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kay85 replied to the thread here we go again english woman and egyptian man on the Egypt forum:
yazz1972 initially posted:
i have been searching the net and found hundreds of dissaster stories of british women and egyptian men. im going to start posting on this site as i am at the very beginning of a relationship if you can call it that with an egyptian and i want those interested to see how it pans out and would appreciate sensible comments. i am a muslim woman, born in the uk. i have 2 properties, 3 grown up children, 2 good jobs and a very good life. i have been single for 7 years and had given p hope on finding my soul mate about a year ago. im not stupid, im very down to earth and ive been round the block. im very independent as are my daughters and i am very wary of men from any background as i have had a few bad experiences in the past with men living in the uk. ive been on dating sites but have never felt any chemistry with anyone. i have been to egypt 4 times. twice with my daughters and twice on my own. i love the country, i feel at home there, and the locals think im egyptian and imediately speek arabic to me untill i tell them im english, then they dont believe me. lol. i went to sharm in october 2011, not wanting to meet anyone, i am well aware of the fraudsters in sharm, the good looking young men, charming, out to get my money ect. i wanted a rest. but then i met mahmoud who works at the pool. he told me off for not having my pool card. lol the next day i gave him my pool card and later we had a brief chat. he was very serious, like an old head on young shoulders. he is religouse and always went to pray. he asked if i wasnt doing anything later we could go for a coffee. i took his number but didnt call him, i went shopping instead. the next morning i had flowers on my balcony form mahmoud. he said he waited fr my call, i explained i wasnt looking for a man to go out with. we chatted at points throuout the day, although he wasnt allowed to talk to me too much. in the evening i had no plans so thought what the heck, he seems nice, we get along, hes not immature, so i txted him and we met and went out for a coffee by the sea. ok, here we go...WOW ive never felt chemistry like this before. we talked for hours. hes very religious as i am, we spoke about the differences between the life of a woman in egypt and in england. he has his views and i have mine but the discussion was good and he was wrong and knew it. he was to get married a month before and had set up his flat for his new wife. but the marraige didnt happen as he told me he didnt want to marry her, she was only 18 and wanted to go clubbing and he was not interested in such things.but his father wanted him to marry her. the relationship broke down and the marraige was off. she has since married someone else. for the rest of the time i was there, we spent days and evenings going out together. i never gave him any money, he never asked for money. only one time, i offered to take HIM out for dinner, as i wanted to go to an expensive restaraunt id seen. I ended up paying for half of it and he payed the rest. WE NEVER HAD SEX, and he never stayed the night with me. no sex before marraige ect. we grew more attracted to each other, and the chemistry got stonger. I cant belive it but on the last day i cried when i had to leave, i cried on the plane because i felt id found the man ive been looking for. we are in touch every day. he hasnt asked me for anything but to send him a photo of me by email. i am going back in february. mahmoud has asked me if he can take me to meet his family. i said yes as id like to see where he actualy comes from. sometimes i feel like a right idiod, stupid british woman, who thinks this man feels something for her. dont want to make any mistakes. everything i have is for my children and always will be, but i miss him sooo much and have never felt this for any man , not even my childrens father, that wasnt love. i would not leave my children and go to egypt, i have too much to lose. if he askes for anything or anything changes before i go in feb2012 il will post it on here. thankyou, and sorry for an epic email!!! will keep you posted. yazz
kay85 replied on August 13, 2014 with:
Hi Thank you for taking the time to respond. I may not have made it clear but what we signed did take a few days and we did go through the ministry of justice etc. I have a copy of the paper with out thumb print and pics. I guess this is a more legal marriage :( He messaged me out if the blue around 2 years ago saying he had ended it but I don't know how I can be sure. Is there no one that I can call ? No register that will say if the marriage is valid? My current partner had never been to the pyramids and has said he'd like to at some point in his life but is now worried for me being there. I could contact his sister in law (she is polish) however I really want to avoid him contacting me if possible and I want to keep it as private as I can.
