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MJMM posted Iquitos looking for work urgent on the Peru forum on December 17, 2014:
Hi, Myself and my son (35+) are a team. Between the both of us we have a broad and diverse skill base. We are presently in Iquitos and are currently looking for work either short term or long term. We both are good reliable workers and have great work ethics, organisational skills, management skills and work well in a team or alone. I ran my own businesses in Ireland and the USA. My son is an Arborist and has managed a crew, also has construction and general maintenance experience. We would be happy to provide you with more information on your request. Thanks MJ and Ole
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Selling five hectares of undeveloped but prime land with easy access along the highway at the edge of Paita. Asking $14 USD for m2. Excellent location for storage yard or factory.
pistachio replied to the thread expats + internet on the Peru forum on December 10, 2014:
imaginal110 initially posted:
Hello, happy to have a place to ask this thorny question. I'm hoping to winter in South (or Central) America this year. My friend loves the beach so at least there should be access even if we're in a large city . . . and I "need" fairly good internet for my work (I skype quite a bit without video). Is there a way we could have both? (Or is there another country in the western hemisphere we should consider?) I'd love to hear your thoughts.:) thx, Andrew
pistachio replied on December 10, 2014 with:
a&k alright ................. here it is / this is it............. the total answer is Huanchaco, Peru Beach / you can walk to ........ Pacific / lots of international youth surfing and traveling / lots of Local visitors and residents.... near Trujillo [ 15 minutes ] for malls, stores and whatever you need or want from a city.......... Internet / no prob........ can have installed easily....... good speeds also Cable about a billion channels. Huanchaco is safe and comfortable and all-around a winner / more good food than you can eat and really you can walk most places but taxis are all over and not expensive at all to get around........... questions // just ask pistachio just sayin,,,,,,,, I live here / Au............ can adaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
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Peru May be For You! by Dean LaCoursiere
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: If you are tired of rainy weather and want to live in an affordable, beautiful, safe country, Peru May be For You! Dean LaCoursiere explores several cities in Peru. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
This Article is well put-together and gives a fairly good overview of some aspects of living in some cities in Peru. Most certainly, any one really interested in living in Peru has to further explore, in depth, the many issues just touched upon in this article.
Solas replied recently with:
A beautifully written and very informative article.
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TominWisc posted Returning to Iquitos on the Peru forum:
Considering returning to Iquitos in Jan or Feb for at least one month. Always nice to meet new friends for tips, talks and some fun. Who is out there and what are you up to?
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mominny posted Great Dentist in Miraflores on the Peru forum:
Had to have an emergency root canal and found my way to The doctors there are amazing, punctual and the costs unbelievably low. PLUS I advised them of ExpatExchange and explained that I am an expat is South America for a year with my travel agency. They were nice enough to offer that anyone coming in for dental work that mentions my name (Miriam Olin) or my company (Go Mo Places) would receive a free consultation. Happy to share!
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lij317 replied to the thread Chiropractic in Peru? on the Peru forum:
thebackdoctor initially posted:
I am a semi- retured chiropractor living in Costa Rica I have been considering a change and recently heard a little about Peru. At this time I am trying to get a feel for how accepted chiropractic is in Peru. Does anyone have any info on this? Is chiro legal there? How many chiros are there? Any contact info for chiros currently living there? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dr. Gary
lij317 replied most recently with:
Hi Dr. Gary! There are no Chiro schools in Peru but the profession started growing down here about 20-25 years ago when a couple of foreign docs came to town. My husband works for Centro Quiropractico Schubel - CQS has about 14 offices in Peru. We have a friend that opened an office in Uruguay about 4 years ago, but decided coming back to Lima, Peru and opening an office was going to be a more successful route for him. There is another large company called Quirovida Centro Quiropráctico. People are willing to pay cash for adjustments here, no insurance, and they are pretty accepting of the mission and philosophy. Of course, there is also no AMA trying to squash the profession. Get in touch with the Chiro Association here, I'm sure they would have a lot of insight! La Asociación de Quiroprácticos del Perú
angamos replied most recently with:
The best chiropractor I have ever had is here in Arequipa, Peru He is at
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lij317 replied to the thread Renting in Miraflores? on the Peru forum:
Goshen777 initially posted:
I see many of these home rentals on Craigslist that look pretty nice in Miraflores. They seem too inexpensive to be real. I saw some fully furnished 1 and 2 bedroom apartments (places that looked clean) from anywhere from $150 to $400 per month. Can you really find them that low? Is Miraflores nice and safe? Are these listings for real? Thanks.
