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Tips for Renting Property in San Ignacio, Belize

By Macarena Rose of Keller Williams Belize

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Macarena Rose with Keller Williams Belize offers tips for expats renting homes in Belize. Expats should use a lawyer at all times, work with a vetted leasing agency and more.


Popular Areas in Belize for Expats

Cahal Pech, San Ignacio, Bullet Tree, San Pedro

When Renting a Home in Belize...

Use a reputable Leasing Agency, and ask who will be holding your Deposit

Steps in Renting a Property

  • Finding a Property in Belize that is in a secure area.
  • Work with a Vetted Leasing Agency.
  • Ask where your security deposit will be held.
  • Take photos of the rental when you 1st move in and email them back to the Leasing Agency as proof of the condition of the home.

Cost of Renting in Belize

When renting in Belize, 500 USD a month for a 1/2 Bedroom and 1000 USD for a month 2/3 Bedroom.

Precauctions to Take When Renting in Belize

Use a Lawyer at ALL times to hold escrow and to do Title Transfer Use an Exclusive BUYERS agent (keep in mind listings on websites are representing the Sellers needs).

Basic Appliances are Included in Rentals

Refrigerator and Stove are included. Furniture is not always included.

You'll Need Your Passport When Renting in Belize

You'll need to provide a copy of your passport when renting in Belize.

Pets & Renting Properies in Belize

Some rentals allow pets, normally with a pet deposit.

Can you Find Furnished Rentals in Belize?

Furnished homes are available for rent, and normally run more a month then unfurnished.

Rental Agreements in Belize

Rental Agreements are normally for 6 months to a year.

Rental Payments in Belize

Rents are paid the 1st of the month directly to the Landlord.

Are Utilities included in the Rental Price?

Normally all utilities are at the expense of the Renter.

Application Fees


Credit Check


Subletting in San Ignacio, Belize


Renter's Insurance


Handling Disputes with Your Landlord

Normally a conversation can rectify most issues. If not, then the local court systems can be contacted to submit a claim.

Granting Landlord Access to Show Property

Depends on the agreement made.

Macarena Rose in San Igancio, Belize

Contact Macarena & Read Full Bio

Macarena Rose

In 2004 I moved to Belize with 10 animals and 2 Teenagers!

Recognizing a need for an actual Buyers Agent in Belize, after not being serviced professionally by agents, I opened Rainforest Realty to provide a resource clients can have confidence with. Not realizing then what a blessing this would be for not only the Buyers, but for me also, having the opportunity to work with people, who like me wanted to live the dream of Belize, and getting to share so many tips to help them along the way, to have the dream without the pitfalls many encounter.

With our Buyers Consultancy services, as an Accredited Buyers Agent with the National Association of Realtors, I am sure you will appreciate the opportunity to work with our team here in Belize.

Having moved to Belize has been a 'Life Worth' having for sure experience for me!

I have been blessed to be the Realtor for 8 HGTV House Hunters International, Host of Belize Talk Radio and TV Biography show, Promoter of local Charities and have made authentic friendships with locals, that I now consider family.

Additionally I am now the Operating Principle of Keller Williams Belize, which provides the opportunity for Locals to work with a Company that follows the mission of God, Family and Business, with the benefit of vast training that Keller Williams provides, which is the number 1 Real Estate Company in the World.

Keller Williams Belize is unique as it provides opportunities for Locals to practice Real Estate in their own Country.

If you are looking for the value of working with a Group of Professionally Educated and Community minded Agents for your Real Estate needs in Belize, we are honored to be your choice as your Representatives.

On a personal note, I can share with you; I have never regretted that decision in all of these years!

I believe life is meant to be Lived- which is why when Belize called to me, I threw may hat over the wall, and went for it! Knowing quite certainly had I not moved to Belize, I would have always wondered in my mind, how life could have been.

In closing, when you are feeling the calling of Belize, know you have a friend here already!


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