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relo123 posted Moving to Cairo on the Egypt forum on July 21, 2014:
Hi, I have an opportunity to relocate to Cairo. I am from the USA but have lived in South America and traveled extensively but never to Egypt. Can you please provide advice on where I can information on what to expect in Cairo related to living there? It would be my wife and I. Concerned about the safety mostly, but need general information on what its like for an American to live and work in Cairo. Thanks in advance
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mitzka posted commute time on the Egypt forum on July 17, 2014:
Please does anyone know approximately what the commute time on a school bus would be from Maadi to Misr International University (ismailia desert rd). Thanks
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melissa1984 replied to the thread What do Egyptians consider adultery on the Egypt forum:
JDM1989 initially posted:
I have been married for 3 monthes. I went to Egypt to be married. As soon as i got back to US my husband has did a 360 with his personality. He use to be loving and he is unloving and distant..He even has threatened if he sees me in person he will kill me..I have not made friends with men or went out with anyone since i been home.And i wouldnt do this because i love him and i take my marriage vows seriously. He is very controlling and calls me ames..constantly..everyone tells me to divorce him quickly cause its this bad..He has threatened me so much about death and or divorcing me..i just took away all my passcodes from him..he says untl he divorces me that i shouldnt go out and go anywhere cause i am still his wife..but see thats ridiculous..i went to beach this weekend with my son and this is normal in US..i know this is a long story and it sounds kind of jumbled but i need to understand what Egyptians consider adultery cause he said telling other people about our problems is adultery or not obeying him is this true i need to know..
melissa1984 replied on July 13, 2014 with:
Is your husband in Egypt or America? I assume Egypt? If so his threats are idle. If he is in the US get a restraining order. He will never make it to the USA, especially with a legal matter hanging onto his passport. Take care of YOU.
emadelbably replied on July 13, 2014 with:
hi, my name is Emad and i'm Egyptian muslim man from Egypt. I saw your message and have to advice you to leave this man as he was cheating you to go with you to the US and after you took him there he starts 360 in his way for you. my advice for all women , please be careful when you know a man, your fingers aren't the same so are ppl , so make tests for men and discover if he already love you or he needs something from you again this man don't love you, my advice to leave him as soon as you can and use your intelligence in that . i saw a comment talk about Egyptian men, ya Egyptian men want to leave here so he can do anything for get outside of Egypt, but not all Egyptian men are bad, there still some good ppl as all the world have good and bad ppl if you need any advice you are most welcome
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melodymckinley replied to the thread Info for driver needed inquiry on the Egypt forum:
melodymckinley initially posted:
To MCAN; I received your private message, but was unsuccessful in replying/responding. Please go to my profile for my email address so we can correspond a bit more directly and efficiently I am happy to help you locate the transportation services you inquired about. Thank you.
melodymckinley replied on July 10, 2014 with:
I have been unsuccessful in replying privately, but for the person requiring a driver with car immediately in Cairo, (or anyone else needing anything in Cairo,) contact Mohamed Fouad Mahmoud. He can assist you in locating a driver with car in Cairo. I have let him know your need and he welcome your call anytime. If he does not answer immediately, try back. He is more than happy to help you. He is honest, trustworthy and will be pleased to help you find the same. If for any reason, you find disappointment or satisfaction with your driver, please let him know. It's the best way to improve the situation for you. Here is his personal cell number; ?Cell: +201152008820
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