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property in EgyptModern Apartment for rent semi furnished at palm hills Bamboo at 6 October City
property in EgyptVilla Townhouse for rent semi or fully furnished inside compound Mena Garden City at 6th of October City.
property in EgyptSmall villa for rent inside compound at 6 October City
bosnianvet1958 posted What are these buildings on the Egypt forum on April 27, 2015:
I saw these buildings on googlemaps but I don't know what they are for. They look almost space age.,31.5466062,209m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x14583e6c185717df:0xd7bf55bc9d7eeff3
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property in EgyptSplendid Villa for rent semi furnished inside compound at 6th October City.
property in EgyptVilla Townhouse for Rent fully furnished inside compound Mena Garden City at 6th of October City
property in Egypt2-3 bed apartment in Smouha area of Alex, finished to the highest standards marble and wood floors throughout. Central location across the road from the Hilton hotel and Green Plaza.
MagnumJoe replied to the thread Aswan on the Egypt forum:
Linda2106 initially posted:
Are there any expats living in Aswan who want to meet up for a coffee and a chat . I am living here during the winter months and spend the summers in Hurghada . Would be lovely to chat to English speaking / thinking friends here .
MagnumJoe replied most recently with:
No i think you should find expat pages in egypt in general, then ask if someone is living in aswan... But hurghada is fine anyway :) Good luck
Linda2106 replied most recently with:
Yes I was amazed noone replied but it got a bit lonely so I came back to Hurghada :) Can't find any expat sites for Aswan on FB.
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MagnumJoe replied to the thread here we go again english woman and egyptian man on the Egypt forum:
yazz1972 initially posted:
i have been searching the net and found hundreds of dissaster stories of british women and egyptian men. im going to start posting on this site as i am at the very beginning of a relationship if you can call it that with an egyptian and i want those interested to see how it pans out and would appreciate sensible comments. i am a muslim woman, born in the uk. i have 2 properties, 3 grown up children, 2 good jobs and a very good life. i have been single for 7 years and had given p hope on finding my soul mate about a year ago. im not stupid, im very down to earth and ive been round the block. im very independent as are my daughters and i am very wary of men from any background as i have had a few bad experiences in the past with men living in the uk. ive been on dating sites but have never felt any chemistry with anyone. i have been to egypt 4 times. twice with my daughters and twice on my own. i love the country, i feel at home there, and the locals think im egyptian and imediately speek arabic to me untill i tell them im english, then they dont believe me. lol. i went to sharm in october 2011, not wanting to meet anyone, i am well aware of the fraudsters in sharm, the good looking young men, charming, out to get my money ect. i wanted a rest. but then i met mahmoud who works at the pool. he told me off for not having my pool card. lol the next day i gave him my pool card and later we had a brief chat. he was very serious, like an old head on young shoulders. he is religouse and always went to pray. he asked if i wasnt doing anything later we could go for a coffee. i took his number but didnt call him, i went shopping instead. the next morning i had flowers on my balcony form mahmoud. he said he waited fr my call, i explained i wasnt looking for a man to go out with. we chatted at points throuout the day, although he wasnt allowed to talk to me too much. in the evening i had no plans so thought what the heck, he seems nice, we get along, hes not immature, so i txted him and we met and went out for a coffee by the sea. ok, here we go...WOW ive never felt chemistry like this before. we talked for hours. hes very religious as i am, we spoke about the differences between the life of a woman in egypt and in england. he has his views and i have mine but the discussion was good and he was wrong and knew it. he was to get married a month before and had set up his flat for his new wife. but the marraige didnt happen as he told me he didnt want to marry her, she was only 18 and wanted to go clubbing and he was not interested in such things.but his father wanted him to marry her. the relationship broke down and the marraige was off. she has since married someone else. for the rest of the time i was there, we spent days and evenings going out together. i never gave him any money, he never asked for money. only one time, i offered to take HIM out for dinner, as i wanted to go to an expensive restaraunt id seen. I ended up paying for half of it and he payed the rest. WE NEVER HAD SEX, and he never stayed the night with me. no sex before marraige ect. we grew more attracted to each other, and the chemistry got stonger. I cant belive it but on the last day i cried when i had to leave, i cried on the plane because i felt id found the man ive been looking for. we are in touch every day. he hasnt asked me for anything but to send him a photo of me by email. i am going back in february. mahmoud has asked me if he can take me to meet his family. i said yes as id like to see where he actualy comes from. sometimes i feel like a right idiod, stupid british woman, who thinks this man feels something for her. dont want to make any mistakes. everything i have is for my children and always will be, but i miss him sooo much and have never felt this for any man , not even my childrens father, that wasnt love. i would not leave my children and go to egypt, i have too much to lose. if he askes for anything or anything changes before i go in feb2012 il will post it on here. thankyou, and sorry for an epic email!!! will keep you posted. yazz
MagnumJoe replied most recently with:
Lol @ "babysitting" this cracked me up :D Nah you're all good grown up women... It's just that we (educated egyptians) suffer as much as you do with this "ill culture" that has become the norm, unfortunately.
Jo999 replied most recently with:
Marcynabdou, congrats on your anniversary. Holiday in notorious Sharm. I almost dare him, find me if you can! Actually, the last time I was there he had no clue until I rang him (I was weak). Now I will not, for many reasons. He will not know as long as I do not make a mistake.
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