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cmcdo001 posted Moving to Peru on the Peru forum on May 15, 2015:
Hello Dariusz, Yes, we can use some help in the business. I will provide you some contact information to Maria with is in charge of the hotel so you can work out pick up from the airport. Can you tell me a little about yourself and what are you looking for as far as work? I also can use a good e-mail to send you more information. Thank You Carl McDonald Call from outside Peru the number is 011-51-7263-0596
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WalterPedersen replied to the thread Moving to Iquitos/school/banks on the Peru forum:
amazoncruiser initially posted:
I am new here, but not new to Peru. I met my soon to be ex near Iquitos 13 years ago. We have been living in US and she has just moved my children to Iquitos 6 weeks ago. I am concerned about schools for them She now has them in a place called Kairos Christian Acadamy, which sounds good, but she is moving them to a small public school in Santo Tomas. They do not speak spanish, they are 9 and 12, does anyone know about schools in this area? Also, if I am not able to get my children back to the US for any reason, I plan to move to Iquitos. My job allows me to live anywhere I want so money is not a problem, my questions it, what would be a good bank to use as my monthly check is wired directly into my bank account? I will have half go to my bank in the US and the other half to one in Iquitos, I am not a resident of peru, but I will be there for 25 days and out of the country at work for 31 days, will this be any problem opening an account? Also can I apply for residency and do I have to working this kind of schedule?
WalterPedersen replied most recently with:
Welcome to Iquitos. As for banking, if you get an account in Bank of America in the US you can use the ATM of Scotia Bank, which has a large office here with plenty of ATMs, with NO CHARGE to take out dollars--but only from BoA. (Otherwise it gets expensive.) Then right near the bank outside there are money changers. I prefer the two women in front of Interbank across the street from Scotia Bank. They will give you very good rates to change the dollars to soles. Although I have an account here (have residency as retiree/rentista), am not sure I really needed a bank. As far as school, I suspect there are good private schools...maybe even bilingual in English...I would check into it. Or just get a really good tutor for the kids in the spare time to help them with Spanish. You probably want to talk to Migraciones about your status. I think technically you can only be here 183 days out of any year...but am not sure. We have a newspaper in English and Spanish called The Amazon River can see it on Good luck!
pistachio replied most recently with:
This is a very complex situation. You could say to your soon to be Ex...."this is another fine mess you have gotten me into. As far as education, healthcare and infrastructure there is absolutely No Comparison to the states.......your kids / not speaking Spanish,,,, really, big problem / how will they advance in school.... Banking in Peru - you need the Carnet de Extranjeria to open an account here. To get that is a difficult and bureaucratic process that will take about 3 months. You may be liable for taxes here and the States. Your entrance to Peru gets you a 90 day visa and it renews itself everytime you cross a border out and back for another 90 days. This way you will be the perpetual tourist but you cannot bank. You could have a debit card from your US bank that would allow you to draw money out of an ATM with a limit of $400 per day / but you would pay fees to your US bank and the bank here as well. Interbank Globalnet ATM's do this. With the Carnet after the trials of getting it, and that is IF you can get it your tax status may not be so good for you. Iquitos is a pretty remote area so I do not know what is available there in the way of services. Additionally, I think you can fly in and out but there may not be roads for access. I wish you luck but this is quite a tangle and definitely you need more advice than I can provide.
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bicwic initially posted:
Not sure if this is the right place to post this. We are in Ecuador, have been for many years, and want to spend a few years in Peru. We are looking for a beach house in a quiet area, affordable, not full of tourists. While we search for this "dream home" we are looking for a cheap place on or near the coastal region to rent on a monthly basis. Hope you guys can help!
pistachio replied most recently with:
Surfing! Yes...Surf schools and lessons......wetsuit and board rentals...lots of folks from Europe come to stay in hostels and surf.....International surf contests are held here too...... in google search type 'surf huachaco' for pucs,places and surf reports.... pistachio
correcamino replied most recently with:
Is there good surfing in this area?
