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Long term UK visas for Parents

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2/2/2021 03:34 EST

Hello All,

I hope you are well. I live in the UK and have settled down here over the last decade from Asia.

My mom lives back home and i do worry as she gets older - as we don't have any other family or close friends near her who can help in any emergencies etc. I have reviewed possible options, researched online to see if there are any long term visas for parents to join their kids in the UK - however there seem to be no clear routes. There is a family visa whose bar is very high - I have spoken to immigration advisors who have told me that even terminally ill parents struggle to get these visas and they are 99% rejected - and quite expensive to apply too as well.

I am forming the conclusion that it would be impossible to get my mom any permanent uk visa - ( this conclusion is the first step) - so that i can then look at what other options i have - move back, move somewhere else etc. I would like to request your advice on options within UK - if i am missing anything.


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