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Enrty process questions

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9/15/2021 07:56 EST


We're moving to Corozal and will be renting a condo for a year starting May 1 2022 while we have a house built.

My questions revolve around how we should enter Belize and handle Immigration.

When we arrive (by air) do we state we're staying for good? Or do we enter as tourists, claim we're only staying a couple of weeks, and then just stay and renew our tourist visas every three months?


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9/15/2021 08:33 EST

Do you not have to renew or visa every month? I would tell them you are visiting it also will depend on what you are bringing in with you.

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9/15/2021 09:58 EST

I had read that tourist visas can be renewed for three months now. But if need to renew every month, that's what we'll do.

We only plan on bringing clothing for the most part. I'll be bringing some of my camera gear and my collapsible fishing pole but nothing that should raise red flags.

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9/15/2021 10:07 EST

I am in England at the moment but live in San Pedro and have for the last 8 years. I have not heard about the 3 month visa if true good for you. When we first moved you needed a monthly stamp. We run a small Thai Restaurant called Tastes of Thailand.

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9/19/2021 13:55 EST

We moved here in August and told them we planned to apply for residency. It worked out fine. So I would tell them.

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