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Hernandarias - the best and safest place to live in Paraguay?

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7/13/2010 23:53 EST

Is Hernandarias (Alto Paraná) the best place to live in Paraguay?

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7/14/2010 07:45 EST

Alas, there is NO safe place in Paraguay. Not yet. A further couple that I knew (not friends though) has been murdered in Ipacarai/San Bernardino last week. Probably NOT by Paraguayans this time. Best is, I repeat it, to have neighbors and to make security arrangements with them. Not to show your wealth (for Paraguyans we are ALL rich!). Avoid police on your ground. Do NOT allow them to visit you and never let them in your house. NEVER. In many if not most burglaries there is police directly or indirectly involved. We had three ridgebacks, we increase to five right now. We have an armed gardner and an armed guard...and still do not feel 100% secure. It does not matter to learn here on this platform that there are countries in Africa that are worst. I live here since now four years and I have seen terrible things. Nevertheless, I personnally feel well and I love the Paraguayans with all their little tricks. If I would have to-day to decide to move to this country, I probably would. But this time I would choose a large flat in a high security building in Asuncion. The country side is for the time being on isolated places, for non-paraguayans NOT secure. Be aware of that.

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7/17/2010 10:51 EST

Again I must correct you juan27. There is one very SAFE place to go and live in Paraguay, and that's the Chaco :D
But one must either be crazy, in hiding or have a love for that kind of land that only few have.

plesus, "best" depends on what you want/wanna do. There's a lot of places that lovely in Paraguay, countryside included.Paraguay is most def. not the place it was 10 years ago, and surely a lot of foreigners have been attacked or even killed over the last few years, but there's almost always (like this new case juan mentions) a story behind the story, or the victim was a soft target but I'm not seeing the foreigners running away in droves.

Alas, I don't know what to say about security for foreigners here any more and will hence-on try to keep my mouth shut here.
I would still without blinking twice move back to the country side, and I would most DEF. not go to the extreme measures of Juan for safety but its like I said, the Paraguay of yesterday is no more.Sadly.

Wherever (if) you should decide to go, live correctly, LIVE responsibly, surely secure your property as best as you can and maybe you would have your Paraguay dream.

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7/17/2010 18:23 EST

Thank you Gentlemen for your replies. I have never been to Paraguay yet and only have done some research online. Hernandarias seems to be an area where Paraguayan professionals and well-to-do business people from Ciudad del Este live. Property prices are high comparing to other areas of the country but still a bargain comparing to Europe or North America where I currently reside. I am planning to visit Iguazu Falls area in Paraguay and Brazil next year and check Hernandarias myself. My wife was born and grew up in Mexico and not so long ago I was considering retiring there in the near future. Then, I became very much concerned about safety after visiting Mexico again last year and personally witnessing effects of the ongoing narco-war there, e. g. we came across remains (skeleton) of a women when hiking in a desert outside her hometown. I was told that this kind of "encounters" is not so much unusual anymore and they are not even reported to the local (often corrupt) police for fear of organized crime reprisals. Military checkpoints and car searches did not look encouraging either. Considering the fact that the cartels have more money at their disposition than the Mexican government, I don't see their "War on Drugs" coming to a happy end any time soon as tens of billions of dollars in profits are involved. I guess crime and safety may be relative term. I am not an Afrikaner but I guess many Afrikaners in South Africa would gladly accept Paraguayan "safety" over the one in their homeland now.

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7/17/2010 21:44 EST

You do not correct, you confirm. Thanks for that. Of course, in Africa too, there are secure places: go to the Sahara. Never one will disturb you there. On the contrary, everyone will help you. That´s the Chaco here. I was not talking about the Chaco, but about Paraguay in general. I am multilingual and have because of that friends from different nationalities. They all have the same feelings of insecurity since a couple of years. I just want to warn. Too much people tries to attract others here for business purposes not mentioning what is going on. Lugo did not alter any thing: on the contrary. Its a pity.

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