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i intend to move to Malaysia under MM2H. I am asking for tips on the process

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2/23/2021 03:08 EST

I am 65 yo, retired from Australia and I would like to move to Malaysia under MM2H. I would like to chat to someone who has recently made that move to learn about pitfalls of the application process if any, and for general advice on how to do in the best way

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9/1/2021 03:36 EST

hi , have you moved there yet?
if not I have information from company in Malaysia which does the whole process. Just received message from them about new MM2H program

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9/20/2021 23:45 EST

As you may be aware the Federal MM2H program has been suspended for some time for "review". The Government has just released a new set of requirements "to attract high earning individuals" that most already on the visa believe will strangle the program. Supervision of the program moved from the Ministry of Tourism to Home Affairs = Security) Furthermore, as the new rules are retrospective on current visa-holders (it is still unclear if this will take place immediately or upon renewal)...it will, likely mean the 98% that cannot meet the new terms will have to sell properties and move elsewhere.

Amongst these regulations are:
1) An increase in Income/Pension from US$2500 to US$10,000/month, AND
2)Increase in Fixed Deposit from RM150K to RM1 million ((=US$250K). AND
3) Proof of Overseas Liquid Assets of US$385K
4) Mandatory Residence of 90 Days/Year
5) Fee Increases: Pass from RM90/yr > RM500/person/yr
Processing Fee (new) RM 5000+ RM2500/dependent

Malaysia has just moved from near the top of retirement and expat long-stay locales to the bottom.

There are two possible places in Malaysia that mights still prove to be possible locales for application.

Sarawak (and Sabah) are autonomous States with broad independent and separate immigration systems and regulations.

Sarawak already has its own MM2H-type program and has informed the Federal Government that it will not conform to the new regulations. Sarawak has several options for those under 50 but is essentially oriented towards retirees (50+).
For Over 50's it allows EITHER a fixed deposit OR a proof of income/salary.
A) Pension Option: RM1700 (single)/RM2500 (couple)
B) FD Option: RM150K/RM300K with several withdrawal options down to 60% of those amounts for tuition, healthcare, vehicle or property purchase. Remember..unlike the Mainland Program for Sarawak its (A) or (B) not "all of the above".

Sarawak allows one 5 years + 5 years with a check at the first extension to make sure you still meet the above and have met the residency requirement..which is only 15 Days a year.

Currently Sarawak Visa Holders have the right to visit and stay in the Peninsula throughout their visa. Some have decided to reside there. We will see if the Federal Government will somehow try and restrict this "Sarawak Back Door".

In my view Sarawak is a much more attractive destination than West Malaysia in any case, and has easy access to Singapore and "all mod cons" and a much more agreeable multi-racial and multi-religious community, too.

mtac.sarawak.gov.my look under the For The Public" section for more about the Sarawak MM2H.

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