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noreencroyle posted Want to Learn Azerbaijani on the Azerbaijan forum:
Am arriving in Baku in August. Would like to locate a tutor to learn Azerbaijani. Can negotiate the fee / exchange for English lessons possibly.
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SabinaBaku commented on the Expat Report Moving to Baku, Azerbaijan
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Check out traffic patterns before you lease during rush hour -- it can take 2 hours to drive 5 kilometers at rush hour on a Friday evening when the wedding palaces are having their parties -- it isn't even possible to park and walk home because the traffic is so dysfunctional. (Continue)
SabinaBaku replied most recently with:
Apartments in Azerbaijan. If someone would like to rent we have many apartments in Baku. Fountain square area, Sahil subway area, Iceri weher area, 28 mall area, close to Boulevard and other area.
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eliza613 posted Who needs nanny Fillipina with experience? on the Azerbaijan forum:
Hello! I represent a recruitment agency from Dubai, recently we selected Nanny for one very noble family in Dubai and selected 5 best nurses of 30. They took one, and there are 4 excellent Filipino nannies, tested personally teated, proven, with experience, good knowledge of English, ready to go to work abroad Our comission 6 000 AED. Who - interested - write!
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edunet posted Tutoring in Azerbaijan on the Azerbaijan forum:
We are looking for Skilled Math/Calculus/Chemistry/Physics Instructor and English language instructor. (should be native speaker). If you have CELT or TEFL (or equivalent) certificate, please pm me! regards :)
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SailBoat posted Employment on the Azerbaijan forum:
I am seeking employment in the Oil/Gas sector. I am US citizen, any suggestions, recommendations?
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aemiliusabd replied to the thread Photo trip on the Azerbaijan forum:
aaronflacke initially posted:
Hello, My name is Aaron Flacke, and I am a commercial photographer and videographer based in Portland, Maine. I would really like to come to Azerbaijan, and I would like to pay for the trip by taking photos while I am there. I can shoot architecture, products, food, people, whatever you like. For instance, I could take photos of a high-end hotel or resort in exchange for room and meals during my stay. Do you think that there is a need for professional photography in Baku or Azerbaijan? If I can put together 3 or 4 jobs I can make the trip with all my gear, gain some clients, and have an amazing adventure. I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this idea/plan. Is it stupid? Is it workable? thanks Aaron
aemiliusabd replied most recently with:
Hi Aaron. Well, I don't really think it's a good idea. Because if you come to Azerbaijan, yo should at least have 3000-4000 usd to support yourself for 2m monthes. I don't really know any hotel or entity that would agree with your proposal.
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aemiliusabd replied to the thread IS IT EASY TO GET A JOB IN BAKU on the Azerbaijan forum:
tbcobd initially posted:
Hi Friends, I am a 40 years old male from Bangladesh having MBA in Marketing & PGD in Human Resources Management. I have 14+ years job experience. Does any of our member can advise me about the job possibility in the Baku /Azerbaijan. Thanking you.
aemiliusabd replied most recently with:
Hi. Well, it depends on your qualifications and as well as on your luck. You can check local sites for job openings and see if there is something for you. ( I.e). I personally think there is demand for finance professionals right now. Or IT support, engineers and doctors as said.
Michael68 replied most recently with:
Becomming an employee in Azerbaijan is the matter of your professionalizm. And it depends in which area you are dedicated mostly. I moved in here on contract and still continuing the career opportunities. it is rather easier for Foreign Language Teachers, Doctors and IT specialists as well as in any other Countires. The attractive thing is Azerbaijan is average English Spoken Country among CIS Member States (mostly youngsters do speak) It would also enable you to make you path forward. Turkish, Russian and Azerbaijani languages are preferred. English is optional. However you'd better have some friend to support you in the very beginning. Azerbaijani people are the most kind and hospitable ones. I am confident you will find the local person to direct you..
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Baku, Azerbaijan by ldiluna was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Just do not move here, period. There are expats here who say they are happy, life is far less complicated and so on. None of them have to take the bus or live in a normal neighborhood, and none of them speak Azerbaijani. Of course life would be fine anywhere if you were oblivious to your surroundings, did not understand when someone called you a Kafir (infidel) because you have blond hair, or have no real association with the local population. I do understand them, and I know there is some very deep resentment that we are here "taking their jobs" and that we are not Muslim. My husband and I both are, by the way, but when a racist is on the warpath, details don't seem to matter. (Continue)
Mortaz replied to the thread VPN Service from Azerbaijan on the Azerbaijan forum:
Mortaz initially posted:
Hi Folks, I am going to need a VPN Service with a US based IP address to do online banking while in Azerbaijan. Any recommendations? Cheers David
Mortaz replied most recently with:
I ended up with a US based company since they offers US based IP addresses. Without getting a US IP address, the banks block the access. The side benefit was that I was able to use Pandora for music as well.
craigsandstrom147 replied most recently with:
I've never been in Azerbaijan before but I've found a good source of VPN Reviews. It's called Best VPN Service Mag. Best VPN Service Mag features a lot of non-biased VPN Reviews. They have a list ofSign In or Sign Up to reply
Hi, members. I am Korean and want to know the business condition of Azerbaijan in cosntruction field. First of all, I want to know the rental price of heay equipments for example hydraulic crane 50T, 100T by monthly paid. And normally the salary of welder is how much ? after tax .. please, give me your ideas for those.. Thanks..
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