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Health Care in Renesse

Learn about the health system in Renesse: how it can and cannot be used by expats, nomads, retirees and others moving to and living in Renesse.

The healthcare system in Renesse is a blend of public and private services. The Netherlands has a high standard of healthcare, which is well-regulated by the Dutch government and contributes to the country’s high life expectancy.

Netherlands’s Healthcare System

The Netherlands has a dual healthcare system, consisting of a public system known as Zorgverzekeringswet (Zvw) and a private system. The Zvw is mandatory for all Dutch residents and covers a wide range of services, including GP visits, hospital care, and medications. Foreigners, including expats and digital nomads, are also allowed to use the public healthcare system in the Netherlands, provided they have registered and have a valid residence permit. Public hospitals in Renesse are well-equipped and staffed with highly trained medical professionals. However, for serious medical emergencies and major surgeries, people often recommend private hospitals due to their shorter waiting times and more personalized care. Expats primarily use private hospitals, which offer a wider range of services and often have English-speaking staff.

Hospitals and Clinics for Expats in Renesse

Renesse is a small town and does not have its own hospital. In case of emergencies or need for specialized medical care, expats in Renesse usually go to the following hospitals:

  • Admiraal De Ruyter Ziekenhuis in Goes, a public hospital located about 40 minutes by car from Renesse.
  • Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, a renowned university hospital specializing in various medical fields, located about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Renesse.
  • Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis in Dordrecht, a private hospital known for its excellent patient care, located about 1 hour and 45 minutes by car from Renesse.

Emergency Services in Renesse

Emergency services, including ambulance services, are available in Renesse. In case of an emergency, you can call 112, the European emergency number, which is free of charge and available 24/7. The response time of the ambulance service is generally good, but delays can occur in case of heavy traffic or bad weather conditions.

Health Insurance Companies in Renesse

There are several popular private health insurers in Renesse, including Zilveren Kruis, VGZ, and Menzis. These companies offer a wide range of insurance plans, covering various medical services. Expats and digital nomads typically use these companies for their health insurance needs. However, some expats and digital nomads prefer to use specialized expat health insurance providers, which offer plans tailored to the needs of foreigners living in the Netherlands.

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