on a Visa to stay in Peru you will get 90 days upon entry and sometimes more if you request it at entry. You can renew this Visa by leaving and returning Peru to any other country / this will extend your visa. You can do this time and time again / cross a border and return and cross a border and return. You can do this indefinitely. On a tourist visa though there are many things you cannot do here and one very Important thing that you cannot do is BANKING. You cannot open a bank account making life a little difficult. A step up in staying here is to get the Carnet de Extraneria.... and there are many grounds for which you can apply. It can take up to 4 months with a lot of running around but it is available if you can qualify. With the Carnet you are a legal resident, can bank, get a drivers license and so on.[ You can't vote ] ok,,,, I can't say much about docks or ports / there are two I know... near Lima in Callao there is a commercial port and north near Trujillo in I think Salaverry is another. Big on oversea cargo, import and export. I have never seen a Charter type fishing boat here like in the states / and I live at the beach in Huanchaco just outside of Trujillo. Fishing here is the same locally as it was 500 years ago.... I know your trying to plan but really,, would be good for you to make a trip and explore to learn more how to plan your move. Look up TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language because it is typical to have TEFL certification if you plan to get a position teaching English.... Don't get discouraged just get active and participate in the process... it will work out. pistachio
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laelhitz replied to the thread Amazing dog seeking expat family home! on the Peru forum:
ChanchamayoALI initially posted:
Hello. I am British and currently living in Chanchamayo, Peru with my Peruvian partner. We rescued a dog 8 months ago - she was abandoned in the countryside with her two puppies. We re-homed the puppies and continued to care for Negra (the mother). She is a small, black, short-haired dog with an amazing temperament, superb with children and just the most loving little thing. We live in a small apartment and may be considering heading to the UK so I am reluctantly seeking a home for her. Whilst some people here have expressed interest, Negra is used to a more European standard of care!! (lots of walks, lots of love, being allowed in the house, cuddles, good food etc) and I can't bear for her not to continue to have this. She would be the most loyal pet ever, is quiet, relaxed and a joy to be around. She has recently been sterilised and had a full health check. I love her dearly and although it would be hard to give her away, I would feel happy knowing she was going to a good home. I have lots of lovely photos of her. Please let me know if you would be interested. With many thanks. Alison
laelhitz replied most recently with:
Alison, I haven't talked to my wife about this yet, but she might be able to take your dog starting in August. We live in Oxapampa, up the valley, but I am in the US right now and will be there in August.
ChanchamayoALI replied most recently with:
Hi, yes, I have thought about it but because our plans are all over the place at the moment, I would rather see her settled and not put her through the stress of an international journey when I may not actually be able to have her in the UK. I'm just looking at options at the moment. There may be someone who is looking for a lovely dog and Negra may be that dog! We had never planned to have a dog but I couldn't bear to see her left so we made a decision to rescue her and reh-ome her but it hasn't been the easiest task and she has become rather attached to us (but also, she has stayed with our friends and easily settles with others so I know she would be happy with someone else too). Do keep me posted if you know of someone! Thanks for your speedy reply by the way.
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pistachio replied to the thread 220V vs 110V on the Peru forum:
CoogKelly initially posted:
Re the 220V / 50 hz in Peru... If I were to invest in solar PV and battery storage, I believe that the inverter can invert the DCV to 110 and 220V. I had my old clunker laptop with me on my Ecuador and Peru tour last year. The battery for the laptop lasted 20-30 minutes so I had it plugged in at the Tarapoto hotel and hostal. I had no issues Will I be able to chip my Samsung Galaxy Note with Moviestar? Will I have to buy a new charger for Samsung 220 V? Will my DCV battery charger power up my AAA re-chargables? My foremost reason to submit to the dumb phone was for the Spanish translator app. Collin in CA
pistachio replied most recently with:
