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An Aussie in Chile

The cultural insights of a young woman who moved to Santiago Chile to explore and learn.

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And she took her journey

A blog describing my journeys in life. It opens with an accounting of my trip to Santiago, Chile.

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Chica Tranquila

This is a blog about an English teacher and Visual Artist living and working in Santiago, Chile.

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Chile - The move, the experience

A ongoing blog of our life, moving from United Stated to Chile

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Fat City Refugee

Latte-drinking revolutionary seeks his roots in a land where he was never born. Pithy observations of travels throughout America.

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Our Chilean Adventure

Our family's experience moving from South Carolina to south central Chile.

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Our Chilean Adventure

A North American expat family homesteading in the south of Chile

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She's Back In Chile

Expat blog of an American who found love in Chile and decided to make her home in Santiago

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Spanglish Accent

A wife, mom and photographer living on the bottom side of the world in Chile.

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The Monkey Factory

Corporate hell and expat adventures. These are the fortunes and misfortunes of a girl who left behind a creative career in an English speaking country for the corporate rat race in South America. This is my speakers’ corner. I enjoy my life abroad but we all need a place to rant.

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Chile Forum Chile Forum
Join our Chile forum to meet other expats and talk about living in Chile.

Living in Chile GuideLiving in Chile Guide

Expats in Chile enjoy the stable economy, friendly people and relatively affordable cost-of-living. Many find becoming close friends with Chileans, who primarily socialize with family, a big challenge.

Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Chile.

Moving to ChileMoving to Chile Guide

If you're moving to Chile, this is a must-read article that covers it all - best places to live, healthcare, earthquakes, driving permits, schools and more.

Best Places to Live in Chile Best Places to Live in Chile

Expats in Chile enjoy the country's beaches, beautiful cities and lower cost of living. Santiago, La Serena, Vina del Mar and other destinations top their favorite places to live in Chile.

Healthcare in ChileHealthcare in Chile

After considering their individual health, Expats moving to Chile should carefully consider the health care options where they'll live, and what else is available in the immediate vicinity.

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