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12/13/2020 08:46 EST

Hi, can anyone help me figure out how we can move our family to belmopan in January or February from the US?

I see that tourists have to stay at gold standard hotels, but what if you want to stay longer and rent a place?

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12/13/2020 09:43 EST

Are you moving or coming for a visit? The Belize Tourism Board has the protocol for tourists.

Everything starts with a negative CPR test, in any case.

If you are moving, are you planning to rent or are you planning to buy? We came in October from Canada, and because we had purchased a lot in the Cayo, we were able to come in as long-stay non-nationals in the community where we had purchased the lot.

Back in October, even with a negative PCR test, we still had to quarantine for 10 days. Then we were free to move about.

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12/14/2020 15:03 EST


How long do you need to stay to be able to come as long-stay non-nationals?
I own a home in Cayo and am wanting to come for a couple months Starting early january

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12/15/2020 03:16 EST

I will see if I can find out from the folks here in my community. The impression I have is "not long" though some may have QRP status. There's a lot of snowbirds who own here and we've had some come and go (and one who is on her way back here, arriving on Saturday with her husband).

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12/18/2020 16:52 EST

Got the official information right from the tourism board. Copied and pasted below.

Hello Gary,

Greetings and thanks for contacting the Belize Tourism Board. Please note that as a home owner you are free to travel to and from Belize as you wish; for the health app purpose please submit your info under the resident section.

Please keep in mind that the following still applies:

a. Download the Belize Travel AP and enter your details within 72 hours of arrival. You may also screenshot the QR code to easily access while boarding and on your arrival into Belize.

b. Get PCR test within 72hrs before arrival - testing is available at the airport(US$50) if you aren't able to get one prior to arrival. It is also advised to bring exact amount in cash as there isn't a credit card option at the airport.

Please do continue to follow the link below for news, updates and further changes to the travel restrictions:


Should you have any other questions please do let me know.

Best Wishes


Hospitality Officer

Belize Tourism Board

Toll Free 1-800-624-0686

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12/28/2020 15:44 EST

Greetings the new administration has seen it fit to relax regulations on arriving tourists and if you can present a contract of rental or lease address then you can arrive as a longterm visitor. It is also wise to arrive with all your tests now extended to 96 hours before boarding the plane. You must use a Gold standard certified operator for your transportation. Anymore questions feel free to email me at Eliceo Ken is here to guide you. Thanks and Merry Christmas and a much better new year.

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