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Our new international real estate section includes real estate listings from expats and real estate brokers. Plus, we've added advice from real estate professionals and expats about renting and buying homes in various cities and towns around the world.

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11 Things to Know Before Moving to Annapolis, Maryland

By adminee

With its bustling downtown and beautiful waterfront dotted with yachts, sailboats and marinas, Annapolis, Maryland is a great city for expats who are working in the D.C./Baltimore area. Here are 10 things to know before moving to Annapolis, Maryland. Continue Reading

12 Tips for Living in Pucon, Chile


An expat in Pucon, Chile has described in detail what it is like to live there as an expatriate. Information offers advice about nightlife, health care, activities, safety, and much, much more. Continue Reading

12 Tips for Living in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica

By Lisapuravida

Expats love Playa Jaco (aka Jaco Beach) in Costa Rica because of its beautiful beaches, amazing surfing, relaxed vibe and lively, younger expat crowd. This article covers everything about Playa Jaco - healthcare, restaurants, nightlife, schools, cost of living in Playa Jaco and more. Continue Reading

1 of 8 pages

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Weekly updates (1-2 issues per week) with real estate listings in popular expat destinations worldwide.

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