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New passport...old residence card

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8/9/2019 07:46 EST

I renewed my U.S. passport but don't know if I now have to renew my permanent residence card. My residence card has a turista number and a pensionado number, The turista number is repeated under my photo plus another unidentified number. In the "nationality" section of the card is another unidentified number and my old passport number. I have used my new passport with this residency card on 4 trips to the U.S. with no problems departing the U.S. or reentering Panama. I dread the thought of going through the maze at the Immigration office if I don't have to. Anybody know whether or not I need a new residence card now that I have renewed my passport?

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8/10/2019 09:10 EST

I only had a problem once returning to Panama with a carnet. The passport numbers are supposed to match though. Long story but I made my flight. I got a cedula after that so no more problems.

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8/10/2019 13:47 EST

My residency card and work permit both have my old expired passport number. I updated the DL, with the cedula number, when my license expired.

So far it hasn't been an issue. I hold on to the old expired passport just in case it comes to bite me on the behind at some future date. Then I will go update them.

In theory you are supposed to update them, but so far though let sleeping dogs lay, seems to work best in Panama.

As you mention I am looking to avoid another few rounds of pain and suffering at immigration and ministry of labour. My experience is that any dealing with the government here turns into a gong show so I try to limit them whenever possible.

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8/10/2019 16:21 EST

Thanks. I'm with you. I don't even like to drive by the Immigration building. I had the same experience with my D/L. They made me go and change my auto registration to reflect the new passport number. They had no problem with my residence card having a different passport number. However, I think it's just another hassle waiting to happen so I will run the Immigration gauntlet and change it...one of these days :-)

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8/11/2019 12:11 EST

Our one year driver's license has expired after we got our cedulas. Will we renewed we presented our sedulous and my wife's for your license was issued in the new cellular number. However, in the interim we had purchased the vehicle, in my name and passport number. I had to go to the alcalde and a t t t to retitle the vehicle reflecting my scheduling number before I could renew my driver's license. once you get a cedula all of these ministerial problems are over with.

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8/13/2019 19:22 EST

you can go to immigration to register your new passport number.

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