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Property in Lima, Peru for Rent
property in PeruRecently renovated, 3-story home on a quiet street near Larcomar. Approx. 180 M2 and 150 M2 outdoors, this home is available either furnished or unfurnished. Perfect for young expat couples and singles.
Property in Lima, Peru for Rent
property in PeruRecently renovated, 3-story home on a quiet street near Larcomar. Approx. 180 M2 and 150 M2 outdoors, this home is available either furnished or unfurnished. Perfect for young expat couples and singles.
lawyerss replied to the thread Beach Properties in Northern Peru - Frustration on the Peru forum:
tkemery initially posted:
I am searching for a nice beach property in Northern Peru; let's say near Máncora; Punta Sal; Zorritos; etc. It's been extremely frustrating - it's very difficult to find realtors who are interested in responding to me (two contacted; no response from neither, except to say "they'll let me know....") and the difficulty of finding listings of available properties, condos, beach houses, projects, etc. Every internet search I do comes up with practically no listings of any merit whatsoever. What's up?? When I do the same type of search in Panama or Ecuador, there are dozens of leads, and tons of projects and realtors. Huge difference in availability and interest. Anybody have any suggestions? My fiancée is Peruvian, and thus she would prefer our vacation/retirement home in Peru, as opposed to Ecuador or Panama.
lawyerss replied most recently with:
You may write to
pistachio replied most recently with:
Carl,,,,,,,,,,,, This is true. Most properties and even some of the little town are completely made over time by the process here called INVASION...... The property is simply fenced or walled / a sign is posted and then the occupier or squatter applies for a deed by possession......... Sometimes groups of people do this together and call themselves an " association ' Sometimes these properties are offered for sale but this is where it get totally nuts because there could be a previous owner who legitimately owns it and this results in Endless the courts and is not resolved for years....... A legal owner could even lose his property...... So,,, no matter what,, you have to be careful with buying any real estate here.......... The System is counterproductive and if you have been here for a while you will observe and worse directly experience the backwards and primitive ways things are done here... no doubt it is sometimes a struggle.... but !... it is a trade off for the good things you find here. For me,, the 'good' far outweighs the bad...... pistachio If I would suggest a beachtown here,,,, it would be Huanchaco........
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pistachio replied to the thread Peru Plane tuckets on the Peru forum:
VaughnII initially posted:
I have been working with Peru 2 go for airline tickets to Puno. After initially getting back tome with price and schedule changes they have not gotten back to me. Any recomendations on a travel agent? I need to go and come back to Lima on different airlines. Thanks Vaughn
pistachio replied most recently with:
When I have traveled here I have made my own bookings for air and used: which works like Expedia only this is oriented to Peru. If you do not have a dni... you can input your Carnet # to get a Resident Traveler price...... I think you will be able to book your tickets within 30 minutes of being on the site..........
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MJMM posted Business Partner Jungle Products on the Peru forum:
I am looking for a partner who is interested in sell good quality jungle arts and craft work. This could be inside or outside of Peru. For further discussion please contact me at
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cmcdo001 replied to the thread Living in Peru on the Peru forum:
cmcdo001 initially posted:
Hello, I am an American living on the coast of Peru and looking for some help with my hotel. the construction was completed in 2013 and it has a restaurant on site. What I am looking for is expats that want to work and live in the area. please feel free to contact me and visit the web-site at or call me. Thank You Carl
cmcdo001 replied most recently with:
Hello MJ, Can you give me a call at 072-630596?
MJMM replied most recently with:
Hi, On reading your post we are very interested in working with you as we feel we would make a good match to your requirements. Myself and my son (aged 30+) are in Iquitos at present. We have been in Peru working for the past two and a half months. We are keen to relocate to Peru.We have a broad and diverse skill base. My son does tree care by profession and has both sales and building experience. I have run my own businesses in the US and Ireland. My skills are in all aspects of business. We are both hard workers, reliable and work well alone or with a team. We are good organisers and are very responsible .For more details please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks MJ and Ole
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VaughnII posted Drivers on the Peru forum:
Can anyone help me find a driver in Lima. Does not have to speak English.
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deepwater9780 posted Vehicle Registration on the Peru forum:
We bought a motorcycle a month ago and lost the plastic registration card along with the transfer paperwork a week ago. Anyone know how to get a replacement? Thanks Doug
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MJMM posted Iquitos looking for work urgent on the Peru forum:
Hi, Myself and my son (35+) are a team. Between the both of us we have a broad and diverse skill base. We are presently in Iquitos and are currently looking for work either short term or long term. We both are good reliable workers and have great work ethics, organisational skills, management skills and work well in a team or alone. I ran my own businesses in Ireland and the USA. My son is an Arborist and has managed a crew, also has construction and general maintenance experience. We would be happy to provide you with more information on your request. Thanks MJ and Ole
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Selling five hectares of undeveloped but prime land with easy access along the highway at the edge of Paita. Asking $14 USD for m2. Excellent location for storage yard or factory.

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