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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Tanzania

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Tanzania.

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Our new Expat Healthcare Guide is designed to collect and share information about expat healthcare and expat health insurance from expats in Tanzania. If you are already living in Tanzania, please take a few minutes to answer several questions in our Expat Healthcare Report.

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Having a Baby in Arusha, Tanzania

I researched many facilities to have my child in Tanzania. All the way from Dar, to Arusha, to the neighboring country of Kenya. I even looked into a home birth with medical supplies at the the bedside. I spoke with an expat midwife here in TZ. I just knew she was going to tell me to have the baby at home, all natural, etc. etc. Instead she told me that the risk are far to great here to have a baby at home, (living just outside of Arusha) she advised me to not even have the baby in the county of TZ but go to Kenya to the Nairobi Hospital. I spoke with more Dr's, and again they all recommended going to another country if you have the options. I spent most all of my entire pregnancy in Tanzania, went back to the U.S. 6 weeks before the delivery, and returned to TZ 6 weeks after the delivery. If you are choosing to have your baby in TZ then I would recommend the Lutheran hospital in Arusha TZ, or going to Nairobi. I have spoken with other expats that have had their baby at the Lutheran Hosp and said that is was a good experience. I am a Registered Nurse, and I think that when you are educated on the risk, and have another option that is safer, you go with that one. The hospitals are not the same, I have seen used syringes laying around, remember HIV is Very common in TZ. And many other crazy unsanitary things. But again, many TZ women here have babies are live, but sadly there are many who do not. TZ has a very high mortality rate of mothers after birth. Hope this has helped.

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