Alison Collis Counselling & Coaching

Alison Collis Counselling & Coaching

I specialise in working with Expatriates and Adult Third Culture Kids. My clients choose me because I'm qualified, experienced and offer flexible services.
I specialise in working with Expatriates and Adult Third Culture Kids. My clients choose me because I'm qualified, experienced and offer flexible services.

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Alison Collis

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Rua Latino Coelho, 87

I work with adults of all ages, living anywhere in the world. The thing they all have in common is that at some stage in their life, they have lived in a different country to the one they were born in - and this has created problems.

I put my client at the centre of our work together. The agenda is theirs, my role is to help them resolve problem areas and achieve their goals. I'm able to do this because I've had very rigorous training both in psychotherapy and coaching, understand cultural difference and how to make personal change easier.

Common themes and examples:

  • You've just arrived and want your move to be successful.
  • Having difficulties navigating the new culture.
  • Your move has stirred up painful issues from the past.
  • You moved a lot as a child and now don't know where you really belong and/or are unsure of who you are.
  • The move has put a lot of strain on your relationship.
  • Recently become the 'Expat Partner' - what is your new identity? How can you make your life satisfying?
  • Finding it hard to cope without your old support network.
  • Feeling sad and or lonely.
  • Worried about the impact of the move on your children.
  • Need to prepare for your next overseas move.

I offer all my new clients a free 'Explore Call' so that they can explain what they're looking for and I can begin the process of understanding them and what they need at the moment.

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