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Cambodia Forum

Cambodia Forum Talk with other digital nomads and expats in Cambodia on our Cambodia forum - meet people, get advice and help others.

Healthcare in Cambodia

Expat Talk about Healthcare Advice in CambodiaMembers Talk about Healthcare & Health Insurance in Cambodia

Expats in Cambodia offer advice about healthcare in Cambodia..

Expat Healthcare & Health Insurance Expat Healthcare & Health Insurance in Sihanoukville

An expat in the coastal city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia talks about the quality of healthcare, availability of prescription meds and why many expats go to Bangkok for medical treatment. He also explains why he would no longer recommend Sihanoukville.

Moving to Cambodia

Cambodia GuideCambodia Guide
Learn what members have to say about living in Cambodia.

Expats Talk about the Pros and Cons of Living in Cambodia Pros & Cons of Living in Cambodia

Members Cambodia talk about the pros & cons of living in Cambodia.

Reports from Members about Culture Shock in Cambodia

Visa & Residency

Digital Nomad Visa in Cambodia

Find essential information about the digital nomad visa for working in Cambodia.

Find essential information about the digital nomad visa for working in Cambodia.

25-Countries-Introduce-Digital-Nomad-Visas25 Countries Introduce Digital Nomad Visas
Many people are escaping their routines and temporarily moving overseas during the pandemic. These countries are welcoming them with open arms by making it easy for visitors to stay and work remotely for months or even a year. Croatia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Mexico and others have joined the growing trend.

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