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Expats Baku
Expats' Guide to Baku

Expats, digital nomads & retirees talk about what it's like living in Baku.

Expats Talk about the Pros and Cons of Living in Baku Pros & Cons of Living in Baku

Expats in Baku talk about the Pros & Cons of Living in Baku.

Expats Baku
Culture Shock in Baku, Azerbaijan

An expat living in Baku, Azerbaijan offers her perspective on living there and the culture shock she experienced. It offers insight into the realities of settling into Baku and how to manage it.

Culture Shock in Baku, Azerbaijan Culture Shock in Baku, Azerbaijan

A woman living in Baku, Azerbaijan shares her experiences with racism in Baku. She and her husband live in a regular neighborhood rather than an expat area. She speaks Turkish, which helps her understand Azerbaijani. Knowing what is being yelled at her as she walks down the street has been eye opening.

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Expats Talk about the Moving to Baku Expats Talk about Moving to Baku

Expats in Baku offer advice about Moving to Baku.

Member Reports about Moving to Baku

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