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6/9/2021 22:40 EST

I'm a widower planning to move to Belize before the end of 2021. I have been retired for some time, but am very fit and have the illusion of being healthy. I am leaning to a Placencia location. Have been there once and will soon visit again, along with exploring other options.

I have read everything possible about Belize including the pros and cons. Would love to have some insight though from folks who actually live there.

Specifically about moving costs (typical 2 bdrm 2 bath home here with a garage.} I will leave much behind. But would love to have an idea regarding a ball park price. And how to go about the move.

Also, what are your thoughts about moving my car? How expensive might that be?

And of course am very interested in health insurance. Is Allizance the best? Or how about Caricom?

Should I be interested in a Transfer Wise account?

Any info at all you can provide would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Donovan --- from Oregon now living in Green Valley Arizona.

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7/25/2021 23:55 EST


Where in Belize are you planning to move?

Many homes here are rented and sold completely furnished. Unless you have things you simply cant live without, it will most likely be much easier and cheaper to sell everything there and come with a few suitcases of your "essentials".

I would suggest this. Hop on a plane and come down to Belize for a month, rent a place and explore and then see what it's like and then go back and decide what you will bring (if anything).

If in San Pedro (Ambergris Caye), you won't need much because almost everything comes completely furnished.

If in Placencia, the same in most cases (you will most likely need a car there though)

If in Corozal, you will need a car but can find a furnished home for rent or purchase.

Rent for at least 6 months to make sure you want to be here (it will be the best investment you make in Belize).

Send me a PM if you like - happy to help

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7/26/2021 00:59 EST

Thank you. That was very helpful. I'm concentrating on the Placencia Peninsula from Placencia Village on up to Hopkins. I'll be going on a 17 day trip there this week.

I'll admit I would really find it hard to leave everything in my current house and garage behind. Maybe 1/2 of it?

I assume those furnished dwellings you referenced would also be furnished with heavy items like washers, dryers and fridges.

I read with QRP there would be no duty tax on anything brought in. But of course the expense needing to be considered is the moving cost from the U.S. to Belize, which probably could be considerable. Donovan

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7/26/2021 08:04 EST

I'm in Hopkins so feel free to come by for a chat on we can meet somewhere.

Yes it can be difficult to leave your things behind but if you look forward to the new adventure and not to the past it becomes easier.

And you're right, you do have to factor the cost of transporting your goods.

Some of the dwellings will have washers. Not everybody uses dryas though. Mother Nature does such a Good job drying..

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8/7/2021 20:42 EST

Hi Donavan - I'm in the same situation as you with very similar questions. I'll be in Placencia from 8/11-14. If you're still around I'd love to connect and have a conversation!
Thanks - John

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8/9/2021 21:50 EST

The choice of Hopkins and Placencia can be easy . 1. If you like the local vibe and mingling with the locals at work and play then Hopkins has that flavor plus it is cheaper. Placencia is very nice but a.little on the North American touristy side not to say you cant have the local vibe but it is different. Need a guide for local perspective and to show you around without pushing real estate or to do a recon of other areas of the country along with Placencia and Hopkins then link up email whatsapp at005015215622. Eliceo Ken at your service.

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