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Hello everyone, my name is Jan Rudzik and I am a student currently studying in Lima, for my thesis I am searching for Germans with work experience in Peru. If someone has contacts to some Germans it would be very kind to pass the following link or in case you are a german yourself to participate. It won´t take long time and the survey is about intercultural work differences between peruvians and germans Thank you very much for your help / Dankeschön Kind regards, Jan Rudzik
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pistachio replied to the thread Customs ? on the Peru forum:
rodreego initially posted:
Hola, mis amigos, it's Rodreego from the Ecuador Forum! I arranged to have a couple friends bring down some of my personal items in storage in the States when they come down for a visit to me here, in Ecuador. I just found out they're flying into Lima first and then (after picking up their own luggage) transferring to a flight to Quito. My question is will they have to go through Lima Customs before transferring or, since they are making the transfer within the airport to a connecting flight, will they only have to go through Customs in Quito, their destination? Appreciate any info you may have; like I'm having them bring me down a small, electric room heater, we have no trouble getting them into Ecuador but will that raise eyebrows there for Goodness knows whatever reason? Stuff like that. Gracias!
pistachio replied most recently with:
Rodrego.... I think you have 2 posts on this heater..... In this one you mention the States... Listen,,, Voltage here in Peru is 220v. The only way you could use it is to get a converter from 110v [ US ] to 220v. Problem is that heaters draw a LOT OF WATTS... so you need a converter that if you could find it would cost more than the heater is worth... There are lots of heaters available here and full price not expensive,, on sale,,, even better... pstachio ps,,, Your friends probably won't pick up luggage at Peru.. the bags will be transferred to their connecting flight.... and they themselves might not have to go through customs,,, Somehow I think you have not thought this through.... pistachio
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pistachio replied to the thread Heater on the Peru forum:
cmcdo001 initially posted:
Hi, My name is Carl McDonald and I live on the boarder of Ecuador. Transfer through Lima should not be a problem as long as it is in check logged you can all most take any appliance with you if you can check it.
pistachio replied most recently with:
I am not sure that I understand,, I live in Trujillo and at the stores at the malls there are heaters available,, they have Ceramic, Resistance and Oil filled radiator types and readily available.... Nevertheless,, I do not think you will have any problem bring a heater here from anywhere.... pistachio
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pistachio replied to the thread Boat Jobs in Peru? on the Peru forum:
krubistuben initially posted:
My boyfriend and I have recently been talking about moving to Peru for a year. I could teach English, but he's currently in the USCG and was hoping to get a job down there working on boats, since it's what he's been doing for the last few years. We've done some research, but we're having a hard time finding anything. What would be the chances of him being able to get a job on a boat or at a dock in Peru (preferably with some people who speak English)? I know Lima is near a pretty big port, but do you think there would be a company down there that would hire an American? Anything pointing us in the right direction would be helpful. Thank you!
pistachio replied most recently with:
To work in Peru or to be hired for a formal position here you have to either be sponsored by an employer or you have to have - the right to work. If you come on a Visa to stay in Peru you will get 90 days upon entry and sometimes more if you request it at entry. You can renew this Visa by leaving and returning Peru to any other country / this will extend your visa. You can do this time and time again / cross a border and return and cross a border and return. You can do this indefinitely. On a tourist visa though there are many things you cannot do here and one very Important thing that you cannot do is BANKING. You cannot open a bank account making life a little difficult. A step up in staying here is to get the Carnet de Extraneria.... and there are many grounds for which you can apply. It can take up to 4 months with a lot of running around but it is available if you can qualify. With the Carnet you are a legal resident, can bank, get a drivers license and so on.[ You can't vote ] ok,,,, I can't say much about docks or ports / there are two I know... near Lima in Callao there is a commercial port and north near Trujillo in I think Salaverry is another. Big on oversea cargo, import and export. I have never seen a Charter type fishing boat here like in the states / and I live at the beach in Huanchaco just outside of Trujillo. Fishing here is the same locally as it was 500 years ago.... I know your trying to plan but really,, would be good for you to make a trip and explore to learn more how to plan your move. Look up TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language because it is typical to have TEFL certification if you plan to get a position teaching English.... Don't get discouraged just get active and participate in the process... it will work out. pistachio
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