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dancers replied to the thread egyptian boyfriend 'orphi' on the Egypt forum:
swimswith initially posted:
Three years of my traveling to visit - on my dime. Now a request for alot of money to build a home for his parents. Red flags and as I read it is so common
dancers replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Actually Magnum Joe to me it doesn't matter what any human is as far as their backround or heritage as I am mixed too! English, Irish, German, American Indian and a "Royal Coat of Arms": too as my uncle did research on our family tree. I doesn't make any difference to me though.....all I know is to respect and love.....all the human race! BUT I will never understand evil that goes on throughout the world these days!!!!!!! I was never raised to hate.....GOD IS LOVE AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sound like a very respectful man and its wonderful to be that!!! My Egyptian friend whom I was with (OVER 10 YEARS)was not all a bad experience for me and he has since died almost a year ago 2/22/2014.....I miss him terribly and I feel him near me SOOOOO MANY times since he died!!!!! That is WHY I said "its a LONG story" and too long to go into!!! I am in the arts and so was he.....I feel he may have been my twin in another life...SORRY if that sounds crazy but this is my DEEP feeling!!!!!!! There surely was a connection with me and Egypt AND him as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! "DESTINY" You write VERY well and my Egyptian also loved to write too...GOD REST HIS SOUL!!!!!! I miss Egypt very much!!!!! OH! WELL.....time must move on surely one thing we can count on is "CHANGE" in life huh??? SMILE!!!!! Hope you continue to write...I am living in USA Phila Pa.....but I've traveled many times to Morocco, Turkey, Egypt many times and lived off Pyramid St in Giza too for a year and had to return to the US as my mother passed away GOD REST HER SOUL...also went to Spain and Greece!!!!!!! WRITE SOON....I ENJOY YOUR writing very much!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AND ANGELS!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX
MagnumJoe replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Dancers, Yes my friend i am egyptian, although technically, not quite. I was born and raised in egypt, seldom traveled abroad, but my background is different. My mother's family, be it my grand father or my grand mother, were from turkish and algerian berber noble families, respectively, residing in egypt during the ottoman era. My dad's family is close to that, having my grand mother with turkish/levantine origins,, but my grand dad is egyptian. So basically i am quarter egyptian. Even my looks are not: i am a hairy slender caucasian, with "South East Europe" written all over my face. This combination makes me a bit of an anomaly. I am culturally not quite egyptian, but at the same time i fully understand everything about it. Or at least, i can choose what is good from all these 3 cultures: egyptian, turkish and berber. I thank god for that, as i can easily relate to the best culture in every domain. For instance, i am very much proud of my turkish roots, but when it comes to their history inclined towards blood shedding, i say:"Well in this part, i am might be a hothead but i am essentially peaceful, as all egyptians." And when it comes to making a stance and acting bravely, i state that i am a "Berber, full of rage towards injustice and oppression!" It's a fun game to play :) lol. This might be what's really aiding me towards objectivity in history and in everything else. I am quite verbose with you guys, i don't know why? This doesn't happen often :) Well... it does happen often but only when i feel comfortable writing this way :) and apparently i am feeling comfortable :D And, to you i say, bad experiences are part of our lives. sometimes you will never quite grasp what it taught you, but be sure that when the time comes, it will help you through a lot. Finally, you have no idea how much i am happy that my words helped you at least as a mean to console you. And of course there are very good people in egypt from all walks of life indeed. You just need to really dig deep to find them. And of course, without mentioning, you are very very welcome :) And bless you too :)
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alaagd posted new friends on the Egypt forum on December 17, 2014:
Hi, I am in Cairo for work, i live near Zamalek , i am interested to have new friends, i am lebanese my email welcome any new friend :)
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jtigina posted Scamming In Wadi Rum, Jordan on the Egypt forum on December 16, 2014:
Wadi Rum Desert Camps Fool Tourists Most of the “camps” in Wadi Rum listed on the Internet (TripAdvisor, Routard, etc.) don’t actually exist. Their “owners” together with the help of their girlfriends, who write and speak good English, create a fake website and post a lot of self-promoting reviews in order to attract naive tourists. As a result, travellers find themselves in trouble and get scammed. That is why, before going to Wadi Rum, insist the desert camps on sending you a scanned copy of their license, as 99.9% of them don’t have one. Have this in mind before booking any tour, and don’t let Bedouins fool you with fake reviews and nemorous self-compliments. For more info, visit
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fotini posted Female Cab Drivers on the Egypt forum on December 13, 2014:
Hello, I have recently moved to Egypt but I have faced constant harassment from male taxi drivers :s Does anyone know if there are any female drivers that I could contact instead ? thank you in advance!
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