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Looking to retire in Pedasi, Panama

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10/11/2013 16:58 EST

Anyone lives or knows this place and could share his or hers experiences with me ?

10/11/2013 20:26 EST

Hi, my husband and I live about an hour and half from Pedasi. How much do you know about Pedasi and what sort of life are you looking for?

We have not been there in awhile, but my impressions are that there is not much around Pedasi and the area is very overpriced.

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10/11/2013 23:13 EST

I spend an occasional weekend, or week in Pedasi. Heading there for a few days soon. It's my getaway beach place. It's very quiet and peaceful. Very unpopulated. That's the charm. It can be a little expensive as it's a long way to ship things from Panama City, being very remote. I bring my groceries with me when I go. I have an upscale beach place there on the ocean that I rent out if you want to come and stay and check it out for a bit. Let me tell you how nice it is. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came to stay there, and so did Mel Gibson. Lots of movie stars have bought property there. It's still very cheap oceanfront, but it is very remote and quiet........If you like that sort of thing, Pedasi and area might be for you. You can shop cheaper in Chitre & Las Tablas than you can in Pedasi. If you like fishing, fishing towns and villages, hot, humid, beachy weather, it might be for you. I can only handle it a few days at time........

10/12/2013 16:40 EST

What do you mean by overpriced? the land? different Condo or housing project ? or living in general ?

10/13/2013 03:04 EST

We're also looking to retire in Pedasi and in our opinion, Panamajames has summed it up pretty well. However, it is just what we're looking for. Overall, we didn't find the land prices to bad,

10/13/2013 18:49 EST

Most people you talk to in Panama, at least those who are not in the RE business, will tell you that they think Pedasi property prices are extremely high compared to other places. I can understand the desire to be on or near the beach, but the nearest grocery store is almost 1 and a half hours away in Las Tablas and their refrigeration breaks down regularly and they don't throw out the food. Chitre is over 2 hours away where you have decent restaurants and some shopping. Frankly, having lived in Panama for almost 10 years, I would not chose Pedasi to live. I would find it extremely boring. We have a large property in Albina Grande, right on the beach and we are only 25 minutes from Chitre. I would not want to be any further out from interesting stuff than we are now. This is just my own opinion, so don't be offended. I like to tell people the good and the bad. Have any of you people considering Pedasi actually come here and experienced it for yourselves, I mean for longer than a week or 10 days?

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10/16/2013 13:49 EST

October 24th to the 31st is a fun week to be in Pedasi. Sammy & Sandra are there to entertain on the weekend. Parades, party time, queen competition, fair etc......We have a condo to rent on the ocean that is available for that week. Last weekend they had a parade. It's a one float parade, but a nice float. A marching band paraded behind the float, lots of chicas waving and fireworks and everyone out in the town square on a Saturday night.

Pedasi is more expensive than other parts of Panama. I purchased land in Penonome for 2 dollars a square meter. I doubt that anything in Pedasi is that cheap unless it's a monster piece of land away from the ocean.

We have a very large loft or condo on the ocean. Places in the complex sell for around $250,000 to $350,000, so for quality high end ocean property, it is still very cheap, but it is expensive for a place to live in Panama. It's 7 km out of downtown Pedasi. Pedasi is not on the ocean.

Because it is remote, the cost of shipping materials is greater, and workers are few and far between, mostly coming from Las Tablas or Chitre, so it can be more expensive than some other areas.

There is no major shopping in Pedasi, but there are some very large Chino grocery stores there, but nothing like a Rey or Super99. There is just no population to speak of, except for January & February.

There is a very nice restaurant called Smileys that caters to the Gringos. Last Sunday we watched NFL football all afternoon there, and their special was ribs, and the most amazing rack that I can remember since arriving here in Panama a number of years ago.

10/18/2013 03:39 EST

We live in Limon (de Pedasi). The beaches are wonderful. We attend classes in Spanish three mornings a week at the Buena Vida Language School. We find both the ambiance and friendliness of the local community refreshing. The expat community is growing rapidly, the 'natives' are friendly, prices are not as outragrous as posted, and the living is laid back. We love it here. We felt that after living overseas we could bring our own "projects" ie: hobbies, with us, therefor we do not need the 'entertainment factor' of the U.S. We grow our own veggies, entertain ourselves, interface with other expats and the locals regularly. We find it to be a friendly and inviting area. The beaches are fantastic. The scenery towards Plays Venao,is breathtaking. We are building a home in Canas with a reputable local contractor and have had very positive experiences with both the contractor, the architect and the local workers, the local population and local officials.
We read here that is it best to visit before you decide to make a move of this magnitude. We did.
And have not regretted our decision to be here.
We are self-sufficient, do not require entertainment, and are happy to live in paradise. Despite the naysayers.

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