If I were to invest in solar PV and battery storage, I believe that the inverter can invert the DCV to 110 and 220V. Even if this could work it would be highly impractical..... Especially if you were to try to do this on a large scale. ------------- I had my old clunker laptop with me on my Ecuador and Peru tour last year. The battery for the laptop lasted 20-30 minutes so I had it plugged in at the Tarapoto hotel and hostal. I had no issues Any electrical device will show it voltage requirement near the place where the cord connects to the device or on the plug end, in the case of transformer [ chargers ]. Most Laptop's cords automatically adapt and can use 110 or 220. ------------ Will I be able to chip my Samsung Galaxy Note with Moviestar? There are two main and one third networks here. Claro, Movistar and Entel.... Each has there own network. If your Samsung is Unlockable and had a Sim Card that you can remove and replace then I think it will work. There may be a problem with voice mail messaging but you would have phone functionality. In any case, you can on contract get a phone for a fair price OR simply buy a phone on sale here and hook it up. You can go contract or go ' pre paid ' where you buy credits and then can recharge in many places. Remember, you need phone credits and data credits for a smart phone for internet. Really, easier to go with a contract with a local network here. ------------- Will my DCV battery charger power up my AAA re-chargables? .... Only if the charger is capable of using the 220v here. If so,, then it will work. But,, for instance.... you can get a box of 24 AA alkalines at Radio Shack for about s/.25.00 or $8. AAA I don't know but somewhere in that price neighborhood. ------------- My foremost reason to submit to the dumb phone was for the Spanish translator app. Yeah, I understand but know that there are Translator apps available here for smart phones for free in the phone's app store / you just download ... but you have to have a data connection to use. Do not get confused with adaptors or converters. Converters change the Voltage. ok,, fine. Adaptors just adapt the connector to the wall outlet... so it will fit in to the plug. There are a few kinds here even thought the wall is putting out 220v there is | | and | - and o o
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Alpineprince replied to the thread Where to watch Blackhawks final game in Lima? on the Peru forum:
Claudiaperuanita initially posted:
Does anyone know a bar that shows American games in Lima?
Alpineprince replied most recently with:
The Corner Bar in Miraflores.
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pistachio replied to the thread Sea container to get my household into Callao/Lima on the Peru forum:
CoogKelly initially posted:
I hope to have my home sold in July/15 and ship my stuff via sea container from Vancouver CA to Lima PE. Am I jumping the gun by thinking that I can import my stuff before I have a peruano cedulla in my hands? I am on a tight budget at 60 YRS and cannot afford to travel several times between CA and PE. I paid a visit to the consular office in Ottawa this week but mostly asked about the possibility of obtaining residency paperwork and submitting these upon arrival in Lima.... Who has recently been through this application and household importation process??
pistachio replied most recently with:
Ecuador Dean............ hi........ you know,,, that is another good way to think about it.. a fresh start / Tabula Rasa! When I was preparing and planning my move from the States to here in Peru I asked a fellow who had moved here from Venezuela,,,' If you were to make a permanent move - far away - to another country,,,?what would you bring? He did not hesitate and immediately said,,,,,,," just my socks and my underwear ! " This short declarative statement really rocked me and in a good way. I think most people suffer a little from 'separation anxiety' This feeling is extended to our possessions and though it was difficult, I got used to it and really left behind a lot of things that at the time I thought were So Important ! I have had little or no regret about letting those things go. pistachio
EcuadorDean replied most recently with:
Your idea is completely crazy. Just take what can be put in several suitcases and buy everything new down there. If you can't be without your furnishings you are not a good candidate for life in Lima or anywhere else but Canada for that mater. The headaches involved and expense in not worth it believe me!
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pistachio replied to the thread Import permit on the Peru forum:
HGsoftly initially posted:
I am coming into Lima to volunteer for one week in June at a veterinary clinic to neuter street dogs. I really need to bring some items in I will use during the week. The Peruvian embassy says I need to have an Import permit for those items so they can be imported. Can any one tell me how to obtain a permit before I leave the U.S. ?
pistachio replied most recently with:
I don't specifically know. I can suggest you contact the Peruvian embassy in the states or wherever you are from. I am sure you need your special things but why not ask your Vet contacts here if they have or can acquire those items. You say your coming in June,, and it is now past the 3rd week of May. Honestly at the rate of speed these things go through the system I don't think you have time... and in a pinch,, if you pack your items in luggage / not onboard there is a chance that they will go through customs normally..... Of Course,,, if they are not contrabrand..... Sorry, I am not able to give you a definite solution... pistachio.. ps.... there are a zillion stray dogs here,, it is a way of life,,,, ,many suffer, no one takes care... This is good work you are doing!
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cmcdo001 posted Moving to Peru on the Peru forum:
Hello Dariusz, Yes, we can use some help in the business. I will provide you some contact information to Maria with is in charge of the hotel so you can work out pick up from the airport. Can you tell me a little about yourself and what are you looking for as far as work? I also can use a good e-mail to send you more information. Thank You Carl McDonald Call from outside Peru the number is 011-51-7263-0596
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