lij317 replied most recently with:
Those listings are too good to be true. It's possible those are weekly rental fees. Before agreeing to a lease or sharing any private information, see the apartment in person or find someone on the expat forums who would be willing to do it for you. My husband and I tried to find places to live before moving here and ran in to a lot of scams. Miraflores is nice, very touristy and lots of expats, so prices are higher. $900 - $1500. We ended up getting a long term vacation rental through flipkey and are looking for something more permanent while we are actually here and can go see it.
pistachio replied most recently with:
yes.. Miraflores, San Isidro and coming up is San Borja.... and those prices sound good - ok,, a little too good but you really have to go an look,,, every once in a while you find something that is a really good deal ! [ If you don't look,, you will always wonder and wonder ! ] pistachio
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Here's a very unique housesit situation for the right person or couple persons. I have a house (mine) available on the outskirts of the jungle city of Nauta, 93 kilometers from Iquitos (largest city in the Peruvian Amazon). Nauta is a peaceful, friendly, pretty city (or big town) at the end of the Iquitos Highway (the only road within 1000 miles of here). It lies on the Maranon River, and the Amazon River connects nearby. My house is in the village of Santa Rosa (a suburb, so to speak, of Nauta), and sits atop its only little mountain, on the river's edge, with spectacular, broad views of the river, boat traffic, and sunsets. You can literally fish right off the front lawn and catch your dinner. The slightly higher altitude and river location along with mosquito netting ventilation create cool breezes in an otherwise hot climate. The house is in the village, although it is set apart just enough for privacy and quiet. Santa Rosa is a very quiet, safe, friendly little place. A sidewalk runs straight into downtown Nauta, a quick and scenic 15 minute walk. There you can buy all manner of fresh food and any other living supplies. You can also board super cheap hourly buses or taxis for Iquitos, whenever you want a taste of the big city. Additionally, the great jungle reserve of Pacaya Samiria is quite near. You can take day trips there and explore to your hearts content. The house has electricity, a small open kitchen area with all basic kitchen tools including gas stove and refrigerator, a very convenient and easy-to-use compost toilet, and a loft bed covered in a custom-made spacious mosquitero. Water for bathing and cleaning dishes is collected via an aluminum shoot collectings rainwater off the roof. You can also bathe in the river. Drinking water is easily available via large plastic containers of purified water sold in town for one sole. You can use the internet either on a smartphone (from the house) or from several different cafes in nauta. A motortaxi can run straight to the gate of my property. This is a perfect place to get a taste for life in the Amazon, to immerse yourself in the language or the culture, or alternately to use as a retreat, to write that great novel or paint a new masterpiece, or simply get away from whatever you want to get away from and tune into something new. It's perfect for the lone seeker or hermit, and likewise would function well for a couple who want to live somewhere new for a while, and integrate into the local scene. I want to travel for 3-6 weeks sometime very soon, so dates are flexible. Feel free to email me with any questions. If interested, please let me know a little about yourself. Thanks.
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KelleyCG posted Beautiful Horse for Sale on the Peru forum:
We will be interviewing families to find the best match for our beautiful Peruvian trotter, Charlie. He is sadly for sale, as we must move back to the US much sooner than expected. Charlie is almost 6 years old, chestnut in color, with the sweetest disposition and manner. He is perfect for both children and adults. He trains daily to walk, trot, gallop and jump, so he can also be ridden by more experienced riders as well. Please contact Kelley Galatoire for more information at 945681570. Serious inquiries only.
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