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Hi I'm a fresh graduated from higher institute for International languages ..English department ..I know Arabic , English and little German . I'm looking for any suitable job for me . Thanks !
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CasualCairo replied to the thread Where to Live - Maadi or Heliopolis on the Egypt forum:
Christie12 initially posted:
I am going to teach at AIS in Cairo in August. I will probably be older than most of the other teachers, though probably have more energy than most. Am trying to decide whether to live in Maadi or Heliopolis. Have live in the Mid-East before. Which would be better for closeness to school yet still being part of the historic experience. Like to workout and do art stuff.
CasualCairo replied most recently with:
Good luck.
Janka75 replied most recently with:
I'm in the exact same situation having lived in Heliopolis on all my stays while on longer holidays, I think that as a woman with a child that Maadi would be far easier for us. Heliopolis or Maadi? All thought I find myself in another situation as I will be self sustained in terms of income from another country and am sole care taker of a child. We will most likely relocate next year to one of these locations, but my gut feeling at least for the first year, and considering the schools close by, Maadi is my best bet the first year at least. If anyone has comments to my thoughts, pls feel free to enlighten me :)
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souhair88 replied to the thread Foreigner trainers needed on the Egypt forum:
dinaleithy initially posted:
I am searching for foreigners to work as a trainer for a 10-day training course in Cairo, Egypt and the training will be related to advertising, personal skills, etc.
souhair88 replied most recently with:
Dear Dina, Please note that I think I maybe able to help. I am a certified emotional intelligence trainer, and I have also a soft skills trainer. I have trained in topics such as Communcation Skills, Team Building, Customer Care and similar topics. If you wish to contact me to discuss this further , here is my email:
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Selfback replied to the thread for american Ladies and Women In Egypt on the Egypt forum:
Deel initially posted:
I do need An American citizen (preferably young Lady)/ or a permanent resident who is currently in Egypt (Cairo ) for some kind of a deal. "of course not marriage" if any one thought like that. if interested please e-mail me kindly , No Jokes , No FUN in here
Selfback replied most recently with:
May be yes, and may be no. Men are like women are different from one to one
melissa1984 replied most recently with:
Of Course not marriage, right.......preferably a young American woman. Does an American man qualify. Of course not.
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property in EgyptA 280 furnished apartment located at Korba Heliopolis. Directly rented from the owner. Long-term renter only.
Bonniemarie replied to the thread Married Liar and Cheat on the Egypt forum:
hydec initially posted:
Originally met in sharm some years ago then travelled to and from cairo before finally agreeing to move permanent to cairo in 2012. He and his family appeared genuine and only after he had secured all the money i had from sale of my house and a private pension did things begin to change. In 2014 not long after he married me he secretly made plans to bring his 17 year old cousin from germany to marry her also only informing me of the truth just 2 weeks before the big luxury wedding that was clearly funded by yours truly. I cannot return to uk now because i have no place to live and it is unlikely i will find work because of my age. Even after he took millions of egyptian pounds off me he is still demanding more. I feel completely shattered and my health is beginning to be affected. He has been physically and emotionally abusive to me and thinks this is normal. I have contacted my embassy but all they could give me was list of lawyers which clearly i do not have the money to go to.
Bonniemarie replied most recently with:
Hurtful and inappropriate comments do not help anyone. All they do is breed even greater mistrust, pain and sorrow for all concerned. As my gorgeous grand mother said 'Don't say anything about anyone that you would not want said about yourself'
Chispaglia replied most recently with:
And god made another stupid woman for the men to take advantage of
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podee posted free walk to islamic cairo on the Egypt forum:
hello, we planing a free walk to islamic cairo ( Ibn Toloun - Soultan Hassan -El refaey ) Date : Sat. 22 Aug. Reservation : Abdulrahman 01003515643
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CasualCairo replied to the thread Female Cab Drivers on the Egypt forum:
fotini initially posted:
Hello, I have recently moved to Egypt but I have faced constant harassment from male taxi drivers :s Does anyone know if there are any female drivers that I could contact instead ? thank you in advance!
CasualCairo replied most recently with:
Here is what Google gave me when I typed in Pink Taxi Cairo
CasualCairo replied most recently with:
Magnum....are you serious? Elderly people and ladies will get in your car when you stop and offer them a ride? Do you travel with a Halo over your head or are these people unfamiliar with the phrase "never take rides with strangers"? I live in Madinaty now and most often walk with a cane and ride the Madinaty bus. While waiting for the bus, on occasion I will have a car stop and offer me a ride. I'm 90% sure it's out of kindness they are offering, but still won't accept except under special or unusual circumstances.
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CasualCairo replied to the thread Muslim man wanted to marry me as Second Wife on the Egypt forum:
christineelde initially posted:
Hello, I have known this Egyptian for 5 years and he married to first wife but is seperated. He says he wanted married me but that I be his second wife. In Islam , is allowed. I am muslim revert/ convert. I already given him prenup marriage contract he agree too, but am having hard time dealing the idea he is still married. I been married twice before to egyptian had had bad expereince and both took all my money and left me with nothing.. I not want to fall back into another trap so that is why I had prenup made and legalize to protect myself and my rights as a wife in Islam. He never asked for money from me , he even told me if he ever asked for it that I should divorce him. Anyone has any advise on how I can overcome this issue as being second wife. In USA, it is not legal to have two wives only one ! My upbringing from catholic family only believes one spouse and culture . I am age of 50 , i have read quan and hadith that (pbuh) prophet mohamed married his first wife who was 25 his senior and he loved her . the man , whom want to marry me as his second wife is 8 yrs younger than me. Can someone give any suggestions to help me deal with this issue. I do love him and known him of 5 years but it is hard .
CasualCairo replied most recently with:
As they say in Egypt - El Humdualla (Thanks God!) He was honest, but not fair. Thanks God he was honest and told you that you were responsible to buy your own home, as he could have lied to you and gotten you here and then sprung the ugly truth on you through a series of more lies about how he just needed to borrow the money for now, or God knows what. Some of them are bone heads!
christineelde replied most recently with:
Thank you, for all of your comments which do appreciate it I not left and stood my ground when I asked him who was paying for the apartment / flat which his response was You. I asked him if you paid for the first you have to pay for me stated in Islam. He gave me excuses.... That was a red flag for me !! Sadly, I really thought he was the rarest one being totally honest and fair . Grateful my eyes were opened not blinded.
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Hi, My passion for languages and cultures was ignited over a decade ago whilst attending English lessons at the British Council. Here, I had the opportunity to meet people from a large variety of backgrounds and to develop my awareness of the cultural diversity both within Egypt and across the globe. about myself, from 10 years ago I began teaching Standard and Colloquial Arabic for Foreign Learners to expatriates and visiting diplomats, utilising links I had made through the British Community Association. As my teaching work expanded, so did my desire to learn more about my own language and its cultural significance. Thus, in 2007, I joined the Open Faculty of Dar al Ouloum University, Cairo, to study Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. In parallel to my studies, I wrote a series of articles, published in the BCA magazine, covering a number of themes connected to Arabic learning and culture. In addition, I contributed to a project set up between the BCA and the local chain of Metro stores. This involved translating and transliterating advertising inserts in order to cater for the large number of non-Arabic speakers using the supermarket. Now I'm graduate student in the American university in Cairo, However, my interests lie in the scientific methods of second language acquisition and pedagogy, with my ultimate ambition being to improve and develop the resources available to AFL teachers and learners. Would you mind please to accept me as a Arabic instructor in your forum. All the best, Muhammed
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