Public Transportation in Alexandria

Learning how to get around using public transportation in Alexandria is an important step in adjusting to life in Alexandria. In this article, we cover the local public transportation options.

Alexandria, the second-largest city in Egypt, is known for its rich history and beautiful Mediterranean coastline. The city offers a variety of public transportation options, including trams, buses, microbuses, and taxis. These systems are run by the Alexandria Passenger Transportation Authority (APTA) and private operators. The city’s public transportation network is extensive and affordable, making it possible for expats to live comfortably without a car. However, the experience can be quite different from what one might be used to in Western countries.


The tram system in Alexandria is one of the oldest in the world, having been established in the 1860s. It is a popular mode of transportation for both locals and tourists due to its affordability and extensive network. The tram lines cover most parts of the city, including major tourist attractions, residential areas, and business districts. However, the trams are often crowded, especially during peak hours, and the vehicles themselves are quite old. Despite this, the tram system is generally safe to use, even at night. Women-only cars are available on some lines, providing a safer and more comfortable environment for female passengers. The fare for a single ride is very affordable, costing only a few Egyptian pounds.

Buses and Microbuses

Buses and microbuses are another common form of public transportation in Alexandria. They are run by both the APTA and private operators. The buses are larger and have fixed routes and schedules, while the microbuses are smaller and more flexible, often changing routes based on passengers’ needs. The fare for buses and microbuses is also very affordable, but the vehicles can be quite crowded and the driving style can be aggressive. Despite these challenges, buses and microbuses are a reliable way to get around the city, and they are generally safe to use.


Taxis are a convenient and comfortable way to get around Alexandria. They are available 24/7 and can be hailed from the street or booked through a mobile app. The fare is usually negotiated with the driver before the trip, but it is generally affordable. Taxis are safe to use, even at night, and they are a good option for women traveling alone or for those who prefer a more private mode of transportation. However, traffic congestion can be a problem during peak hours, and some drivers may try to overcharge tourists or foreigners.


Walking is a viable option for getting around in Alexandria, especially in the city center and along the seafront. The city’s grid layout and flat terrain make it easy to navigate on foot. However, pedestrians should be aware of the traffic, as drivers in Alexandria are known for their aggressive driving style and disregard for traffic rules. Despite this, walking is a great way to experience the city’s vibrant street life and beautiful architecture.

In conclusion, while the public transportation system in Alexandria has its challenges, it is extensive, affordable, and generally safe to use. Therefore, it is entirely possible for an expat to live comfortably in the city without a car. However, one should be prepared for a different experience from what they might be used to in Western countries.

Betsy Burlingame Betsy Burlingame is the Founder and President of Expat Exchange and is one of the Founders of Digital Nomad Exchange. She launched Expat Exchange in 1997 as her Master's thesis project at NYU. Prior to Expat Exchange, Betsy worked at AT&T in International and Mass Market Marketing. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a BA in International Business and German.

Some of Betsy's articles include 12 Best Places to Live in Portugal, 7 Best Places to Live in Panama and 12 Things to Know Before Moving to the Dominican Republic. Betsy loves to travel and spend time with her family. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn.

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