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Best Bookstores and Libraries in Taif

Interested in finding the best bookstores and libraries in Taif? Here is a great list to get you started exploring the world of books and more in Taif.

Jarir Bookstore

Jarir Bookstore is a well-known retail chain in Saudi Arabia offering a wide selection of books in both English and Arabic, as well as electronics, office supplies, and educational materials.

Website: www.jarir.com/sa-en/
Address: King Fahd Rd, Al Faisaliyyah, Taif 26513, Saudi Arabia

Obeikan Bookstore

Obeikan Bookstore is a prominent bookstore chain in Saudi Arabia that provides a diverse range of books, educational resources, and stationery items.

Website: www.obeikanbookstore.com
Address: Shubra St, Al Shubra, Taif 26511, Saudi Arabia

Al Maktaba Al Asriya

Al Maktaba Al Asriya is a local bookstore offering a variety of books in Arabic, with a focus on literature, religion, and educational texts.

Address: Al Shifa Rd, Al Shifa, Taif 26571, Saudi Arabia

Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore is a multinational entertainment retail chain that, in addition to music and electronics, offers a selection of books in various genres.

Website: www.virginmegastore.sa
Address: Jouri Mall, King Fahd Rd, Taif 26513, Saudi Arabia

Al Faroq Bookshop

Al Faroq Bookshop is a local bookstore that provides a range of educational books, stationery, and school supplies.

Address: Al Salamah, Taif 26514, Saudi Arabia

King Fahad Public Library

King Fahad Public Library is a major public library in Taif, offering a vast collection of books, periodicals, and digital resources for research and reading.

Address: Al Faisaliyyah, Taif 26513, Saudi Arabia

Al Waleed Bin Talal Library

Al Waleed Bin Talal Library is part of Taif University, providing academic resources for students and researchers, with a collection that includes books, journals, and electronic databases.

Address: Taif University, Al Hawiyah, Taif 26571, Saudi Arabia

Al Shifa Public Library

Al Shifa Public Library serves the local community with a variety of books and reading materials in both Arabic and English, catering to all age groups.

Address: Al Shifa, Taif 26571, Saudi Arabia

Al Hada Public Library

Al Hada Public Library is a community library that offers residents access to a range of books and educational materials in a quiet reading environment.

Address: Al Hada, Taif 26792, Saudi Arabia

Taif Public Library

Taif Public Library is a municipal library that provides the public with access to a broad selection of books, periodicals, and multimedia resources for education and leisure.

Address: Al Faisaliyyah, Taif 26513, Saudi Arabia

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