Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox serves thousands of travelers, expats, digital nomads, businesses, individuals and others in over 47 Countries by scanning their postal mail so they can view it online anywhere in the world. They provide customer service 7 days a week so if you need assistance, it is just a phone call away. Traveling Mailbox works with Evernote, and Dropbox. And, there are Traveling Mailbox apps available for iOS and Android devices.

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How Traveling Mailbox Works

Traveling Mailbox provides world class mail scanning solutions that allow individuals and small businesses to view their postal mail online anywhere in the world. They provide a real physical street address that is unique to you. When your mail arrives, they scan the outside of the envelope and then you tell us to scan the contents, forward the item, shred it, return it, or hold it. Features include:

Check Deposit Services

Receive a check in the mail? Traveling Mailbox will mail your checks directly to your bank to be deposited!

Parcel Forwarding

Receive packages from companies like Amazon and Traveling Mailbox will forward them to you anywhere!

Quick Document Scanning

With QuickScan, you can receive the contents of your envelopes within minutes!

No Junk!

Traveling Mailbox will help you eliminate junk mail so you only get mail in your mailbox that you want!

Bulk Scanning

Receive a scanPAK every month to stuff with docs, receipts, and more to be scanned into your mailbox!

Customer Service

Live Customer Support available via Phone, Live Chat and Email 7 days a week!

Open and Scan

Request the contents of your mail to be scanned and view them in PDF Format!

Mail Forwarding

Keep your digital scans forever in your account and get the physical copies delivered to you anywhere!


Send your PDF's to services like Evernote,, Google Drive, and Dropbox with our Integrations!

Email Notifications

Traveling Mailbox sends you an email every time you receive new mail and when a task is completed.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited cloud storage of your Scanned Mail and PDF's!


Use keywords to tag your mail in your inbox so you can easily search and retrieve your digital mail.


Access Traveling Mailbox via our Apps on Android and iOS or use our mobile site.

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