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Prescription Medication

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12/12/2017 20:18 EST

Hi there! I am considering traveling to Sao Paulo for a job from January to the end of April. I currently take 2 narcotic medications that are controlled substances in the US. My concern is continuing these medications while I'm abroad. How would I find a doctor to write the same prescription for me, and how does insurance work in Brazil? Would my prescription from the US be able to be filled abroad? I'm assuming I would have my doctors office contact the BR doctor. I don't want to buy my medication off the street. Thank you for anyone willing to help me with my questions!

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12/12/2017 21:01 EST

I think a BR DR will be able to write a prescription for you. Lots of these DR's went to school or did internships in the US and speak English.
I do think they will be 10X the cost of that in the US though, or more.
Can't you get 6 months of them in the US and just bring them with you ? I do that with my BP medicine, it's pretty common.
Will have to put them in a REAL SAFE LOCKED place while living in BR. Preferrably in a SAFE.

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12/13/2017 09:50 EST

jharrison.......I'm not sure which "narcotic" meds that you would be taking. In some cases a doctor can write a prescription for you to fill for the 4 months that you will be in Sao Paulo. I lived there for 5 years and I am currently living in Praia da Pipa near Natal in the NE of Brazil. Sao Paulo does have wonderful doctors and great private hospitals. Getting a local doctor who speak English should be relatively simple and your doctor can look them up in his doctor data base and give you names and telephone numbers to make contact. Except for some of the more exotic drugs I think you will find that prescription meds are cheaper here in Brazil......so much so that I pay for these out of pocket even though I have Insurance. It is the "over-the-counter-meds that cost so much here. Should you need emergency care in Sao Paulo........Einstein Hospital is the best. I get a physical every year here and my doctor in Natal is actually a Cardiologist who trained under Dr. Christian Barnard in South Africa. My Doctor actually runs the stress test on the tread mill! Good doctors outside of Sao Paulo and Rio can be difficult to find....but in Sao Paulo you will have no problems finding one should you need it. Talk with your doctor and get a referral to one in Sao Paulo.......Good Luck!

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