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30 day permit

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10/3/2017 18:40 EST

Hi all,

I am looking for recent experiences regarding renewing the 30 day "tourist visa" past six months.

I have spent quite awhile researching and cannot find consistent information. Some say that you can simply keep renewing but at a higher cost. Others say that you will need to apply for TEP or another visa at that point.

I only want to stay an additional two months, but am not sure if I will be able to.

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10/3/2017 21:27 EST

You can just renew it as you did before. Price will go up from 50 to 100 belize after 6 months.

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10/3/2017 21:38 EST

You should be able to without much issue if you can show you have funds to support yourself.
They get worried that permanent tourists are actually working illegally after about 6 months.
Committing to leaving in the next 2-3 months (by air or long term border excursion) before returning should be acceptable to the officers. You will have to pay the increased $100BZ per month visa fee after the 1st 6 months until you officially leave.
Returning should restart your clock, Owning land in Belize makes the tourist visa much easier to handle long term, until you can consider QRP or PR.

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10/3/2017 22:50 EST

Yes, one can renew a visa past 6 months. The price goes up to $50 a month and has to be done in Belmopan or BC. My friends drive 2 hrs. to BC because there is less hassle and only takes about 60 min.
Belmopan takes almost all day!

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10/3/2017 23:08 EST

Once past a 6-month stay, the price goes up to $100bzd, or $50usd. You can renew it at any Immigration office, not just Belmopan or Belize City. I have been here almost 4 years on just a visa. I get my passport stamp at the office in Big Creek (Independence).

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10/4/2017 13:23 EST

Thank you so much everybody for the speedy replies! that is reassuring, I thought it was the case but had read conflicting reports online

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