melodymckinley replied on August 12, 2014 with:
Pardon me, but I thought I would add something here. It seems to me from the information you shared so far, that you did not go through the process of a legal marriage. Such as, filing your marriage with the marriage court, going through the long process that can take many days, going to the Ministry of justice, getting a certified translation lawyer and stamped. If it was not done through a legal marriage court lawyer, a dowry or mahr was not payed, no oath was sworn by either of you, before the judge magistrate in the marriage court, and you mentioned there was no finger or thumb print or passport photos were submitted at the time of your marriage, then it sounds every bit like you did not have a legal marriage. Rather, it sounds like you had what is popularly called an ORFI or URFI marriage. Just barely legal enough to give him permission to have sexual relations with you, but without any of the financial responsibility that goes along with taking care of a real Wife. During the marriage, or after, should it end. My heart goes out to you for this deception that has been done to you. Just be wiser in all your future dealings with anyone, including your new potential intended, however nice he may be. If you found this Egyptian lover (for that is all he truly was under Egyptian family marriage law,) has only offered you an orfi marriage, you can be sure that if he has been deceiving you in one area, such as fidelity, it is likely he also was deceptive in other aspects as well. You are right to question and not trust his words. The tricky business with getting an orfi divorce, is that you may have to go back to the cleric or person that "married" you, and request divorce, and get it in writing. If you have any marriage papers from this orfi marriage, this will help. Orfi marriage is a messy, shady business, because orfi marriage is not a real or legal marriage. It is similar to what is known in most western countries as common law marriage. Without proper documentation and all legal procedures followed through, plus witnesses you can track down, it is very difficult to actually get a "real" divorce, as it was never a "real" marriage. As I mentioned, if you have documentation about your orfi marriage, and you can track down and locate the person who performed the marriage, then you may be able to get further documentation to proof you are not truly married. As embarrassing and expensive as this solution may sound, it may be the only way for you to get complete peace of mind. If you return to Egypt and are to booking a room in a hotel with a new Husband, or rent an apartment or villa, that requires marriage papers, as most of the respectable ones do, and have not been previously divorced, it is punishable by Egyptian law by imprisonment. I advice you not to remarry without being quite sure you are truly divorced from your first husband. I hope you get this worked out and can move on into your happy future, and possibly with someone who truly cares for you. Good Luck to you!
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anna111 replied to the thread Long Term Car Rental on the Egypt forum:
rmcde3 initially posted:
Hi, I will be moving to Cairo in October with my family. I understand that cars are prohibitively expensive to purchase due to import duty. Was wondering if anyone can advise how much it costs to rent different types of vehicles for say 6 months to a year? Probably looking for some type of 4/4. Thanks
anna111 replied most recently with:
Inexpensively and without problems is it possible to lease a car by an appendix on an android v.lyubom city even keeping indoors from a house.
emlease replied most recently with:
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JohannaMarius posted Socializing in Luxor on the Egypt forum:
Good afternoon, I've just recently moved to Luxor and really like my life here. I'm happy I found this website and now I'm wondering if any expats that live in Luxor ever have a get-together? If anyone is interested, I wouldn't mind organizing something.
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relo123 posted Moving to Cairo on the Egypt forum:
Hi, I have an opportunity to relocate to Cairo. I am from the USA but have lived in South America and traveled extensively but never to Egypt. Can you please provide advice on where I can information on what to expect in Cairo related to living there? It would be my wife and I. Concerned about the safety mostly, but need general information on what its like for an American to live and work in Cairo. Thanks in advance
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mitzka posted commute time on the Egypt forum:
Please does anyone know approximately what the commute time on a school bus would be from Maadi to Misr International University (ismailia desert rd). Thanks
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melissa1984 replied to the thread What do Egyptians consider adultery on the Egypt forum:
JDM1989 initially posted:
I have been married for 3 monthes. I went to Egypt to be married. As soon as i got back to US my husband has did a 360 with his personality. He use to be loving and he is unloving and distant..He even has threatened if he sees me in person he will kill me..I have not made friends with men or went out with anyone since i been home.And i wouldnt do this because i love him and i take my marriage vows seriously. He is very controlling and calls me ames..constantly..everyone tells me to divorce him quickly cause its this bad..He has threatened me so much about death and or divorcing me..i just took away all my passcodes from him..he says untl he divorces me that i shouldnt go out and go anywhere cause i am still his wife..but see thats ridiculous..i went to beach this weekend with my son and this is normal in US..i know this is a long story and it sounds kind of jumbled but i need to understand what Egyptians consider adultery cause he said telling other people about our problems is adultery or not obeying him is this true i need to know..
melissa1984 replied most recently with:
Is your husband in Egypt or America? I assume Egypt? If so his threats are idle. If he is in the US get a restraining order. He will never make it to the USA, especially with a legal matter hanging onto his passport. Take care of YOU.
emadelbably replied most recently with:
hi, my name is Emad and i'm Egyptian muslim man from Egypt. I saw your message and have to advice you to leave this man as he was cheating you to go with you to the US and after you took him there he starts 360 in his way for you. my advice for all women , please be careful when you know a man, your fingers aren't the same so are ppl , so make tests for men and discover if he already love you or he needs something from you again this man don't love you, my advice to leave him as soon as you can and use your intelligence in that . i saw a comment talk about Egyptian men, ya Egyptian men want to leave here so he can do anything for get outside of Egypt, but not all Egyptian men are bad, there still some good ppl as all the world have good and bad ppl if you need any advice you are most welcome
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