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Pros & Cons of Living in Wilderness

Planning a potential move to Wilderness? Delve into this comprehensive article, which delves into the various pros and cons of calling Wilderness home.

Thinking about moving to Wilderness? Below we highlight some of the pros and cons of living in Wilderness.

Wilderness, is a coastal village located in the Western Cape Province. Known for its tranquil beauty and unique charm, Wilderness has become a popular destination for both tourists and those looking to settle down in a serene environment. However, like any place, living in Wilderness comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article will delve into the pros and cons of living in this picturesque South African village.

Pros of Living in Wilderness, South Africa

One of the most significant advantages of living in Wilderness is its stunning natural beauty. Nestled between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean, Wilderness offers breathtaking views and a tranquil environment. The village is surrounded by lush forests, serene lakes, and pristine beaches, making it a paradise for nature lovers. The Garden Route National Park, which is home to diverse flora and fauna, is a stone’s throw away, offering residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in South Africa’s rich biodiversity.

Wilderness is also known for its outdoor activities. The village’s geographical location makes it an ideal place for hiking, bird watching, and water sports. The Dolphin Point Lookout and the Map of Africa Viewpoint are popular hiking destinations that offer panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. For water sports enthusiasts, the Touw River offers opportunities for canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding. The Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park is also a popular spot for bird watching, with over 250 species of birds.

Despite its remote location, Wilderness has a vibrant community. The village hosts several events throughout the year, including the Wilderness Festival and the Thousand Sensations Craft Beer Festival. These events provide an opportunity for residents to socialize and engage with the local community. The village also has a number of volunteer organizations, such as the Wilderness Search and Rescue and the Wilderness Network, where residents can contribute to the community and the environment.

Another advantage of living in Wilderness is the cost of living. Compared to major South African cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, the cost of living in Wilderness is relatively low. Housing is affordable, and the cost of groceries, utilities, and transportation is also lower. This makes Wilderness an attractive option for retirees and those looking to live a comfortable life without breaking the bank.

Cons of Living in Wilderness, South Africa

While Wilderness offers many advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks of living in Wilderness is its remote location. The village is located about 15 kilometers from George, the nearest town, and about 450 kilometers from Cape Town, the nearest major city. This means that access to certain amenities and services can be limited. For instance, while Wilderness has a number of small shops and restaurants, larger shopping centers and specialty stores are located in George.

The remote location also means that job opportunities in Wilderness are limited. The village’s economy is primarily based on tourism, and while this provides job opportunities in hospitality and tourism-related businesses, opportunities in other sectors can be scarce. This can be a disadvantage for those looking for career advancement or a change in career.

Another disadvantage of living in Wilderness is the lack of public transportation. While the village is served by a minibus taxi service, there is no regular bus or train service. This means that residents need to have their own vehicle to get around, which can be a significant expense. Additionally, the lack of public transportation can be a disadvantage for those who are unable to drive or do not have access to a vehicle.

Finally, while Wilderness’s tranquil environment is one of its main attractions, it can also be a disadvantage for those who prefer a more vibrant and bustling lifestyle. The village’s nightlife is limited, and there are fewer cultural and entertainment options compared to larger cities. This can be a disadvantage for those who enjoy a wide variety of dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

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Some of Betsy's articles include 12 Best Places to Live in Portugal, 7 Best Places to Live in Panama and 12 Things to Know Before Moving to the Dominican Republic. Betsy loves to travel and spend time with her family. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn.

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